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Husky Opens Sales Office in Ukraine

“Ukraine is one of the strongest markets for Husky in Eastern Europe, and we are pleased to improve our presence in this growing region,” said Milan Cvjetkovic, vice president of Central/Eastern Europe and the Middle East for Husky Injection Molding Systems, on the occasion of the announcement of Husky’s opening of a new sales office in Kiev, Ukraine. The Kiev office will focus on servicing the company’s strong existing PET customer base, but it will also support growing business in the areas of packaging, closures, and hot runners.

“In the past year, Husky has also opened offices in Austria and Turkey,” continued Cvjetkovic. “Our aim is to be closer to our customers, reinforce our sales and service structure in Ukraine, and provide exceptional local support.”

Added Christian Kapsamer, Husky’s general manager for Central and Eastern Europe, “Opening a new sales office in Kiev will enable us to serve this market in its local language, with improved logistics and faster response time. We have experienced people who understand the injection moulding industry and the local market, and speak the local language. This will help us to move sales in Ukraine to the next level.”

The new office, which opens in November, will be located at the Horizon Park Business Center, 4, M. Hrinchenka Street, 03038 Kiev, Ukraine.

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China Supplier OEM Truck Engine Casting Auto Car Spare Parts

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: casting part

  • Casting Form Material: Metal

  • Casting Form Usage Count: Permanent

  • Surface Roughness: Ra0.2

  • Machining Tolerance: +/-0.15mm

  • Certification: SGS, CE, RoHS, ISO 9001

  • Original: China

  • Production Capability: 30,000 PCS / Month

  • Trademark: AT

  • Origin: China

  • Casting Method: Sand Casting

  • Casting Metal: Alloys Steel

  • Surface Treatment: Polishing

  • Coating: Water

  • Standard: AISI

  • Surface Condition: Sand Blasting

  • Trade Mark: at OEM ODM

  • Shipping Port: Ningbo

  • Specification: CE SGS ISO

  • HS Code: 84485900

Product Description

A&T Industry is a contract manufacture and exporter of high quality  forging parts,casting part,machining part,stamping part with more than 13 years experience.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Standard Exporting Packaging
Delivery Detail: 30 Days

Quality Certification:
We are ISO9001:2008 Certified, we offer below testing and report:
Spectral Analysis, Full Dimension Report, Material Certification, Mechanical Performance Testing, Hydro Testing, Ultrasonic inspection could be provided on our casting parts.

What Surface Treatment can we offer:
Zinc plating/Galvanized, Chrome plating, Polishing, Painting, Powder coating, Shot blasting,
Sand blasting, Phosphating, Grinding, Electrophoresis, Anodizing, Black Oxide etc.
Material Standard we can Follow and produce:
Investment Casting: 201, 202, 303, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 430, 440, 1008, 1020, 20NiCrMo, 30CrMo, 42CrMo4
Sand Casting: Ductile Iron, Gray Iron, Aluminum, Steel etc.
Die Casting: ADC12, A380, A356, ZAMAK 3, ZAMAK5 etc.
Manufacturing Limitations:
Max linear Size:2200mm; Max Diameter Size:1000 mm
Casting Weight range: 0.02~2000Kg
Best Casting Surface Roughness: Ra 3.2um~12.5um(by Investment Casting and Die Casting)

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Can a Part Machining Plant with CNC Metal Precision Machining Eliminate Your Worries?

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CNC metal precision machine parts processing plant can solve your worries?

There are a lot of people working in the big environment, and the influence on the environmental index is not very clear. Because there are too many factors that pollute the environment in reality, you may inadvertently have a little action or behavior that pollutes the environment.


CNC Turning machining parts manufacturer by the environment of the main factors are the following:

First, the processing industry will use oil, lubricating oil, cutting fluid and a little oily liquid, must dispose of the waste oil, to avoid environmental damage;

Two, the lathe inside of the iron filings must be cleaned, stored in the designated area, do not throw at will, to avoid accidental injury;

Three, clean the worktable at any time, the processing parts will cause a little oil or residue to the operating table, if not clean, will also affect the operator’s mood;

Four, processing materials must ensure that it is environmentally friendly materials, otherwise it will cause a large area of environmental pollution.

