How does Wireless Xpress enable zero programming IoT?

Wireless technology plays an important role in the Internet of Things (IoT), but deploying this technology can require a lot of programming. The product’s application must address a range of issues, including features such as secure over-the-air (OTA) updates. In this regard, Silicon Labs (also known as “Silicon Technology”) recently released a new Wireless Xpress solution, and in the Q&A session about this wireless product, Mr. Parker Dorris, senior product manager of Silicon Labs Xpress equipment, discussed wireless applications Some of the problems that arise when programming, and how to overcome these challenges with Wireless Xpress products.

Wireless technology plays an important role in the Internet of Things (IoT), but deploying this technology can require a lot of programming. The product’s application must address a range of issues, including features such as secure over-the-air (OTA) updates. In this regard, Silicon Labs (also known as “Silicon Technology”) recently released a new Wireless Xpress solution, and in the Q&A session about this wireless product, Mr. Parker Dorris, senior product manager of Silicon Labs Xpress equipment, discussed wireless applications Some of the problems that arise when programming, and how to overcome these challenges with Wireless Xpress products.

How does Wireless Xpress enable zero programming IoT?

What IoT applications are Silicon Labs’ Wireless Xpress solutions primarily targeting?

We’re targeting Bluetooth low energy sensors, smartphone-controlled smart home devices, white goods, and machine-to-machine applications, especially those that require additional phone configuration and connectivity options. We have seen an extremely diverse range of applications evaluated and developed using the Wireless Xpress zero programming IoT solution, and the common theme of these designs is enabling wireless connectivity without a steep learning curve. The wireless components work properly, which allows the company to focus resources on the design side, resulting in product innovation and successful adoption in the market.

What is zero programming? Why is it so important to IoT developers?

The goal of our Wireless Xpress portfolio is to lower the barriers to entry for IoT end node designs by providing easy-to-use hardware and software solutions that enable zero-programming designs. Wireless Xpress modular products provide several key advantages:

First, because developers communicate with Wireless Xpress through a high-level Network Co-Processor (NCP) interface called the Xpress command API and communicate with devices, because Wireless Xpress is responsible for as much wireless connection and communication as possible, developers do not have to Becoming a Bluetooth or wireless expert can also get products to market quickly.

While you don’t have to write code for these modular devices, we provide configurable parameters to tune performance characteristics. Developers don’t need to learn the intricacies of the stacking API, and they don’t need to get the module to a certain configuration state, just set a variable. This feature of the Xpress command API can help developers avoid some common design challenges that can prevent developers from working with wireless protocols.

Wireless Xpress leverages Silicon Labs’ Gecko OS, an intuitive, easy-to-use IoT operating system. Wireless Xpress devices also offer a lot of technical support, and since the device handles wireless-related duties across the board with the support of the Gecko OS firmware, developers don’t have to choose an MCU that can handle the low-level wireless maintenance, nor do they have to go through the low-level NCP protocol for granular monitoring. Instead of choosing an MCU that fits their NCP, developers can choose the MCU that fits their application.

What hardware platforms does Silicon Labs offer for IoT end node designs?

We have introduced Bluetooth Xpress module options based on PCB package and System-in-Package (SiP) called BGX13P and BGX13S respectively. We also offer two zero programming Wi-Fi Xpress modules, AMW007 and AMW037. For more product information, please visit:

On the software side, what does it take to run a mobile app?

For Bluetooth Xpress, we have launched the Xpress framework for iOS and Android. Developing mobile apps can sometimes be a challenge for product developers, and developing apps that connect with Bluetooth is a special skill in itself. Through the Xpress framework, we have extracted the core Bluetooth APIs of the low-level mobile OS in some easy-to-use APIs.

This is very helpful to developers for two reasons. First, the Xpress framework handles all Bluetooth-specific scan and discovery, query, connection, and GATT table communications. For example, to scan, you can call startScan, which provides a list of discovered devices. To connect you need to call connectToDevice and the framework handles the rest.

Second, the framework looks basically the same for both iOS and Android, unifying an interface that actually works very differently between the two operating systems. So if a developer learns to connect to a Bluetooth Xpress in iOS, the same function calls will work just as well in Android. For Wi-FiXpress, we provide a web application served by Wi-Fi Xpress devices and provide a RESTful API to control modules and access the file system.

