Aluminum Die Casting New Opportunities: Multi-domain Applications Ready To Go

Die casting, refers to the molten alloy in the high-speed high-pressure state filled with mold cavity, the cooling solidification, fine processing to get a predetermined shape, size and performance of the casting process.As a kind of advanced non-ferrous alloy precision parts forming technology, casting casting casting is usually a precision, light, beautiful, energy saving, high efficiency, low consumption and many other advantages, to adapt to the modern manufacturing industry, precision, The requirements of green and green. Therefore, die casting are widely used in automotive, home appliances, electronics, machinery and many other industries.Casting castings used in different raw materials, die casting products can be divided into aluminum casting, magnesium alloy casting, zinc alloy casting, copper alloy casting and other categories. Aluminum alloy because of its light weight, wear resistance, high mechanical strength, heat transfer and electrical conductivity, and can withstand high temperatures, is widely used in home appliances, automobiles, electronic appliances, office equipment, machinery and other accessories.Industry barriers(1) size and financial barriersDie casting industry as a capital-intensive industries, large investment in fixed assets, long construction period, the initial construction payback period is longer, the need for higher investment costs. This requires companies to have a high financial strength, invested a lot of money for the construction of plant, purchase equipment. In the die casting industry in the fierce market competition, only have a strong cost control, technology research and development capabilities and scale advantages of enterprises to survive.(2) technical and quality barriersDie casting industry as a technology-intensive industries, casting products in the production process of mold, die casting equipment and technology, finishing and other multi-channel processes are very strict requirements, and downstream customers (such as cleaning appliances, car manufacturers) Material performance, shape, processing accuracy, weight and other requirements are also getting higher and higher, which requires die casting enterprises have a certain basic materials research capabilities, mature casting process, high mold development and manufacturing level, and can be timely for the product Differences in the casting process and mechanical processing technology to effectively improve.(3) market entry barriersTraditional die casting industry disorderly competition, good and bad, the market there are a large number of smaller die casting enterprises. In order to prevent enterprises from blind construction, to avoid the disorderly competition in the industry, and to curb the disorderly entry of small-scale enterprises into the industry, in May 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched the "Foundry industry access conditions", the document from the enterprise construction and layout , Production technology, production equipment, enterprise size, product quality, energy consumption, environmental protection, occupational health and safety and labor protection, personnel quality and other aspects of the foundry industry access conditions.
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