More than likely you will meet at four o ‘clock this, chances are you will avoid, however, must be careful, otherwise, not affect others, of course, if the CNC Turning machining parts manufacturer to be able to avoid all these factors, which affect the environment, so their influence is also will improve, not only does this not influence in the near,May also let you in the industry are prominent encirclements, completely stable figure, this is the strength of the environment to cultivate businesses.

Now will be speed, some processing plants in order to be able to quickly make customers’ products, will think a little crash method, thereby reducing the applicability and quality of products, this is a major drawback of processing plants.To be able to make products that exceed customer satisfaction within a limited time is to be qualified. On the contrary, it is to fail, and the consequence of failure is to reduce customer satisfaction with you.If there is accidental damage in transportation, then, the consequences must be grasped, can not directly call the customer responsible, because the customer believes you will choose you, can not go to the customer when there is a problem, this is the wrong approach.Be sure to avoid this mistake.

Yi Jin Hardware Recommendation:cnc-milling-parts

If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to send your requirements with your drawings to us via email. We are very glad to give you the most favorable quotation. If so, our email is: [email protected],Click on the email address on the left to send us an email quickly and easily

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Huawei’s new 5nm chip exposed, model Kirin 9006C

As we all know, since September 15 last year, TSMC was unable to help Huawei OEM advanced Kirin chips, so at that time, Yu Chengdong said that Huawei’s Kirin chips had become a swan song. This also means that Huawei’s Kirin chips can only be used in inventory, and no new chips will be added.

Therefore, we have also seen that due to the lack of core, Huawei first sold Honor, and at the same time, mobile phone shipments were decreasing, and the market share continued to decline, first falling out of the top 5 in the world and then falling out of the top 5 in China.

However, the good news is that Huawei later obtained a license to ship Qualcomm’s 4G chips, so we saw Huawei use Qualcomm’s 4G chips on its tablets, P50 and other mobile phones. Although it is only 4G, to a certain extent, it can be regarded as alive, so that when the Kirin chip is used up, there will be no core available.

At the same time, we see that Huawei has used all its stock chips. Various 4G and 5G chips, as well as some special chips such as Kirin 990E and Kirin 820E (CPU or GPU have fewer cores than normal chips) are used.

Recently, another new 5nm chip was exposed, that is, Kirin 9006C. From the naming point of view, this chip is obviously in the same cluster as the Kirin 9000 series. From the introduction, it is a 5nm process with 8 cores. , The highest frequency is 3.13GHz.

And we refer to the Kirin 9000 and Kirin 9000E, we will find that everyone is also an 8-core design, and the Kirin 9000 series is a 3.13GHz Cortex-A77 super core, 3 2.54GHz Cortex-A77 large cores, 4 2.05GHz Cortex-A55 Energy efficiency core.

So there is reason to believe that this Kirin 9006C is one of the Kirin 9000 series chips. As for the specific differences between the Kirin 9000 or Kirin 9000E, such as GPU, ISP, MODEM, NPU, etc., there is no definite information for the time being.

Similarly, based on the exposure information of this chip, we can also think that this is not a new chip produced recently, but a chip produced before September 15 last year, but it is now being used for some reason. When it comes to the computer, nothing more, don’t get too excited.

In addition, due to the ARM architecture, computers using this chip cannot install windows, but UOS and other domestic systems can be installed. If you are interested in this chip and computers using this chip, you can pay attention to it.

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Box Pallet mould maker

Box pallet moulds China is a professional box pallet moulds maker,we could supply box pallet molds.We have large box pallet mould tooling devices in our tooling workshop,we could process big size moulds.We supply a turnkey project for box pallet molding line.

Box pallet mould is a combined of pallet mould and turnover box mould.There are two types of Box pallet,one is for solid shape,the other is for perforated shape.Box pallets are used for goods shipping,similar using as turnover boxes and pallets.

Usually,the width and length of box pallet is same as pallet,so the box pallet mould size is also very large.Box Pallet mould China have big size tooling devices for big size moulds.

Box pallet mould China is a professional mould maker for box pallet mould,pallet mould and crate mould.Thanks.

