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Many Famous Company Take Part In HANNOVER MESSE In Germany

Many famous company take part in  HANNOVER MESSE In Germany, most of them are our customers, we provide precision OEM metal parts, CNC machined parts, CNC turning, CNC milling service for them.Pls kindly check below photos :  
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What are the expectations of customers for five-axis processing of agricultural equipment

System and technology upgrades have made it possible to complete the five-axis processing complexity requirements of agricultural equipment, so it has gained a strong voice in the current field. In fact, in layman’s terms, the classification of five-axis machine tools includes linkage type and positioning processing type, these types can complete the corresponding processing tasks under the existing technology and have the characteristics of complementary advantages.

1. Meet the needs of complex development

Complex development needs can be seen not only in the field of five-axis Cnc Machining of agricultural equipment, but even the cultivation of talent needs is closer to the direction of cross-shaped talents. Therefore, the expectations of customers in this area are a major development theme in today’s era. Only by conforming to the needs of the times to realize the transformation of functions and technologies can we stand in a more favorable position in the increasingly fierce market competition.

2. Expand the scope of the process

After a new round of upgrade tests, experienced agricultural equipment five-axis processing manufacturers are able to summarize and master the market demand to a certain extent. For more special requirements, they can also be gradually completed through process adjustment and optimization, and find out how To obtain better cutting efficiency and effectively avoid interference effects, this processing mode gives more possibilities to expand the process range, can meet the needs of the market and successfully avoid many technical misunderstandings.

2. Improve processing quality

The use of numerical control code technology to effectively keep the trajectory of the tool center point within the set range is a major feature of the five-axis processing of agricultural equipment that everyone praises, so the overall processing quality can be controlled by the code and parameter settings , The quality control of this processed product has been guaranteed to a large extent, and customers can also wait for receipt with confidence.

The five-axis processing of agricultural equipment has also benefited from the development, at least it will increase its own bargaining chips in addition to providing good services to customers through technological improvements. From the perspective of technical difficulties, a very important part of processing in this field lies in the setting and calibration of machine parameters. It is necessary to clearly grasp how to control the parameters in order to obtain the finished product that the customer wants. This problem requires experience and technology. It can only be achieved by background operators.

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How to avoid wire scratches in the production of steel core aluminum stranded wire

Continuous scratches on wires are the most common cause of corona, and corona is one of the most important causes of electrical energy loss in the power system. In order to avoid the occurrence of wire scratches, the following aspects should be controlled in production:

First consider from the conductor itself:

First, ensure that the aluminum rod is not damp. Moisture of the aluminum rod will cause the aluminum chips to stay in the working area of ​​the drawing die hole, and the lubricating oil cannot enter the working area, which will cause the drawn aluminum wire to be uneven and not smooth.

Secondly, ensure that the drawing oil is clean and free of moisture. In the process of drawing, the drawing oil is in a high temperature state when it enters the work area from the lubricating area. If it contains a certain amount of moisture, the lubricating oil will be diluted and the lubricating effect will be greatly reduced, resulting in wire scratches and aluminum wire breakage.

Secondly, from the perspective of production, the following issues should be paid attention to:

In the drawing process:

  • (1) Check whether the drawing machine mold is placed accurately.
  • (2) Check whether the drawing drum has a groove after friction, and whether there is a crimping phenomenon;
  • (3) Check whether the surface finish of the lubrication area of ​​the drawing die meets the requirements, and whether there is blockage by aluminum chips.

Stranding process:

  • (1) Check that the top tip of the wire reel rotates sensitively;
  • (2) Check whether the tension of the spool is uniform;
  • (3) Check whether the single wire is slightly crimped or the wire is uneven;
  • (4) Check whether the single wire is in the groove of the guide wheel during twisting.

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Pricing of coal-fired electricity to be liberalized

China will further liberalize pricing for electricity generated from coal, in the latest effort to ease the ongoing power shortage and deepen the sector's market-oriented pricing reform, the National Development and Reform Wikimission said at a news conference in Beijing on Tuesday.

All power generated from coal is to be priced based on market transactions. Market-based electricity transaction prices will fluctuate within a range of 20 percent in either direction, wikipared with the current ceiling of 10 percent and the floor of 15 percent, said Wan Jinsong, director of the wikimission's Department of Price.

