Application And Characteristics Of O-ring

O-ring, is a type of ring with a round cross-section. It usually made of rubber, and rubbers commonly used to make O-rings are the following: fluorine rubber, silicone, Ding Qing, EPDM, rubber.O-ring-As the name suggests, its cross-section is O-shaped.  O-rings are  mechanical design for sealing. O-rings are suitable for being installed on various mechanical equipment, and can play a role of sealing under static or moving conditions under the specified temperature, pressure, and different liquid and gas media.Actually it is a kind of products easy to make and to use. So the o-ring is cheap. And due to its low price and reliable quality, this type of products are widdely used in industry producing and people's daily life.In addition, manufacturers will select different kinds of rubber as raw material according to the use of the environment, conditions, costs and other factors.As a silicone products manufacturer–Wei Shun, some times will produce O-ring for our clients. And in recent years, silicone material o-ring orders become more and more.And according to responds of customers, silicone material o-ring has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, and atmospheric aging resistance, silicone rubber material o-ring is good seals or rubber parts used in the household appliance industry, such as rubber parts in electric kettles, irons, microwave ovens.

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