Excessive CT scan can cause cancer

For many patients, it is a common practice to diagnose the condition through CT scan. However, Australian researchers recently reminded patients that the radiation dose produced by CT scans far exceeds that of conventional X-ray examinations, and that excessive use can easily lead to cancer. Continue Reading

A good way of exercising makes fitness more suitable for yourself

A good way of exercising makes fitness more suitable for yourself

The way to lose weight is one of the core issues of sports. Weight loss method is the most basic method of repeated exercise method. The repeated practice method is to use training items (techniques) to maintain a healthy load under the conditions of repeated practice. For example, fitness or fitness operation, that is, under the condition of appropriate body load, through repeated “periodical” technical actions, exercise for a period of time to improve people’s endurance quality. Continue Reading

Body tester-body fat meter is very precious for everyone's scientific fitness guidance

Body tester-body fat meter is very precious for everyone’s scientific fitness guidance

To maintain or lose weight, energy balance should be achieved: the energy consumed by food every day is equal to or less than the energy consumed daily. To lose weight by sports, we must do it according to our own health and ability, choose appropriate exercise and consumption, and establish a personal sports file-“weight loss fitness plan”, so as to achieve the goal of health. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer takes you to observe the beauty of women from the perspective of men

Body composition analyzer takes you to observe the beauty of women from the perspective of men

Women’s ability to be self-pleasurable, most girls want to think that a man can feel his body is the best, so do you know what kind of body is the best in a man’s eyes?
Soft, charming curves.
In the ideal female, most men should be “soft without bones”, full-bodied, raised, etc. The bones must be wrapped in fat. The popular “slim beauty”, in their opinion, is a pathological manifestation. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer tells you not to drink too much coffee

Body composition analyzer tells you not to drink too much coffee

What we need to pay attention to is that drinking coffee can enhance the effect of weight loss. At that time, it did not mean that the more we drink coffee, the thinner we will become. This kind of drink is basically enough for us. Drinking more is not helpful, and for people in special physical conditions, it is not recommended to drink coffee for a long time to avoid adverse health effects. For example, pregnant women, children and other special populations, the body composition analyzer tells you that this is just a process of weight loss. An aid in Continue Reading

A reasonable and scientific operation about weight loss and fitness

Correct way:
1. Preparation: Separate arms, shoulder width or slightly wider than shoulder width. Stretch your legs together, your toes resting on the ground, and your body straight. Use waist and abdomen strength to control the torso in a straight line. Continue Reading

The body composition analyzer reveals that the root of weight loss is the problem of eating

Don’t envy other people’s good figure. Weight loss requires external conditions. For example, in cold places, people like to eat more. Exercise less. You can’t lose weight when you are surrounded by food. Continue Reading

The success of a girl’s weight loss can really be regarded as a reborn

When most people start to lose weight, they will give themselves such a goal. They set three months as a cycle and hope that they will lose weight successfully in three months. However, the editor of body composition analyzer has seen too many people. This situation is basically in the end, and it is rare that there are people who can stick to it. Continue Reading

Weight loss body composition analyzer body tester recommends that you control the amount of food

The daily intake of calories recommended by the World Health Organization is divided according to different proportions. Some are from food, and some are from fruit juice. They are rich in vitamin content, and our few fruits have unique fiber and other nutrients. The body composition analyzer recommends that you add fresh fruit juice to your breakfast, which is a good recommendation. Fresh fruit can better meet the body’s absorption needs. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer-body tester reminds you to eat healthy and lose weight after childbirth

Body composition analyzer-body tester reminds you to eat healthy and lose weight after childbirth

1. Eat three meals a day on time and in moderation. Don’t eat too much for dinner. Eat more high-fiber vegetables and fruits, such as spinach, pumpkin, apples, etc., and reduce the intake of animal protein, white rice, and sweets. Eat more rich Foods containing tryptophan, because tryptophan can temporarily inhibit brain nerve activity, causing sleepiness. Foods rich in tryptophan include bananas, sunflower seeds, sesame, tofu, soybeans, fish, meat, dairy foods, etc. . Continue Reading