What tools can developers use to take advantage of Wireless Xpress?

An advantage of these modular products is that the Xpress command API is engineer-readable, so developers can evaluate the product and fully familiarize themselves with features by running a simple terminal program on a PC.

We’ve released two evaluation kits, the Wireless Xpress BGX13P kit and the AMW07-E04 kit, each of which provides a serial-to-USB bridge, so accessing the board looks like a COM port. For developers looking for a richer evaluation experience and graphical interface, we offer the Xpress Configurator tool within Silicon Labs’ Simplicity Studio development environment.

Xpress Configurator logically groups different configurable parameters, validates configurable settings, and displays documentation for each parameter. All of these configurations result in one or more Xpress commands being sent to the wireless Xpress module via the terminal interface built into the tool.

Developers have access to network management and mapping tools. These tools provide a high-level view of the system. Network Analyzer tracks wireless node activity in real time, providing insights for debugging and system optimization.

How fast does Wireless Xpress connect to the cloud?

For Bluetooth Xpress, we provide OTA support through the Xpress framework. If Silicon Labs releases a firmware update to Bluetooth Xpress, this signed and encrypted update can be pulled from our cloud using a framework API.

Wi-Fi Xpress products can access the cloud directly to receive firmware updates. Developers can also use this built-in cloud connection to perform device health checks in the field and retrieve additional keywords, as well as application-specific metrics.

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The CNC machining center adopts the appropriate knife method

Cnc Machining centers are becoming more and more widely used in today’s machinery manufacturing and processing industry. Especially economical cnc machine tools have gained great popularity in some enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises due to factors such as wide processing range, high efficiency, stable quality and low prices. Big application and development. However, in popularization and application, improper use or process design often causes problems such as long preparation time, large processing errors and even accidents, which bring a lot of inconvenience and psychological pressure to operators. In fact, if the economical CNC machining center method is used well, it is very convenient and safe and reliable to process. The key is to adopt an appropriate and reasonable tool setting method.
1. Jog tool setting method: press and hold the jog button on the control panel, touch the tip of the tool to the surface of the workpiece, clear the counter, then return to the initial position to be set, and then clear to get the initial position of the tool . Determine the initial position of each knife in turn, and adjust to the exact design position after trial processing. This method does not require any auxiliary tools and can be operated at hand, but it takes a long time, especially when the tool must be re-adjusted every time the tool is sharpened. This method is suitable for simple procedures or initial installation and commissioning.
2. Using the tool setting instrument method: The tool setting instrument selected by the machine tool adopts a self-testing device, but the operation is complicated and a certain amount of preparation time is still required. Suitable for multi-tool measurement.
3. Use of CNC tools: After the tool is installed for the first time, it will be worn after a period of cutting and needs to be sharpened. The position of the tip of the ordinary tool when reinstalled after sharpening has changed, and the tool needs to be re-calibrated. The CNC tool is characterized by high tool manufacturing accuracy. The repeated positioning accuracy of the blade after indexing is about 0.02mm, which greatly reduces the tool setting time. At the same time, the surface of the blade is coated with a wear-resistant layer, which greatly improves the durability, but the cost Higher.

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Dow, DuPont, Sabic claim spots as finalists for R&D awards

Several Plastic products have been named as conducted by R&D World magazine.The competition is in its 59th year. This year’s event received entries from 17 different countries/regions, officials said in a news release. The 2021 judging panel included almost 50 industry professionals around the world.”We weren’t sure what to expect with the impact that COVID-19 has had on research labs across the world,” Editorial Director Paul Heney said in the release. “But this year exceeded all our expectations, with more submissions coming in than in the previous few years … [and] the quality of the entries was extremely high.”In the Mechanical/Materials category, plastics-related finalists include: • Agility-brand 1500 Performance low density polyethylene resin from Dow Inc.• Amsil-brand and Amsil Silbione-brand materials from Elkem Silicones• Delrin-brand RA511CPE acetal resin from DuPont Co.• Elcres-brand HTV150 dielectric film from Saudi Basic Industries Co. (Sabic) and Shin-Etsu Polymer Co.• Infinair-brand polyolefin elastomers from Dow and GiGwi HK Trading Co., Ltd.DuPont also was nominated for an adhesive product. “My sincere appreciation to all of our market, product, application, regulatory, manufacturing, technical service and sales innovators that have brought these great new products to market,” DuPont Global R&D Vice President Scott Collick said in a LinkedIn post.”It takes a village to launch new products,” he added.The 2021 R&D 100 winners will be announced by mid-November.Do you have an opinion about this story? Do you have some thoughts you’d like to share with our readers? Plastics News would love to hear from you. Email your letter to Editor at Staying current is easy with Plastics News delivered straight to your inbox, free of charge. Subscribe to Plastics News Plastics News covers the business of the global plastics industry. We report news, gather data and deliver timely information that provides our readers with a competitive advantage.Customer Service:

