BitePRO Clothing Aims to Reduce Control and Restraint in Mental Health Care

BitePRO Clothing Aims to Reduce Control and Restraint in Mental Health Care
BitePRO Version 4 Bite Resistant Armguards worn by a nurse

According to protective clothing manufacturer, BitePRO, specifically designed protective clothing for health care professionals, as well as patients and service users, will help reduce the use of force within mental health care.

Well documented incidents related to the use of force, control, and restraint by those in a position of care have recently made global headlines. Including instances of excessive force within care, special needs, and mental health units.

BitePRO offers protective clothing to assist in reducing instances of restraint and force when undergoing manual handling of individuals exhibiting behaviours that challenge.

BitePRO also wishes to support the promotion of a human rights-based approach to the use of force, giving front line professionals tools to help them to work closely with patients and develop therapeutic environments which ensure that force is used as a last resort.

Following customer feedback, the potential of discreet protective clothing for staff as an essential step toward reaching this goal has been recognised and the demand for protective clothing in mental health care was established.

This demand was found after an international customer survey where the clothing manufacturer highlighted that 92% of participants found that their staff felt more confident de-escalating upon wearing the company’s protective garments.

Senior Product Consultant Rachel Riding says: “To allow staff to feel safer de-escalating, reducing the need for the use of force and restraint, they should be given access to personal protection as a matter of priority.”

She continues: “We hope that they will be able to confidently diffuse a situation where they, or the patient, are at risk of injury and trauma before reaching crisis point.”

BitePRO has already supplied a considerable amount of grab bags, containing the most popular garment models, to hospitals, special education, and mental health units globally.

For further information please contact BitePRO directly: [email protected]

BitePRO Clothing Aims to Reduce Control and Restraint in Mental Health Care
The IDAI Immunization Task Force Sets Priorities for Covid-19 Vaccine Emergency Use
  • The emergency use authorization is only granted for limited use during the pandemic, not as a product distribution approval
  • Data on quality, both non-clinical and clinical, as well as the public health risks are the main considerations

Emergency use authorization (EUA) for a Covid-19 vaccine is one of the government’s efforts to stop the Covid-19 transmission chain. By prioritizing the safety, efficacy and quality of a Covid-19 vaccine, EUA can accelerate the pandemic mitigation. The implementation of these strategic policies and breakthrough steps are also the focus of the Covid-19 Handling and National Economic Recovery Committee (KPCPEN) which is also supported by the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) Immunization Task Force.

Prof. Dr. dr. Cissy Rachiana Sudjana Prawira-Kartasasmita, Professor at the Padjajaran University School of Medicine, says, “Normally, new vaccine development takes a significant amount of time. However, the WHO has allowed efforts to accelerate Covid-19 vaccine development due to the urgent need under the pandemic.”

According to Prof. Prawira-Kartasasmita, who also serves as Chair of the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) Immunization Task Force, the government has made every effort to stop the Covid-19 transmission chain. However, there are still many in the public who do not comply with health protocols which results in a soaring transmission rate. That is why we need a breakthrough to reduce virus transmission namely by means of a vaccine.

EUA Is Only Granted During The Pandemic, Not A Product Distribution Approval

One effort to expedite Covid-19 mitigation that is allowed is granting the Emergency Use Permit or EUA, as “The EUA is granted by regulatory bodies of each country. In Indonesia, EUA is under the authority of the National Agency of Drug and Food Monitoring (Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan/Badan POM). For the record, EUA is only granted for limited use during the pandemic, not as a product distribution approval. Of course, EUA also adheres to safety, efficacy and quality aspects,” explained Prof. Prawira-Kartasasmita.

She adds that the EUA weighs the benefit-to-risk ratio. On the other hand, the EUA provision involves all data of quality, both non-clinical and clinical, as well as the public health risks posed by the disease. Clinical trial data is very much needed to ensure the vaccine safety, efficacy as well as quality.

“According to the WHO, EUA for a vaccine is granted if at least 50% of volunteers have been fully vaccinated. Their health is monitored continuously for three months after their last injection. This also applies to (imported vaccines),” said Prof. (Prawira-Kartasasmita).

Previously, the Interim Deputy I at Badan POM Togi Hutadjulu explained that an EUA would be granted based on the consideration that the benefits outweigh the risks. The process of evaluating the safety and efficacy of a vaccine candidate involves the National Committee Team for Drug Evaluation (Tim Komite Nasional Penilai Obat), consisting of pharmacologists, clinicians, and experts in various fields. Badan POM would only be able to grant an EUA if a vaccine has met the safety, efficacy and quality requirements based on the evaluation process.

BitePRO Clothing Aims to Reduce Control and Restraint in Mental Health Care

Geberit Group, the European market leader in sanitary products, announces that Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel supply system is approved for use in Hong Kong. The stainless steel, non-soldered alternative is widely used in Asia as a safer, more durable alternative and replacement to lead piping and remove the risks of mixed metal supply systems.

Although banned by most countries in the use of drinking water systems since 1980, the high cost of replacement, lack of access to water supply and lack of awareness over the risks of mixed-metal piping mean contamination remains a danger. 

Mixed metal supply systems, when lead piping is connected to two other different metallic materials at both ends, usually steel and copper, can result in galvanic corrosion and poisoning of the water supply. 

In 2015, a lead contamination scare that occurred in Kai Ching Estate in Kowloon, which was traced back to mixed metal soldering as well as the discovery of excessive lead in the water supply for Kwai Tsui Estate in Kwai Fong in 2018, can cause severe health problems.

Following the scare, water industry experts highlighted that plumbing material control and commissioning requirements for new plumbing installations remain a crucial component ensuring the safety of water supply systems in the territory. As a result, each component must undergo strict testing to provide clean and safe building water supply. 

Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel reduces water contamination risk

The Geberit Mapress Stainless Steel range of products relies on a groundbreaking attachment technology that replaces soldering with mechanical joints, thus removing the risk of water contamination through subpar soldering techniques and materials. 

Its surgical-grade stainless steel components have high corrosion resistance and are the ultimate choice over the now-banned unlined galvanised steel pipes. The fittings are quick to install using only simple pressing technology and are permanently leakproof.

“A lack of awareness over mixed metal systems is a constant risk. However, through greater education of the risks and innovations, we can help eradicate the issue and ensure clean and safe supplies of water,” said Mr Desmond Lau, Regional Head – Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan of Geberit North & South East Asia.

“Geberit’s extensive and dependable presence in European markets over many decades ensures that it is market-ready for Hong Kong. Removing dangerous components and the possibility of galvanic corrosion, Mapress Stainless Steel supply system is the ideal solution for building water supply systems, especially for users concerned about the possibility of lead contamination in the potable water supply for residences and workplaces,” Mr Lau added. 

In 2018, Geberit manufactured its billionth fitting, proving that it is a trusted and reliable water supply system provider in the industry. 

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