Battery box mold manufacturer

Battery box mold supplier and manufacturer, Sino mould, is experience in offering various specification battery box molds. We successfully supply battery box molds to Peru, South Africa, and Turkey and so on.

Mostly we make the battery box with below specifications:
NS40                Size: 196x130x165
NS60                Size: 235x130x220
NS70                Size: 268x173x225
NS100               Size: 340x173x230
NS150               Size: 506x260x233
NS200              Size: 235x130x220
We successfully made battery box molds with 2 cavities for Peru customer, the leading manufacturer locally. Every single cavity, it is with 7 tips hot runner for smooth injection. and in order for better cooling, you can use CuBe for the core inserts and cavity bottom.
Below is our last 2 cavity battery molds for Peru.
If you have any questions, pls feel free to contact us.

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