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The global 3D printing market is expected to exceed 100 billion, and the industry adds three new products

The world’s first analog 3D printer that relies entirely on kinetic energy comes out. Graduate student Daniëlde Bruin, who graduated from the Arts Utrecht Department of the University of Hong Kong, developed a very special 3D printer. This analog 3D printer relies on a clever system. The key is to put a weight of 15 kg on a bicycle sprocket to apply pressure to the syringe (filled with clay) while rotating the building platform. Daniël used a propeller to add a machine that moves like a clock. The machine relies on air resistance to control the pressure to get a system extrusion speed.

In fact, this 3D printer does not use any electricity, wiring or software. It is the world’s first analog 3D printer that relies entirely on kinetic energy. In fact, since 2014, Daniël, this amazing mechanical 3D printer, has been the focus of attention. People are amazed by its unique and methodical manufacturing system, which can produce all kinds of clay containers.

Japan develops high-speed 3D printers that can manufacture industrial molds. This team of engineers is developing innovative 3D printing technology and other technologies. Their goal is to make future customized industrial parts or semiconductor components as cheap as mass manufacturing. The Tokyo-based Future Additive Manufacturing Technology Research Association (Technology Research Association for Future Additive Manufacturing) has created a prototype 3D printer that can be used to make industrial molds.

It is said that this 3D printer prototype can construct objects at a speed of 100,000 cubic centimeters per hour, which is 100 times faster than ordinary metal 3D printers. Moreover, this machine can manufacture molds with a maximum size of 1.8 meters × 1 meter × 0.75 meters, and the remaining sand can be used again. Its use cost is lower than or comparable to existing similar 3D printers. In addition, the molds produced by the equipment can also be used for mass production, such as manufacturing 20,000 car turbochargers or 3,000 engine cylinder heads a month.

Stratasys launches two next-generation industrial 3D printers. 3D printing giant Stratasys has officially announced that it will showcase their two next-generation industrial 3D printers at the 2016 Chicago International Manufacturing Technology Show in the near future—infinite-Build 3D Demonstrator and Robotic Composite 3D Demonstrator. It is understood that these two machines are currently in the proof-of-concept stage, and both use FDM technology. The biggest feature is that they break through some of the limitations of traditional 3D printing. Among them, the former is the first to increase the ability to print on a vertical plane, which can theoretically print objects of infinite size, while the latter uses Siemens’ 8-axis control system and other hardware and PLM software, which can perform 3D printing at any angle.

Because these two new machines are very suitable for the aerospace and automotive fields, in order to explore their practical applications, Stratasys has reached a new cooperation with aviation giant Boeing and automotive giant Ford. It is understood that Boeing is currently using an Infinite-Build to try to produce lightweight parts in small batches, while Ford is trying to use these two machines to make auto parts while evaluating their performance. In addition, they will also work with Stratasys to develop and test new applications of automotive-grade 3D printing materials (previously impossible due to size constraints) and initiate and accelerate innovative automotive product design projects.

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Daily maintenance and care measures for automobile water tanks

If the vehicle’s water tank is not handled properly during normal driving, it is very easy to “boil the pot”. Encountering such a situation will not only delay the owner’s time, but also may cause damage to the machine if it is not handled properly. Today, I will introduce to you the daily maintenance of the water tank and the cooling techniques of the high temperature water tank. I hope it will be helpful to the majority of car owners.

High temperature water tank cooling skills:

When the car is driving, white water vapor suddenly emerges from the engine cover, or the pointer of the water temperature gauge rises to the high temperature “H” mark position, it means that the engine temperature is too high. It is usually caused by insufficient water in the water tank, water leakage, or failure of the fan in the water tank.

The processing method is as follows:

Step 1: Find a safe place to park immediately, but don’t turn off the engine immediately. Let the engine keep idling to continue to dissipate heat, and at the same time open the engine cover to increase the heat dissipating speed.

Note: When the water temperature is too high or even boiling:

1. Don’t try to continue driving, so as to avoid major machine damage accidents.

2. Don’t try to open the water tank cover, otherwise hot liquid may spray out and cause burns.

3. Do not pour cold water into the engine block and cylinder head, as it is likely to cause the cylinder block to burst due to sudden cooling.

Step 2: After a period of time, check for water leaks under the car.