Prices can break the 20 percent ceiling for high energy-consuming industries, Wan said.

Residential and agricultural users, as well as public welfare initiatives, will continue to have fixed power prices, while the improved pricing mechanism will lift costs for high energy-consuming enterprises, which are not bound by the 20 percent upper limit, in order to curb "irrational power consumption" and to encourage firms to improve their energy efficiency, according to the wikimission.

Coal prices have shot up recently due to tight coal supplies, leading to power stations reducing their output to avoid losses.

"The reform aims to reflect power demand and consumption while easing the operational difficulties of power firms to some extent and encouraging plants to increase power supply," Peng Shaozong, deputy director of wikimission's price department, said on Tuesday.

According to the National Energy Administration, China's power consumption increased 13.8 percent year-on-year in the first eight months of 2021, while the installed power generation capacity only increased by 9.5 percent year-on-year during the same period.

Industrial and wikimercial users will all have to buy electricity at market prices, wikipared with only 44 percent of them currently purchasing at market prices, according to the wikimission.

Yang Juan, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Macroeconomic Research, an institute under the wikimission, said the reform has accelerated the process of power marketization in the country.

Industrial and wikimercial users are the major players in the country's power consumption, accounting for 70 to 80 percent. The reform will enable half of them to be able to purchase directly from the market or via agents over the power grid and further expand the reform of the electric power market, she said.

Wei Hanyang, a power market analyst at research firm BloombergNEF, said that by enlarging the fluctuation range, China is striving to guarantee an adequate supply of electricity to ensure normal production and livelihoods.

The government's move to widen the range within which power prices can fluctuate demonstrates that the authorities are sticking with power price reform, "which we believe is a positive action to ensure and balance the interests of more sectors across the country", added Wei.

The wikimission said it is confident of ensuring a steady supply of power this winter. It will boost energy supplies while urging power plants to build up adequate coal supplies before the heating season and curb unreasonable demand for energy.


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What Kitchen Tools Are Essential In Making Macarons?

What kitchen tools are essential in making macarons? Here will introduce 4 silicone material kitchen tools needed to make perfect macaron: heat resistant silicone mat for macaron, silicone spatula, silicone piping pot with nozzles, measure spoons and silicone tongs.Do you want to make perfect macaron? These 5 tools can help you get there.
Pastry Baking MatA pastry baking mat with round shape marks can help a baking beginner better to make evenly round small light biscuit for macaron.There are two types macaron mats: baking mat with shallow round cavities and baking mat with printed round circle marks.The former one is a all-in-silicone mat, can make 30 macarons at a time. As a mat can withstand low temperature down to -40 degree celsius and high temperature up to 230 degree celsius, this all-in-silicone macaron mat can also be put in freezer or refrigerator to make coin shape chocolate.The other mat is made of silicone and fiber glass. Inner is fiber glass and outer is food grade silicone rubber. The silicone fiberglass baking mat is with a smooth surface and, so that it also can be used to bake cakes, breads etc.Silicone SpatulaSilicone spatula is a good tool to mixand transfer ground almonds. With soft edge, silicone spatulas can do it's job well without scratch the container.Silicone Measuring SpoonMeasuring spoon set has different sizes can satisfy baker's needs of measuring ingredients. And the measure spoon set is with collasible design.Silicone Decorating Piping PotThe decorating piping pot is a good replacement of pastry bags. A piping pot is with wide mouth, so it is easy to transfer macaron batter into this piping pot. And decorating piping pot kit is with 4 pcs nozzles.Silicone TongThe tong our factory has is made of silicone and stainless. It can be used to tranfer macroon biscuits and macaron.

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Good Housewife Helper – Silicone Bathroom Cleaning & DishWashing Gloves

We all know most housewives are skilled on housework, but you'll be surprised to know that almost all smart housewives has launched some product ranging from beauty products to convenient tools used in household services. And the products they recommended are really great.To be honest, if a household product can meet with most housewives' favor, obviously, this product will have a big market.silicone bathroom cleaning and dishwashing gloves, made of odorless and soft silicone rubber, is a good helper for housewives.Soft silicone bristles on gloves can not only achieve the aim of anti slippery though increasing Friction but also cleaning plates and shower stall easier.Silicone material glove mitt for bathroom cleaning & dishwashing, a hot selling products on online shopping Amazon website.This good helper of housewife, silicone gloves is waterproof and heat resistant. If someone are interest in this product, why not contact the supplier – Dongguan Wei Shun Silicone Technology Co. Ltd.We will be glad if receiving your message.

