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Precautions regarding CNC machined ultra-precision copper electrodes

Many would say that when it comes to ultra-precision electrode machining, it’s very simple. Machines are often bought, tools are used correctly, materials are used well, machining techniques are sophisticated, lower knives are used less, and feed rates are slower. Ultra-precision electrode machining is absolutely not that simple, there are more requirements, and there are more things to watch out for. Share a practical analysis of PTJ Cnc Machining plant. Ultra-precision electrode programming considerations and machining requirements, we hope everyone will like it!

  • 1. Each part of the electrode must be fully engraved with the model number, part number, plate number, gap, position number, and manufacturer.Example 1: 1202B39C51-103A -0.05mm JLS (small fixture);Example 2: 1202B39C51-104C -0.05mm E JLS (Large jig)
  • 2. Electrode copper material must be machined according to the requirements of the list and NC machining program. (Red copper / alloy copper is clearly visible and alloy copper is sprayed with blue paint)
    3. Processing quantity, version number, and copper / alloy copper confirmation are included in the processing list.
  • 4, each part of electrode machining must depend on whether more spark space is needed for the program list note bar provided by the customer. An additional 0.02 / S spark position is required for the entire adhesive position using the “SPI” letter on the program sheet.
  • 5. There is no spark position on the Z axis. The requirement for ultra-precision electrodes is that the base surface follow the spark position. The spark level at the datum level is -0.10 / S or -0.05 / S in the spark gap of the machining list. No need to add sparks to the program sheet.
  • 6, programmers need to be careful. Each electrode of the ultra-precision electrode requires a three-dimensional measurement. When creating the tool path, it is necessary to consider that the treated electrode has no or minimal burrs and that the number of burrs is accurate. Reasonable tools should be selected according to the different shape of each electrode and deburring tool paths should be added when needed.
  • 7.ultra-precision electrodes require three-dimensional measurement. Since quality needs to be tested with the actual size of the processed 3D drawing, the programmer should place a 3D offset in the “CS” folder for testing depending on the spark position of each electrode during programming. And the electrode 3D should be marked with a spark. Also, the layer must specify the spark position and the original “YS”, and the original file must be saved to the file for inspection.
  • 8. Ultra-precision electrodes have dimensional tolerances of 0.01 and 0.02. To ensure tool loss tolerance, flat bottom knives are placed at 0.007, round nose knives are placed at 0.008, and ball cutters are placed at 0.008.

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Disposable product moulds maker in China

China mould the leading company in making disposable products moulds in China. We have more than 20 years rich experience specialized in making disposable product moulds.

Disposable tableware moulds like: disposable plastic spoon, fork and knife.
Disposable hygienic products as: disposable plastic toothbrush, shaver and cup for hotel use.
Sino provide you multi-cavity moulds for producing disposable products with high quality and fast cycle time.
1. China makes moulds for disposable products with24-caviy, 32-cavity, 48-cavity and etc.
2. China makes moulds for disposable products with no burs and no flash.
3. China owns high precision tooling machines—high speed CNC milling machines, 5axis milling machines and largest EDM machines and so on for machining moulds and control the moulds precision and make sure every parts of the mould with standard and accurate dimension.
4. Also when mould finished, they will be sent to Detection Center and inspection the mould quality including the mould dimension and mould precision to make sure every cavity has the same and standard weight and dimension.
5. For this kind of disposable products moulds, the cycle time is about the 6s to 10s.
If you have any projects on plastic disposable products, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Harm and Treatment of Condenser Copper Pipe Scale

1. After scale is formed on the inner wall of the copper tube of the condenser, the heat exchange effect is reduced, resulting in a decrease in vacuum, an increase in energy consumption, and a reduction in power generation load or shutdown cleaning in severe cases. According to relevant information, when the scale thickness of the water-cooling equipment heat exchanger is 2.16mm, the heat transfer coefficient decreases by an average of 51%, the equipment operating efficiency decreases by 50%, and the scale formation time is only 25 days. Such short fouling time and low heat transfer efficiency result in the condenser operating in low efficiency for a long time;

2. Increase the water flow resistance of the cooling circulating water system, reduce the flow of the cooling water, and increase the energy consumption of the circulating water pump;

3. Because the thermal conductivity of scale is very low, the heat transfer coefficient of the condenser is drastically reduced, resulting in a decrease in the vacuum of the condenser. According to the test data of different steam turbines, the steam consumption is reduced by 1%, and the steam consumption is increased by 1 to 1.5. %, when the steam flow rate is constant, the output of the steam turbine unit will be reduced. According to the relevant information, when the scale thickness of the water-cooling equipment heat exchanger is 2.16mm, the heat transfer coefficient decreases by an average of 51%, the equipment operating efficiency decreases by 50%, and the scale formation time is only 25 days;

4. The adhesion of scale, especially the adhesion of slime, may cause local corrosion or even cracking and perforation in the lower part of the attachment. The adhesion of scale to the copper tube of the condenser will cause the copper tube to become clogged, which seriously affects the operation of the equipment;

5. The damage of the copper tube of the condenser will cause serious leakage of the condenser. If the situation is serious or improperly handled, the boiler wall water tube will be blasted, which will seriously endanger the safe operation of the boiler.
Magnetic pterosaur magnetic water processor produced by Beijing Junyutong Technology Co., Ltd.