Traditional body fat measuring instruments mostly rely on empirical values

Traditional body fat measuring instruments mostly rely on empirical values

The human body composition analyzer uses biotechnology to detect various components of the human body and analyze the health of the human body. It is suitable for places such as hospitals, beauty clubs, sports research centers and sports fitness, so that people can correctly assess their body condition. It has the functions of body composition analysis, muscle fat analysis, obesity analysis, and health assessment. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer body fat meter tells you simple ways to promote weight loss

Body composition analyzer body fat meter tells you simple ways to promote weight loss

Body composition analyzer body fat meter tells you simple ways to promote weight loss. If your goal is to lose weight and exercise more, forget about dieting and marathon exercises. Research shows that taking the following steps-not a huge leap-is the best way to achieve lasting results. (I lost 20 catties in 2 months, a new 8-week plan! Continue Reading

The significance of body composition testing allows customers to know their physical condition

Body composition analyzer, an epoch-making achievement in the health industry.

Through the body composition analyzer, you can find the track of improvement of your physical condition for your guests, so as to formulate weight loss plans and health preservation projects. This new type of health management equipment will automatically collect and analyze guests’ physical data, so that you can provide guests with suggestions and solutions. The supporting weight loss health consulting management system is your health consultant, which provides independent health analysis data for each tester. Users can also cooperate with professional diet and health consultant systems to provide guests with thoughtful services. So far, the common method for judging obesity is to calculate the physique index based on height and weight. Continue Reading

The development of the innovative body composition analyzer to the current level is a reward

Innovative body composition analyzer
Beginning in 1996: Janex conducted clinical trials using the isotope dilution method known as the gold standard for accuracy, and developed a most accurate body composition analysis formula using clinical data and the five factors put forward in SCI-level papers Continue Reading

Body Composition Analyzer-Body Tester-Body Fat Tester

Accurate measurement using AVR microcomputer controller, based on the new DXA method statistics, through multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (MFBIA) analysis of human body composition: body fat, weight, BMI (body mass index), non-fat mass, etc. The health index effectively indicates the physical health of the guests and provides a basis for scientific weight loss. Continue Reading

How to treat the data from the side of the body measuring instrument more reasonably

Whether it is a fitness veteran or a young white, they will encounter such equipment as a physical tester. The purpose of this device, as the name suggests, is to help us detect the basic condition of the body through technical means.
Most of the physical measuring instruments in gyms or sports venues touch the 4 electrodes by stepping and grasping, and release micro-currents to the body. According to the resistance of different tissues and components in the body, the bioelectrical impedance method is used to determine the difference in the human body. The content and distribution of the components. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer is to measure the content of different components such as human muscle and fat

Body composition analyzer The body composition analyzer measures the content of different components such as human muscle and fat. In the past, methods such as skin wrinkle thickness and arm circumference measurement, and underwater weighing were used. Currently, dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA), MRI/CT scans, and BIA methods have been widely used. Among them, DEXA is developed on the basis of X-ray measurement of bone density, which can directly measure the content of lean tissue, bone tissue and adipose tissue. However, this method has high cost, radiation exposure and other problems that limit its application. MRI/CT scanning method uses imaging technology to obtain tomographic images of the human body, which can clearly display different components such as muscle and fat, and then use software to calculate the ratio of muscle and fat. This method still has the disadvantages of high cost and time-consuming, and CT scans also have radiation exposure problems. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer is not an instrument for diagnosing specific diseases

Generally speaking, the determination of a person’s obesity is calculated based on height and weight, but to accurately determine the degree of obesity, the content of adipose tissue must be known. However, the determination of the amount of body fat is not an easy task. Body composition analyzer, it can measure the amount of body fat within one minute, and analyze the proportion of water, protein, fat, and inorganic matter in the body. With it, we can easily measure body fat and provide important information for a healthy life. Continue Reading

Precautions for using electric pneumatic tourniquet

1. Strictly grasp the contraindications. When patients with lower extremity arteriosclerosis, thromboangiitis, lymphangitis, purulent infection (necrosis) and other patients are not suitable for bleeding belts, patients with malignant tumors or local inflammations should not be driven when using tourniquets blood. Continue Reading

Do you know the body composition analyzer?