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Foreign trade department meeting

Every week, our sales team will choose one day to sit down and talk face to face. Always trying our best to enhance our sales ability, and learn how to give our customers best service and support.Every day must ensure that the enquiry received is promptly replied. Due to the time difference, it is inevitable to communicate with the customer at home in the evening time. It can synchronize with the customer, speed up the communication, take the lead, and ensure the timeliness of the reply.Customer Information Management: Create an excel form, fill in all the customer information in the form, and classify the customer, try to service each customer well and professionally.New type model often published in our Company, our sales manager will help each of the teams to learn them from the beginning step by step, the more we know our own products, the better we can service customers.

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China has become the world's hardware manufacturing industry base

China has become the world's hardware manufacturing industry base

1.Adopt a differentiated business strategy

The division of markets by branches, market segmentation, and the formation of specialized and large-scale markets are the primary guarantees for market prosperity.

Take the China Hardware City as an example. At the beginning of the market’s formation, the hardware market in Shenzhen was dominated by Lao Nanma Road Hardware City before 2005. Due to historical factors, it is located in a prosperous downtown area. The market cannot be entrenched in the downtown area for a long time. After investigating the overall urban planning of Shenzhen, the site was chosen to be close to the outer ring line and the 205 National Road. The new district can radiate far to Beijing, the three northeastern provinces, Hebei province and other places, and it is the first choice for the market.

However, as how the emerging hardware city complements the old city and gradually strengthens itself, we have chosen a differentiated complementary strategy. In 2006, we began to make a unified business positioning and positioning for the current four districts of A, B, C, and D. According to the plan, Area A and B are hardware and electrical appliances area, Area C is solar energy area, and Area D is pipeline valve area. In the later investment promotion, many construction machinery and machine tool equipment operators think that our city’s buildings are spacious and have relatively high floors. The roads are wide, suitable for large-scale equipment to enter and exit, and one after another enters the city for business. We have opened up a professional street for machinery and equipment in a street on the west side of District A and C in accordance with the requirements of the market. This makes the business planning of the four districts comparable to other hardware markets in Shenzhen. The positioning of the company is differentiated, and the effect of seeking differences from the same and complementing each other is formed. By the first half of 2007, the four major professional wholesale markets have basically taken shape.

The hardware industry is all-encompassing, with a wide range of products, ranging from steel, machine tools and equipment, to screws and screws. It covers a wide range of industries. Although the current hardware city is relatively large, it is impossible to accommodate all hardware products. It must be based on the business circle. Within the scope of the economic development stage and characteristics, adopt differentiated business strategies to segment the market, select the hardware industry suitable for its own market development, and target investment to form its own characteristics and form a professional market advantage.

2.The unified operation and management of shops is an important guarantee for market development.

At present, the vast majority of hardware markets are composed of property-owned shops. It is not that property-owned shops do not operate well. According to our experience in operating several markets in East China, the successful approach is to sell shops to scattered owners at the same time. The market management company immediately signs a commission operation contract with each owner to give the owner a stable rental income in return. The commission operation period should be more than 5 years. The unified commission operation first ensures that a unified market planning can be carried out for different areas of the market. At the beginning of investment promotion, unified investment promotion can be carried out according to the business format planning of the market. While avoiding the chaotic situation of mixed operation, it also promotes the formation of scale effects, making different functional areas bigger and stronger, and forming professional market advantages and scales. effect. The current four major areas of China North Hardware City are compatible with the four major professional markets we operate, and it is impossible to achieve without unified management. Under the premise of unified entrusted operation, the management company should reserve more than 40% of the business area. Within two years of launching the market, it will implement preferential policies such as rent-free to promote the entry of major brand manufacturers, general distributors, and first-level agents. Provide room for maneuver, and at the same time can use 40% of the self-retained business area to play a leverage role in the rental policy in the process of market development.