High technology, high efficiency, safety, removal and prevention of scale and corrosion. No chemical use, no pollution, no energy consumption, long service life, no need for special personnel to manage maintenance, no post-cost, compact structure, easy and fast installation, zero process emission, saving a lot of water resources, improving system heat exchange efficiency Energy-saving (15%-30%) descaling process effectively reduces the amount of bacteria in the water. It has the characteristics of long energy saving, long life, low investment and fast recovery.

Application Range:
In the industry, the magnetic water is used to treat boiler water to reduce scale; the cooling system used in various high-temperature furnaces plays an important role in improving cooling efficiency and extending the service life of the furnace and pipeline; The use of equipment such as condensers and condensers can effectively remove scale and prevent scale formation.

Activated carbon production, using magnetic water to produce activated carbon texture more uniform, stronger adsorption, and saving raw materials. The use of magnetic water in chemical plants can speed up chemical reactions and increase production. The construction industry uses magnetic water to mix concrete, which greatly improves the strength of concrete. The textile mill uses magnetic water to pulverize, the printing and dyeing factory uses magnetized water to color, and the pharmaceutical factory has very significant effects.

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Learn about metal stamping process

Stamping includes a variety of sheet metal forming manufacturing processes such as punching, blanking, and bending. This process can be achieved in a single stage operation or through a series of stages, depending on the part. The typical material used for stamping is metal. 

Metal Stamping is a process that use dies to transform flat metal sheets into different shapes that you need. It is a process used in many things from your household appliances to automotive industries. This process is widely used for producing parts for large machinery, but the metal sheets can also be molded into shapes for household items.

Metal stamping machines are used to produce metal component parts in volume. The machines operate custom die sets that are made for the production of custom metal stampings. Through metal stamping processes, parts can be manufactured to close tolerances and from a great variety of materials. Metal stampings are used in a variety of industries because parts can be turned out at a very high rate and this is good for overall production times and costs.

China Sipx machinery is a definitive source and export-oriented company for custom metal stamping andOffice sheet metal parts services with ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification. We have been established in 2012 and located in Chongqing, manufacuring center of China with 1400sqm, We have success in continuous growth accompanied by our reliable commitment and on-time delivery to customers and our ability to supply our valued customers with the most excellent quality and cost-effective china metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication services.

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Summary of aluminum prices in the domestic spot market on August 2021, 8


Date Yangtze River Nonferrous Shanghai Futures Nanhai Nonferrous Guangdong South Reserve Shanghai Spot Chinalco Quotation LME electronic disk
08 26 20520 20410 20880 20640 20510 20540
08 25 20580 20590 20950 20700 20570 20600 2620
08 24 20390 20415 20800 20520 20380 20410 2604
08 23 20370 20370 20770 20490 20360 20360 2594
08 20 20100 20115 20560 20270 20110 20100 2555
08 19 20090 19955 20510 20280 20100 20080 2544
08 18 20330 20190 20760 20500 20350 20340 2563
08 17 20220 20515 20700 20360 20230 20230 2576
08 16 20230 20180 20570 20330 20230 20250 2604.5
08 13 20040 20105 20430 20170 20040 20050 2611
08 12 20040 20100 20460 20180 20040 20030 2575
08 11 20060 20095 20510 20250 20070 20080 2585
08 10 19860 19935 20300 20040 19870 19870 2586
08 09 19880 19920 20350 20080 19890 19890 2554
08 06 19920 19940 20350 20090 19910 19910 2583.5

(Note: Yangtze River Nonferrous, Nanhai Nonferrous, Guangdong Nanchu, Shanghai Spot are the average prices of the day, Chinalco is the East China price, the Shanghai futures price is the closing price of the current month contract, and the LME is the closing price of the March contract)

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How Many Types Of Rolling Mat Baking Pastry Mat Can You Purchase