The human body composition analyzer is a result of the health industry era, and it has an important role in human body detection. It is mainly divided into the following aspects: Continue Reading

How the body tester operates determines the reliability of the body fat tester

As more and more people join the fitness army, the term “body fat percentage” has become popular. Body fat percentage refers to the proportion of body fat weight in the total body weight, also known as body fat percentage, which reflects the amount of body fat in the body. In the market, various body fat scales and body fat meters are selling well, and even related apps have been developed, all claiming that they can accurately measure the fat content of the human body. But are these instruments for detecting body fat accurate? Continue Reading

Is the body fat meter measuring fat in the end?

As more and more people join the fitness army, the term “body fat percentage” has become popular. Body fat percentage refers to the proportion of body fat weight in the total body weight, also known as body fat percentage, which reflects the amount of body fat in the body. In the market, various body fat scales and body fat meters are selling well, and even related apps have been developed, all claiming that they can accurately measure the fat content of the human body. But are these instruments for detecting body fat accurate? The life laboratory investigated this. Continue Reading

Different body fat meter manufacturers have different measurement results

“The data measured by the body fat meter and body fat scale are only a rough guide.” According to Yang Yong, an associate professor of the School of Electrical Engineering of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, some of the common body fat meters on the market hold two electrodes with both hands, and some use both feet. On both electrodes, the current forms a loop in the human body. However, the human body is a very complex object, and the conductivity of each part changes with the continuous change of water content and mineral content. Continue Reading

Body fat meter measurement method is different, the difference is obvious

At present, the more accurate body fat measurement method recognized worldwide is the “DEXA” (Dual X-ray Absorption Measurement Method) method. Different from the “BIA” measurement method, this method divides the body into a three-interval model to measure the content of body adipose tissue, non-fat tissue and bone. Continue Reading

5 common body fat meter rate detection methods

1. BMI formula method

Body fat rate=(1.20×BMI)+(0.23×age)-(10.8×sex)-5.4

When the gender is male, the gender value is 1, and when it is female, the gender value is 0. Knowing your weight and height, you can estimate the fat percentage. Continue Reading

The use and precautions of pneumatic tourniquet

1. Use tourniquet correctly
(1) The tourniquet should be carefully checked before the operation, such as whether the air bag leaks, whether the pump is easy to use, and whether the air pressure gauge is accurate.
(2) Choose the appropriate pneumatic tourniquet according to the patient’s age, limb circumference, and patient’s physique.
(3) The place where the tourniquet is placed should be correct, and the tourniquet should be tied to the more abundant part of the limb muscles to prevent nerve damage. The upper limbs should be placed in the upper 1/3 of the upper arm, and the lower limbs should be placed near the groin at the base of the thigh. Continue Reading

What is the pneumatic tourniquet used for? how to use

Used for hemostasis in surgical limb surgery. This equipment controls the air pressure of the tourniquet to compress the limbs and block the blood flow to achieve the purpose of hemostasis.
Our company Weihai Bohua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic tourniquets (automatic pneumatic tourniquets). The pneumatic tourniquet is used as follows:
1. Turn on the power and turn on the power switch.
2. Fix the pneumatic hemostatic cuff on the patient’s limb that needs to stop bleeding, insert one end of the configured trachea into the socket of the cuff, and insert the other end into the air outlet of the machine. Continue Reading

The body composition analyzer uses biotechnology to detect various components of the human body

The human body composition analyzer uses biotechnology to detect various components of the human body and analyze the health of the human body. It is suitable for places such as hospitals, beauty clubs, sports research centers and sports fitness, so that people can correctly assess their body condition. It has the functions of body composition analysis, muscle fat analysis, obesity analysis, and health assessment. Features of kt02 1. The principle of human biotechnology is adopted. Continue Reading

Body Composition Analyzer-Body Composition Analyzer

Based on the new DXA method statistics, it is an analytical instrument for measuring body composition: body fat, weight, BMI (body mass index), non-fat mass and other health indexes.
table of Contents
1 Body composition analyzer
2 Application areas
3 Test indicators
4 Test method
Body composition analyzeredit Continue Reading

Human body composition test analyzer applies multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance test principle

The 8-point touch electrode method is used to test the bio-impedance of various parts of the human body and detect various constituent elements of the human body.
Analyze human health status (including: weight, protein, fat, water, inorganic salt, waist-to-hip ratio, etc.).
It can provide scientific and effective data for weight control, weight loss, slimming, muscle training, nutritional balance and disease diagnosis.
This instrument has functions such as body composition analysis, muscle fat analysis, obesity analysis, and health assessment.
It is widely used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, fitness and slimming centers, sports and fitness clubs and other fields. Continue Reading

The measurement indicators of the body composition analyzer include those

How does the body composition analyzer measure the body composition? What is its principle?