Step 3: Wait until the water temperature gauge pointer drops to the proper temperature position, then turn off the engine.

Step 4: Wrap the water tank cover with a wet towel, slowly turn on the ** switch (about 1/4 turn), after the water vapor pressure is released, fully open the water tank cover, check the water volume and quality in the water tank, and the fan belt Are there any exceptions? If the amount of water is insufficient, you should slowly add water to the vicinity of the *high mark.

Note: If the water tank is leaking or the fan belt is loose or broken, you can call the towing company and wait for the trailer to be rescued. If necessary, you can also wait for the engine to cool down completely and then drive the car to a service shop for repairs at a low speed. Remember, you cannot drive at normal speed, otherwise it is likely to cause permanent damage to the engine.

Daily maintenance method:

Generally speaking, the antifreeze should be replaced after driving 20,000 kilometers or one year; when there is no antifreeze, never add tap water. Rust and fouling of the engine water tank are the most common problems. Rust and scale will restrict the flow of antifreeze in the cooling system, reduce heat dissipation, cause the engine to overheat, and even cause engine damage. Antifreeze oxidation will also form acidic substances, which will corrode the metal parts of the water tank, causing damage and leakage of the water tank. The solution to the water tank failure is mainly the routine inspection on weekdays. The water tank should be checked frequently for leaks or rust. It should be cleaned, replaced or added with antifreeze to increase the boiling point and prolong the service life. Generally speaking, the antifreeze should be replaced after driving 20,000 kilometers or one year. This can increase the boiling point, prevent the generation of scale, rust, and improve the heat dissipation effect, so that the water pump has a lubricating effect, and avoids and eliminates the engine damage caused by the instant high temperature caused by the bubbles.

The automotive parts and parts machining, PTJ Shop offers the highest degree of OEM service with a basis of 10+ years experience serving the automotive industry. Our automotive precision shop and experts deliver confidence. We have perfected the art of producing large component volumes with complete JIT reliability, backed by the quality and long-term reliability our customers expect.

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New trends in the development of small zinc alloy die-casting industries are gradually emerging

China is a country with a high degree of macro-control. If it wants to achieve development, it must closely follow the country’s policy direction. Experts believe that during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, companies should give play to their natural and social advantages in the zinc alloy die-casting industry, determine their market competitiveness, and remain invincible in the powerful zinc die casting industry in China. This is where the development direction and goal of the majority of zinc alloy die-casting enterprises lie, and it is also a necessary prerequisite and objective basis for the effective operation of the socialist market economy. Zinc alloy die-casting enterprises participate in market activities, and in order to gain the initiative in market competition, they must scientifically and reasonably formulate their development strategies and endeavour goals based on the status quo of the marketing environment, development trends and the subjective and objective conditions of the enterprise itself.

At present, my country’s zinc alloy die-casting industry encounters many difficulties in the development process, such as single technology, low technical level, lack of advanced equipment, and shortage of talents, which restrict the development of zinc alloy die-casting industry. To this end, it is possible to improve the development of China’s zinc alloy die-casting industry by improving the technological level of the enterprise, introducing advanced technology and equipment, and cultivating suitable talents.

In the future, the products of the zinc alloy die casting industry will become more and more diversified, the technical level of the industry will become higher and higher, the product quality will steadily improve, and competition and the market will be further rationalized. Coupled with the country’s further regulation of the industry and the implementation of relevant industry preferential policies, my country’s zinc alloy die-casting industry will have huge room for development.

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In what ways may a temperature data logger help?

A product’s temperature and time of exposure are critical variables in many businesses, such as the food and beverage industry. If you need to sterilize medical tools or can food, temperature data recorders are a must-have piece of equipment. Temperature data loggers are constructed with temperature sensors and a logging mechanism built in. Sensors for measuring humidity are included in some models. The gadget receives and retains regular samples from one or more sensors at a predetermined interval.

The data logger functions like a USB drive, storing collected data about temperature and time for subsequent retrieval through Wi-Fi. An interval of time has been set to record the temperature. Recording the temperature data is configured to take place every 10 minutes as a default, where it will record the data with a time stamp. It also has wireless capabilities, so you can monitor your temperature data recorder from afar.

There are a variety of uses for it.