3.Strong brand is the core competitiveness of the market.

In a market environment where the types and quality of modern commodities are converging, the essence of competition is brand competition. How to form a strong brand is something that every enterprise and every hardware market must face. The formation of a strong brand includes two aspects. On the one hand, It is the brand’s extensive recognition, on the one hand, the brand’s strong centripetal force. In this regard, Zhejiang Yongkang and Wanguan Hardware City are at the forefront.

The wide recognition of the brand includes two aspects. A brand in the hardware market itself, such as the North China Hardware City brand inscribed by Mr. Wu, many foreign customers in Shenzhen say that we are just Chong The name of your hardware city is magnificent, and the other is the reputation of the manufacturers and products operating in the city. The brand of the hardware market itself needs to be widely promoted by the management company through various advertising media and marketing activities, and more importantly, the merchants in the city do not Intermittent promotion has formed a household name. For example, the advertisements of Zhejiang Yongkang Hardware City and East China Hardware City on CCTV are very representative, which can be said to be household names overnight. Of course, the choice of this media is based on the market’s own radiating business circles and different stages of development. The role of strong brand centripetal force is to allow customers to form the subconscious and conscious buying habits of the brand. Just like buying beverages, we first think of Coca-Cola, Huiyuan juice, and fast food. The first thing we think of is KFC, McDonald’s, Yonghe soy milk, and participate in hardware The exhibition first thought of Las Vegas in the United States and Cohen Hardware Show in Germany. The hardware market first thought of Zhejiang Yongkang China Hardware City. This is the result of long-term brand accumulation and the formation of potential awareness in customers’ hearts. Buying habits.

The formation of brand centripetal force. In the modern fast fish eat slow fish market environment, the hardware market brand cannot be formed by decades of accumulation as in the past, but must be in the industry within three to five years. The formation of a good reputation, so the formation of broad brand awareness through advertising is the prerequisite for the formation of brand centripetal force, I will not repeat it here. What is the key to the formation of brand centripetal force? The key lies in the product advantages of merchants in the hardware market, the advantages of subdivided hardware professional markets, and the advantages of scale. For example, as a professional wholesale base for plastic pipe valves, which is currently vigorously developed in the North China Hardware City, there are more than 400 Factory offices, general agents and general distributors from all over the country, tens of thousands of varieties of products, well-known brands and low-end products are all available. Buyers come here to complete the one-time purchase, so there is no need to run around. In just over a year, it has been known to the majority of buyers in Shenzhen, forming a good reputation for buying pipeline valves and going to the North Hardware City. Brand formation in the hardware market relies on complete product expertise and numerous specifications of similar products, which creates a strong attraction. With the strong brand centripetal force in the hardware market, the market will not fail.

Although our country has become the world’s hardware manufacturing base, most of our hardware products are still in unbranded or off-brand products. Compared with the hardware products of developed countries such as Germany, South Korea, and the United States, there is still a big gap. The competitive advantage in the market still depends on low prices and low added value. This is similar to the development stage of the hardware industry in Japan and South Korea in the 1960s and 1970s. However, we cannot always rely on low prices or OEM processing for a long time. We need to upgrade the industry to meet the needs of the market. In recent years, many hardware products from developed countries have been entrusted to us for  cnc machining. This shows that the level of China’s hardware manufacturing industry is not low. The key is our lack of brand awareness and a lack of well-known brands in the world. product.

As the hardware market is a direct window for the development of the hardware industry, it plays a role in guiding industry trends. In this regard, we must also have an international perspective to develop the market, so that our merchants’ products can participate in the environment of international market competition. In this regard, Dongguan PTJ Hardware Company is at the forefront. In May of this year, we also organized several companies to participate in Las Vegas to guide their products to enter the international market. The annual import and export volume of Shenzhen‘s hardware industry reached several. One billion U.S. dollars, most of which enter Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, the Middle East and African countries and regions. Dongguan PTJ Hardware Company will make full use of Shenzhen’s international port advantages to guide the development of the hardware industry to high-end brands and form a number of hardware product nations brand.