The body composition analyzer is an instrument that can measure the body composition health index. It is composed of professional tester host, professional consulting management software, color printer A/B type machine, etc., and can be used in internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, intensive care, rehabilitation, sports medicine, and cosmetology. Continue Reading

3M Fast Biological Reader (Operation Process)

3M 290 fast biological reader:
1. Turn on the power and warm up the machine
2. After wearing the protective glasses, press to close the biological indicator cap
3. Squeeze the glass ampoule containing the culture medium in the crushing hole
4. Pinch the end of the biological indicator cap and tap the bottom of the vial on the table to make the medium moisten the spore sheet at the bottom of the vial
5. Close the automatic reader hole cover, wait for the green or red indicator light to show the result Continue Reading

Biological monitoring system of disinfection supply room

Disinfection supply room monitoring system:
1. Monitoring of pressure steam sterilizer
1. Process monitoring: each pot is monitored and recorded in detail (pot number, pressure, temperature, time, sterilized items, sterilization date and expiration date, sterilization operator’s signature, etc.).
2. Chemical monitoring: There are chemical indicators outside the sterilization package. The chemical indicators should be placed in the highly dangerous goods package, and placed in the most difficult part to sterilize. The packaging materials can be directly observed in the package, and only the chemical indicator card should be placed in the package. Within. Continue Reading

3M Fast Biological Reader (Features)

The 3M rapid biological reader has 3 corresponding indicators for each pot culture, red light (+), yellow light (.), green light (-), and put the monitoring tube and the control tube into the designated position of the reader, and put them in After the bacteria tube, the yellow light of the reader lights up, indicating that the reader starts to work. One hour later, the red indicator light of the control tube lights up, and an alarm sounds at the same time, indicating that the control tube contains St. thermophilus spores and the control is qualified. After 3 hours, the green light turns on, indicating that the monitoring tube has killed B. thermophilus spores and passed the sterilization. Two people observe at the same time, paste the labels of the control tube and the monitoring tube on the test record book, and indicate the time, pot times, and operator. The monitoring result is qualified and the positive control is positive. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer, an epoch-making achievement in the health industry

The body composition analyzer is considered an epoch-making achievement in the health industry. The weight loss health consulting management system is your health consultant, it provides independent health analysis data for each tester.
Basic introduction of body composition analyzer:
The main models and their characteristics:
The basic composition of the NauFit system 1. Introduction to the professional tester host 2. Main functions 3. Objects of use Continue Reading

The influence of inertia in human motion on joints is three times that of humans

American doctors may be able to recover from chronic diseases or exercise patients. In addition to treatment, they are more about telling you how to use healthy and scientific exercise to restore your physical condition. I think American doctors may not tell me to prepare a 50-year-old crutches as soon as possible. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer Yoga and jogging exercises are conducive to your body shape

Aerobic exercise is also known as aerobic metabolic exercise. It is a physical exercise training performed by the human body under the condition of sufficient oxygen supply. It has many benefits to the body. It effectively improves the body’s intake of oxygen and can be better at the same time. It consumes more calories in the body. Aerobic exercise is mainly to achieve the effect of rapid weight loss. Fat-reducing exercises are mainly centered on aerobic exercise with suitable exercise methods for you to achieve good weight loss results. Continue Reading

In terms of obesity genes, it is easy to rebound after losing weight

In terms of obesity genes, it is easy to rebound after weight loss, but the results of weight loss are proportional. Only by continuous hard exercise can you really lose weight! Only with the right medicine can it be possible to achieve a good weight loss effect. Don’t lose weight blindly. movement! Only exercise can really lose weight! Don’t give up exercise! Exercise consumes fat, and people consume more calories every day. Make sure to do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, including jogging, brisk walking, dancing, aerobic exercise, mountain climbing, etc., but you must exercise continuously. The exercise intensity reaches the body heat after exercise, the face is ruddy, and the slight breathing can be accelerated. There is no specific time, morning, afternoon, or evening. There is no requirement for the “best moment”. Time can be persevering is the best. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer: The growth of human muscles mainly lies in two aspects