It is possible to use temperature logging in a wide variety of industries. Precision and integrity are essential in a wide range of important applications. If you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, for example, you need precise temperature measuring and tracking in order to ensure the safety of your products.
Humidity and temperature readings are also recorded.

When it comes to farming and seed germination, local humidity is essential. There are health risks if you don’t keep the humidity level at a safe level. Preserving the products’ quality necessitates accurately recording the data. The use of temperature data loggers is also a good way to ensure that your items are protected in accordance with UK government rules and prevent legal ramifications.
A longer shelf life for your goods can be achieved by using this.

Many non-food products, such as artwork and cheese, can be damaged if they are not kept at the proper temperature and humidity levels, especially during transport. Keep a temperature and humidity data logger on hand throughout the process to assure their quality and safety. When questions arise about whether or not the data was handled properly, the datalogger can be used as proof.

Now that you know how to use the Smashtag temperature data recorder, it’s time to put it to use. You should get your device today at or get in touch with us at 01223 881881 to learn more.

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A data logger thermometer is just what it says it is.

One of the most common names for this type of portable thermometer is the "digital temperature sensor," which is short for "temperature data logger." Environmental monitoring for shipments of food, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals is the most common usage for this type of equipment. A supply chain monitoring system ensures that the environment does not go beyond acceptable parameters.
In what ways might data loggers be put to good use?

Geotechnical monitoring and instrumentation can benefit from our wireless temperature data recorder, which automatically records real-time data. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can access this information. Because they operate on their own, you can leave them unattended while they record all of the data they need to record at their own pace.
What are the benefits of using a data logger? ‘

There are two major advantages to using data recorders. To save time and money, you don’t need to have a person manually check conditions across a supply chain. Additionally, data loggers record data far better than manual recording and so provide you more accurate results.
What are temperature data loggers?

A temperature logger is a small, lightweight electronic device that may be carried around and used to record data about the surrounding environment. There is a battery in this device for long term use. Samples and saves data from one or more sensors at predetermined intervals, They can then analyze this data on a mobile device or a computer once it has been acquired.
Are data loggers trustworthy?

Yes. Using a UKAS thermometer, we assure that all of our goods are accurate to the millimeter. One of the advantages of using an unattended data logger is that it can collect data for as long as the logger is set up to do so. They also serve as a humidity monitor, offering a comprehensive picture of the air temperature and relative humidity over time.

Benefits Of Recording Data

It captures data with greater precision than is possible with manual recording methods.

You can save time and work by leaving it unattended.

A sufficient amount of data can be gathered by storing the recordings for an extended period of time on the device.

Recording several data points in a short period of time is also possible.

Recording data in harsh situations is generally possible with the use of loggers.

Temperature Monitoring Versus Data Logging: What’s the Difference?

Temperatures and other environmental factors can be tracked with a data logger thermometer. Unlike temperature monitors, process control instruments, and continuous thermal monitors, these devices do not save data. Despite the fact that both use thermocouple sensors, they have varying capacities, applications, and functions that make them unique.

What Data Loggers Have to Offer

Measure and record the temperature of a certain location.
Make a note of the temperature and humidity levels in the area.
Record the pressure of gases and liquids in an environment.
Calculate a structure’s weight or stress.
Be able to detect or measure the level of shock that a breach can cause.
Be on the lookout for dangerously high levels of electrical current.

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Teach you how to distinguish between silicone products and rubber products

Rubber material is a high elastic polymer compounds, including the unvulcanized rubber and vulcanized rubber, and can be divided into natural and synthetic rubber products. Now, rubber materials have been widely used in manufacturing tire, rubber hose, rubber tabe, insulation material, rubber shoes and other rubber products.

silicone products is a kind of silicone rubber, belongs to the unlcanization chamber liquid rubber. Once exposed to the air, the silane monomer condensation formation occurs, form the network structure, and does not melt and melting, and have good thermal conductivity than the general rubber products.

Silicone product is a kind of silicone rubber ptoduct. At present, silicone products have been widely applied to people`s lives, silicone tubes, silicone sealing strip, silicone sealing ring, silicone solid strip and silicone pad paly an important role in the world.

Comprehensive news about silicone and casting

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