Are you interested in silicone baking mat for rolling dough?Do you want to purchase high quality and reasonable price silicone mats to add into your new arrival products list of your shop?Look at here please!Dongguan Weishun Silicone Technology Co., Ltd., a factory professional in manufacturing silicone products recommend you two types of hot selling silicone mats.Silicone rubber baking mat and silicone fiberglass mesh baking mat.Silicone Pastry MatIt is a mat made of silicone. Due to silicone is stick proof and heat proof, silicone mat usually is multifunctionl.
silicone dough mat with measurementspure color silicone oven mat
Silicone dough rolling mat is one of the most common applications. Usually there are printed measurements on mats' surface (usually both with centimeters and inch measurements). These measurment mat are perfect for rolling dough and for helping to cut evenly size doughs.
Fiberglass Mesh Silicone Baking MatExcept pastry mat, silicone mat also frequently be used as oven baking tray mat to prevent cake remains and over burned brown on bread.
Fiberglass Silicone Baking MatSilicone Fiberglass Macaron MatFactory wholesale all-in-silicone pastry mat and fiberglass + silicone baking mat! If you are a retailer looking for a manufacturer, why not send me an inquiry from our website?

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Using laser to cut Spout of automotive plastic parts has accelerated the pace of lightweighting in the automotive industry.

Using laser to cut Spout of automotive plastic parts has accelerated the pace of lightweighting in the automotive industry.

Automobile lightweighting has become an important direction for the development of the automobile industry, which not only improves the driving performance of the automobile, but also enhances the safety of the automobile, saves fuel costs and manufacturing costs, and further meets market demand. When designing and manufacturing automobiles, various manufacturers have achieved the goal of lightweighting automobiles by widely applying lightweight plastic products. It can be said that, in addition to the use of high-strength materials for the body, many parts will use plastic as much as possible. According to experiments, the mass of a car is reduced by half, and the fuel consumption is also reduced by nearly half.


The front and rear bumpers of the car are typical representatives. In the early years, the bumpers of car bodies were made of metal. Some were stamped from steel plates and then welded to the body. However, due to factors such as light weight, mass production, and aesthetics, the car manufacturers finally found A better alternative-plastic bumper. Plastic bumpers not only save manufacturing costs, but also have lower requirements for industrial level and are easier to produce. Therefore, after the manufacturing cost is controlled, it will eventually be reflected in the price of the car.


The lightweight of automotive interior and exterior accessories is an important part of the lightweight of the whole vehicle. With the continuous in-depth research and development of plastic technology, many automotive parts have met the demand for plasticization, including instrument panels, door inner panels, and body covering Parts, chassis, bumpers, fuel tanks, engine intake manifolds and clutch actuator systems, etc.


In order to meet mass production, these plastic parts are mostly processed by injection molding.  injection molding will inevitably produce nozzles. The nozzle refers to the flow channel part generated after injection molding, which is the surplus scraps other than the product such as the intersection of the mold and the injection port left during the production of plastic products. These excess scraps need to be cut before assembly.


Nowadays, in the cutting of plastic nozzles, laser cutting has become the main equipment. As we all know, the laser Cutting Machine has very excellent precision and accuracy. Because of the different shapes and sizes of these plastic nozzles, the requirements for cutting are high, but if they are manual, they cannot guarantee the accuracy of the cutting, and the efficiency is not high and the speed is slow. However, laser equipment solves this problem well.


Recommended equipment:


The general laser cutting machine uses a high-energy density laser beam to irradiate the junction of the nozzle to instantaneously vaporize and melt the material to complete the cutting. The laser beam has no inertia and the cutting direction is not limited. It can achieve high-speed arbitrary straight or curved cutting according to the shape of the nozzle to be processed. The general-purpose laser cutting machine belongs to non-contact cutting. The cutting edge is affected by heat very little, and there is no thermal deformation of the workpiece. It completely avoids the collapse of the die during punching. The laser cutting seam is smooth and smooth, and generally does not require secondary processing.


Universal co2 laser cutting machine CMA1309-B-A





The "upgrade" machine integrates various auxiliary power supplies on the fuselage, unified control, all handles and door locks are ergonomically designed, and the large auxiliary machine reserve box design on the back of the machine allows customers to place more auxiliary machines Reasonable and fully comply with 6S management requirements;

Independently developed SmartCarve software and motion controller, using high-speed interpolation motion algorithm to achieve high-speed and stable operation of the machine;

Support Ethernet (10/100M) and USB2.0 transmission, the maximum USB transmission rate is 12M, the longest distance is 5m;

Support real-time display and tracking of dynamic display of processing trajectory, coordinate points and processing progress;

Support power-off and engraving, working time preview function, and working time preview can be accurate to the millisecond level;

The software supports spot size trajectory compensation, and a path optimization scheme can be designed on the software.


Process application:


The general laser cutting machine can be applied to nozzle cutting in automobile lightweight manufacturing process, punching and cutting of plastic parts, cutting of fabric interior decoration, etc.


