3M Fast Biological Reader (Features)

3M Fast Biological Reader (Features)

The 3M rapid biological reader has 3 corresponding indicators for each pot culture, red light (+), yellow light (.), green light (-), and put the monitoring tube and the control tube into the designated position of the reader, and put them in After the bacteria tube, the yellow light of the reader lights up, indicating that the reader starts to work. One hour later, the red indicator light of the control tube lights up, and an alarm sounds at the same time, indicating that the control tube contains St. thermophilus spores and the control is qualified. After 3 hours, the green light turns on, indicating that the monitoring tube has killed B. thermophilus spores and passed the sterilization. Two people observe at the same time, paste the labels of the control tube and the monitoring tube on the test record book, and indicate the time, pot times, and operator. The monitoring result is qualified and the positive control is positive.

(1) Before working on the biological reader, first check whether the connection parts of the power supply are tight to prevent the monitoring process from interrupting the power. If there is a power failure, the bacteria tube should be taken out, the machine should be restarted to preheat, and then press the biological reading Maker process operation.
(2) After the test package is sterilized by high-pressure steam, first check the outer sterilization label of the test package, which changes from yellow to black, indicating that the sterilization cycle has passed.
(3) The control tube and the monitoring tube are placed in the corresponding position of the reader to prevent placing errors.
(4) When the bio-reader is working, do not turn on the ultraviolet light to prevent ultraviolet rays from killing the B. thermophilus spores in the sterilization tube, inactivating the strains, and affecting the monitoring results.

1: Ensure medical safety: The fast biological reader can judge the results of biological monitoring after 3 hours to ensure that patients undergoing implant surgery in a timely manner, and at the same time complete the retrospective management of implant surgical instruments, avoiding the shortcomings of traditional biological monitoring. Rapid biological monitoring can obtain information on the sterilization effect of the sterilizer in time, which is a powerful guarantee for preventing hospital infections and provides 100% qualified sterile items for clinical departments.

2: Simplified working procedures: The self-contained rapid biological indicator is to put the spore sheet and a small glass ampoule containing the culture medium in a plastic tube. The top of the tube has a vent sealed with a filter paper sheet. After sterilization, the ampoule is crushed, and the culture medium is mixed with the bacterial tablets. Compared with the traditional method, it is easy to operate, does not require aseptic transplantation and aseptic configuration of culture medium, and can be operated by staff in the undergraduate room without interference from external factors such as time and temperature, and is not easy to be contaminated. Avoid false positive results.

3: Improve patient satisfaction: It can be seen from Table 1 that the results of the two biological monitoring methods are highly consistent with no significant difference, indicating that the fast biological reader can provide timely and accurate monitoring information on the quality of sterilized items to ensure implants Surgical patients undergo timely and safe operations, which improves patient satisfaction.

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