Aotian Donglian promotes the electrical two-way network transformation solution

According to relevant reports, the Office of the Coordination Group of the State Council’s Triple Play Coordination will determine the next phase of the pilot promotion plan in the second half of this year, and is expected to expand the scope of the pilot to the capital cities of 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) by the end of this year or early next year. The Beijing Triple Play Group has held a working meeting. For IPTV, which is of great concern to the public, the current plan made by the working group is to strive to start broadcasting around the National Day and develop 100,000 IPTV users by the end of the year.

AUTELAN has been paying attention to the progress of domestic triple play integration for a long time, and fully supports the pilot work of Beijing triple play. With EOC’s S²NoC radio and television two-way network transformation solution, it is in line with the digitalization and two-way transformation of cable TV networks. From the perspective of technology and equipment, it fully meets the needs of the current triple play.

AUTELAN’s fourth-generation carrier-grade S²NoC radio and television bidirectional network transformation scheme

AUTELAN is the fourth-generation carrier-level S²NoC radio and television network two-way transformation scheme based on the background of triple play, which greatly meets the carrier-level requirements for radio and television networks. One-stop management, diversified packages, security and controllability, efficient use of resources, and automated operation and maintenance are its five major characteristics.

In AUTELAN’s fourth-generation carrier-level S²NoC radio and television bidirectional network reconstruction scheme, an innovative three-level architecture concept has been adopted to upgrade the two-level architecture of the traditional reconstruction scheme. At present, EOC bidirectional network reconstruction solutions commonly used in the industry are only designed for bidirectional reconstruction from the underlying physical connectivity. AUTELAN believes that the underlying bidirectional connectivity is only the basis for future network applications. A truly complete radio and television two-way transformation plan should be to establish an open platform that can operate the entire network, be manageable and controllable, easy to operate, and easy to maintain.

A new generation of carrier-grade S2NoC radio and television two-way network transformation solutions that meet NGB requirements Introduced! In the future, the AUTELAN carrier-level S2NoC radio and television two-way network transformation plan will comprehensively boost the domestic three-network integration construction.

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