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China has become the world's hardware manufacturing industry baseSheet metal, beryllium, carbon steel, magnesium, 3D printing, precision China CNC machining services for heavy equipment, construction, agriculture and hydraulic industries. Suitable for plastics and rare alloys machining. It can turn parts up to 15.7 inches in diameter. Processes include swiss machining,broaching, turning, milling, boring and threading. It also provides metal polishing, painting, surface grinding and shaft straightening services. The production range is up to 50,000 pieces(Die Casting Service). Suitable for screw, coupling, bearing, pump, gearbox housing, drum dryer and rotary feed valve applications.PTJ will strategize with you to provide the most cost-effective services to help you reach your target,Welcome to Contact us ( [email protected] ) directly for your new project.

Apple product images were stolen on the eve of the launch, and the REvil ransom gang demanded sky-high ransoms

At 10:00 a.m. PDT on April 20 (1:00 a.m. Beijing time on April 21), Apple held a special event for its spring conference with the theme of “Spring Loaded”.

A few hours later, the relevant US media revealed that the REvil ransomware gang had stolen Apple’s product blueprints and demanded that Apple pay the ransom before May 1, otherwise they would negotiate with several major brands to sell a large number of confidential drawings and gigabytes of personal data”.

The data breach stemmed from a ransomware attack on Taiwan-based Quanta, the maker of the Apple Watch, Apple Macbook Air and Apple Macbook Pro. After the attack, the REvil ransomware gang first demanded $50 million from Quanta Computer by April 27, or $100 million after the countdown ended.

  Apple product images were stolen on the eve of the launch, and the REvil ransom gang demanded sky-high ransoms

However, the company refused to communicate with the extortion gang and also refused to pay the extortion money.

As seen in the payment negotiation conversation between the REvil ransomware gang and Quanta Computer, REvil warned that if Quanta Computer did not begin negotiating the ransom, “drawings of all Apple devices and all personal data of its employees and customers will be released” .

Still without a response, REvil posted schematics on its data leak site. At present, REvil has published schematic diagrams of more than a dozen MacBook components on its dark web data leak site, but there is no indication that they are new products from Apple.


On the one hand, as a global-scale original design manufacturer of laptops, not only Quanta computers were subjected to ransomware attacks, but Compal was also attacked by DoppelPaymer ransomware last year. And attacks from the supply chain put more customers at risk. For example, Quanta Computer has many well-known customers, including Apple, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Alienware, Lenovo, Cisco and Microsoft…

Note: REvil operates on a ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) model, and is known for stealing unencrypted data and encrypted devices by recruiting “affiliates” to collaboratively disrupt victim networks. After getting the ransom, REvil core developers and affiliates split the ransom, with affiliates usually getting a larger share.


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2013-11-01 10:09 Engraving machine CNC technology become more perfect

2013-11-01 10:09Engraving machine CNC technology become more perfect

Engraving machine industry after decades of development, applied more widely , with the recent advances in technology , digital technology becomes more perfect, especially in the high-end CNC technology has made great breakthroughs .

As consumer demand for high-end products continue to increase, obviously can not rely on hand-made to meet the needs of the market and consumers , because a limited number of artisans , craftsmen take decades more nurturing , which appeared in the high-end wood products in short supply situation , so he gave hope to give producers a woodworking engraving machine , making the development of more high-end intelligent, computer software operation more simple , high-end CNC technology to improve the future , woodworking engraving machine can naturally produce more realistic artificial carving product, and then just a little manual polishing can be considered high-end products into the high-end market to fill the gap in the market . The next step in the furniture industry and the rapid development of production and processing environment of the company product updates , woodworking engraving machine is bound to be constantly expanding range of applications , application level will gradually increase , especially high-end natural wood engraving machine even broader prospects for development .
As a leading manufacturer of Cnc Engraving Machine , Jinan River CNC has increased in recent years, the development of high-end wood engraving machine , relying on the company’s strong R & D capability , after obtaining the high-end CNC technology , product features increasingly sophisticated , more broad market prospects , the current has formed an annual output of more than a thousand high-end CNC stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, engraving machine foam production base of high-tech equipment .

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