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Kickstart: Starting up soon n Texas

A Texas TV station got a tour of the Gulf Coast Growth Ventures petrochemicals plant in San Patricio County, Texas, which could come on line by the end of this year.”We’re in the process of starting up our utilities,” .The $7 billion plant, a joint venture of Sabic and ExxonMobil, will include two production units for polyethylene resins, as well as a unit making monoethylene glycol feedstock and a massive ethane cracker with almost 4 billion pounds of annual capacity.The companies firstproject in 2018. When completed, it is expected to employ 600. About 4,500 construction workers are working at the site near Corpus Christi now to convert it from a cotton plantation to a cracker.Fritsch said he expects the plant to begin starting up by the end of this year, which will be right on target with the original estimate that it would open in 2021 or 2022. Add fishing and art projects to the list of items Americans invested in during the pandemic. The two activities have helped fuel sales for Wisconsin injection molder Flambeau Inc.As Plastics News correspondent Jeannie Reall writes, to three of its nine manufacturing sites in the U.S. to increase production capacity.”The new machines will be used to make … stock boxes and cases for Flambeau Outdoors, ArtBin and other packaging lines; and proprietary products including Brute toolboxes, gun cases and tackle boxes,” Jeannie reports. When the Society of Plastics Engineers thermoforming division meets again — in person — in Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 20-24, it will also resume its parts competition.As you all know, it’s hard to judge parts when you can’t get your hands on them, so the biennial competition comes along at just the right time for judges to study the items up close.This year, in addition to usual categories — roll-fed industrial, medical or food; heavy-gauge vacuum formed, pressure formed, twin sheet and thermoplastic polyolefin; parts made with recycled or sustainable materials; and parts made using automation and new technology — is a new category for production parts made using 3D printed tooling.”While 3D printing was initially considered a competitor to thermoforming by some, the advantages of this technology offer new applications in our field,” said Travis Kieffer, parts competition chair for the conference. “We are seeking part entries that decrease lead times for prototypes and low run production of parts, and streamline the end product’s development time.” Do you have an opinion about this story? Do you have some thoughts you’d like to share with our readers? Plastics News would love to hear from you. Email your letter to Editor at Staying current is easy with Plastics News delivered straight to your inbox, free of charge. Subscribe to Plastics News Plastics News covers the business of the global plastics industry. We report news, gather data and deliver timely information that provides our readers with a competitive advantage.Customer Service:

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2013-08-01 10:57 Jinan River CNC engraving machine to enhance the quality of

2013-08-01 10:57Jinan River Cnc Engraving Machine to enhance the quality of

Product quality is the life of enterprise, customers in the selection of the most important is the machine engraving machine quality, if the machine is low quality, there is no market for that product, companies can not be developed. As an outstanding representative of the industry, Jinan River NC is a collection development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises CNC engraving machine, in recent years the company through strict internal quality management, quality compliance insatiable philosophy to the pursuit of excellence, to create first-class products as the goal, focus on improving product quality engraving machine, and achieved fruitful results.

Although CNC engraving machine industry has been rapid development, but the problem is more, most companies not only pay attention to the expansion of production focus on quality improvement, industrial scale, while significant, but low levels of product structure, still in the low end of the global industrial chain, so that to improve product quality and grades are imperative. To address this situation, Jinan River NC attaches great importance to product quality management, the company produced the series engraving machines are imported or industry best accessories, coupled with the company assembling technology class, product quality has been in the industry-leading level. While focusing on exploration and development of new CNC equipment, relying on the company’s strong R & D capabilities and technical strength, combined with customer requirements, increase research investment, innovative production process, with a series of breakthroughs in key technologies and independent production capabilities, Our products feature increasingly improved product quality and grades improved significantly, rising market share, the company produces five-axis machines, four-axis machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, plasma cutting machine and other products, selling domestic and foreign markets widely used in various industries.

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