7 technical characteristics of woodworking engraving machine Upload to:10-13 2021

  In the current form, the technical functions of woodworking cnc router machines are becoming more and more powerful, making the application process of woodworking enterprises more and more time-saving and labor-saving. The following introduces the latest 7 technical features of woodworking cnc router machines, so that everyone can feel the convenience brought by technological progress. .

  One, display processing track and simulation diagram

  1. Intuitively display the processing process and observe the processing effect. The rationality of the processing effect can be inspected in advance, which can reduce the trial cutting process and reduce the bottom processing cost.

  2. The processing plan can be evaluated to assist you in choosing a reasonable processing technology.

  2. Breakpoint memory function

  When your equipment is suddenly powered off (or the knife is broken, or half of the material processed by the material is not finished, or some parts still need further processing), you can use this function to continue the engraving work.

  3. Optimized the arc command

  Engraving a circle is as fast as engraving a straight line, and the cut surface is very smooth. After using the arc command, the engraving curve is faster and smoother, the relief effect is better, and there is no pause in the engraving process.

  4. Compatible with all kinds of excellent carving software in the world

  Connect the world's best engraving software, such as MASTERCAMARTCAM, etc. It can also be compatible with domestic engraving software, such as Jingdiao JDP, Wentai, etc.

  5. You can directly edit the raw G code

  When the G code made by the user needs further modification, it can be directly read (opened in the notepad format of WINDWS), which facilitates your operation of the file.

  6. woodworking cnc router machine can be programmed by itself

  You can directly edit some concise programs to test the performance of the equipment, and you can also call in advanced users for special needs

  7. processing timing

  The program greatly facilitates your choice of purchasing a machine. You can compare a piece of the same processed part and then choose the product you are satisfied with. If you need to mass produce the product, you can budget your processing time and help you choose The most efficient processing mode.

  Introduced you the seven technical characteristics of the engraving machine, if you have product needs, you can directly consult our online customer service to choose the right machine for you.

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