Process advantages:


High production efficiency: Due to the different shape and size of the nozzle, the requirements for cutting are high. The traditional electric shearing method can neither guarantee the accuracy of cutting, nor is it efficient. The laser cutting equipment can solve this series of problems well, and can cut the nozzles of different plastics indiscriminately.


More beautiful cutting: laser cutting has a small heat-affected area, no deformation of the workpiece, no scars, no yellow and no scorched edges, smooth and beautiful, and reduces the subsequent grinding process.


Intelligent operation: it can cooperate with the operation of the manipulator to position and sort once, and no manual operation is required. The automatic manipulator takes the material and receives it.


Higher safety: There are hidden dangers in the traditional electric shearing method, which is easy to cause personal injury, and laser cutting prevents people from directly touching the cutting equipment, thereby improving the safety of cutting.


Replacing steel with plastic has become an inevitable means of lightweighting automobiles. Behind its lightweight development is the development of the automobile mold industry. It is understood that in a new car, about 500 car injection molds are required. The demand for molds for automobiles is increasing, so that the nozzle cutting of automotive plastic parts will also be increasing. Laser cutting has become the first choice for nozzle cutting of automotive plastic parts due to its superior precision, accuracy, flexibility and intelligence. If you want to know our general laser cutting machine (CMA1309-B-A), airbag cutting machine, projection laser cutting machine, etc., please call the service hotline: 0769-8983 8888

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Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal Casting is used for making cylindrical, hollow shapes such as tanks, pipes and poles. Chopped strand mat is placed into a hollow, cylindrical mold, or continuous roving is chopped and directed onto the inside walls of the mold. Resin is applied to the inside of the rotating mold.

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Electrical Stamping Manufacturers

Electronic Stamping

Electrical Stamping Manufacturers Introduction
–Many years experience in metal stamping parts;
–Prompt reply for enquiries;
–Customized designs and specification are acceptable;
–Advanced CAD, AutoCAD, Pro-E, Solid work 2001;
–All the toolings are made by ourselves;
–Strictly quality control with ISO9001:2008, testing;
–Meet RoHs compliance.
Main products include moulds, metal terminals, EMI shields, RF shields, metal contacts, and other custom made spare parts for electronics.
Metal parts widely used in industrial machinery to fix, support, dissipate heat, connect, widely used in electronic products as spare parts. Such as mobile, mp3, earphone, PC, etc.

Custom Electrical Stamping Manufacturers
Based on customer requests, our precision metal stamping parts have according property.
Such as high precision, good conductivity, heat dissipation, resilience, fatigue.

Electrical Stamping Manufacturers

Metal process stamping, deep stamping, bending, punching, threading, welding, tapping, riveting
Material stainless steel, spring steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, alloy.
Surface finish polished, galvanized, zinc-plated, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, silver-plated, gold-plated, imitation gold-plated, powder coating, etc.
Plating tech. continuous plating, partial plating, and spot plating, etc.
Tolerance +/-0.02 to +/-0.05
Inspection IQC, IPQC, FQC, QA
Quality control ISO9001:2008

More details for Electrical Stamping Manufacturers

Packing details Pack in polybag, tray/plastic case, tape and reel
Payment term T/T , westunion, cash etc
Delivery By sea, by air, by courier(DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT)
Mould time 10-15days
Product lead time 10-20days
Files for quote PDF, JPG, CAD, 3D

Surface finish

gold-plated; tin-plated;oxidation;power coating;polish and so on

Electrical Stamping Manufacturers in China

Strict quality control
With ISO9001:2008 quality management system and advanced quality testing devices. We strictly control the quality although the producing process.
We have gained us more reliability from our customers with high quality control.
1. Incoming material will be checked carefully before production.
2. Strict processing quality control
3. 100% inspection before shipment.

Reasonable price
With high producing efficiency and strict management,
we can offer the best prices for our products like terminals, rivets, flanges, washers, brackets and other hardware accessory
Timely respond for urgent requirement
Our plenteous material stock and prompt process can meet your urgent requirements. We can arrange the urgent order any time

Quick delivery

We keep close relationship with FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT and other express companies for quick delivery

More services we offer
Besides of metal stamping services,we also offer OEM / ODM service of Deep Drawing services,Sheet metal fabrication,CNC machining parts,Wire forming parts.Our advanced equipments,professional engineers,high quality system,enable us to provide high quality with low production cost.Based on our strength, passion and capacity, we devote to supply one-stop service to customers.

We produce quality CNC machined parts, sheet metal fabrication, metal stamping prototypes and production, wire forming parts,deep drawn enclosures and related metal parts. We are committed to provide custom-made metal stamping parts at high quality and lowest cost.Under current economy situation, most customer are persuing cost-effective items.

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