Advantages For The Silicone Mask Holder Case

Advantages For The silicone Mask Holder Case 

Comprehensive protection: the portable mask clip is dust-proof and moisture-proof, which can effectively protect your face accessories without worrying about the pollution when eating or taking it off temporarily

Safety material: our colorful storage box is made of high-quality silicone material, soft and non-toxic, which can protect your face for a long time. The silicone storage box is tasteless and safe to use

Lightweight and portable: This lightweight and portable silicone holder features a slim and pocket design with a hanging hole at the top; put the silicone sleeve in your pocket or handbag and take it out of your pocket wherever you need it

Multifunctional silicone cover: the mask storage clip is a portable container, which can not only keep your mask, but also store jewelry, rings, necklaces, screws, nails, hardware accessories and other small items

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