The growth of human muscles is mainly affected by two aspects. The first is exercise, and the second is diet. People who do not exercise often have a very low probability of having muscles. Moreover, if the body fat content is high, the weight loss is also It will be even more impractical, unless drugs are used to stimulate the body. Similarly, people who exercise regularly, if they do not supplement the necessary protein, it is very difficult for the body to build muscles, whether it is for exercise or weight loss. Body composition analyzer should pay attention to the rationality of exercise and diet, so as to better let you have a good body. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer: running will not make your legs thicker

Body composition analyzer: Running will not make your legs thicker, but some bad running postures may cause the calf to develop excessively. Running must be progressive, starting to run twice a week and jogging every 30 minutes. Slowly increase the time for a week, listen to the signals of the body, rest when tired, stretch your legs uncomfortably, and warm up.
What are the negative effects of cryo-film to reduce fertility on the body? Continue Reading

Master your own health code to protect the health of yourself and your family

1. Body fat rate: When the body fat rate standard is balanced, it can provide energy for the body to keep warm; but when the body fat rate exceeds the standard and unbalanced, it will cause obesity, and if the body fat rate is too low, it may be malnourished and cause poor physical fitness. In particular, the lack of breast milk nutrition for postpartum mothers directly leads to insufficient nutrition of the baby, which is very harmful to the healthy growth of the baby. A low body fat rate may also cause hair loss, gallstones, uterine prolapse, anemia, memory loss, gastroptosis, hematuria, osteoporosis, and memory loss. Women are more likely to cause irregular menstruation, or even early or early amenorrhea. Menopause, and eventually life-threatening Continue Reading

The body composition analyzer really understands the various indexes of the body:

Many people will have the same confusion, inadvertently wondering whether there is a problem with their own body or whether they have a physique that is prone to obesity.

Body composition analyzers want to know the real reason and must know the various indexes of the body: weight, body water content, body fat, lean body weight, skeletal muscle, BMI, body fat percentage, waist-to-hip fat ratio, segmental muscle balance , Visceral fat, basal metabolism… What the hell are everything except weight? Continue Reading

Body Composition Analyzer-Body Tester-Body Fat Tester

Accurate measurement using AVR microcomputer controller, based on the new DXA method statistics, through multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (MFBIA) analysis of human body composition: body fat, weight, BMI (body mass index), non-fat mass, etc.

The health index effectively indicates the physical health of the guests and provides a basis for scientific weight loss. One is considered to be an epoch-making achievement of the health industry. It is a health consultant, which provides independent health analysis data for each tester. Thereby formulating a new weight loss treatment and diet exercise plan. Applicable to major fitness centers, beauty centers, physical examination centers, high-end clubs, and weight loss programs. Accurately grasp the effect of slimming and provide scientific basis for formulating slimming treatment. Reasonably reduce and control weight, so as to maintain a good amount of physical fitness. Distinguish between muscular overweight and obesity, and seek the best way to control weight. Guide the ratio of energy intake and nutrient intake in the diet. Guide the adoption of nutritional recovery measures to promote maximum muscle synthesis. Evaluate the effects of treatment rehabilitation, and guide scientific slimming, scientific training, scientific health and scientific nutrition. Understand and test the physical and health status of the missing parts, and develop a practical and reliable exercise plan. Understand the influence of environment, nutrition and other factors on body composition.

Understand the differences in the composition of different types of groups. As an important preventive measure to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular, certain and other chronic diseases. Test method: Multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (MFBIA). Test sites: multiple electrical impedance measurements were performed on the left upper limb, right upper limb, trunk, left lower limb, and right lower limb. Test frequency: pass 3 different frequencies (20KHZ, 50KHZ, 100KHZ). Electrode method: 8-point contact electrode. Body composition calculation method: does not use empirical value estimation. Output value (25) items: body water content (TBM), protein, inorganic salt, bone mass, body weight, standard body weight, lean body weight, skeletal muscle (SMM), BMI, body fat percentage (PBF), waist and arm fat Ratio, water ratio, obesity diagnosis, nutritional assessment, weight assessment, obesity assessment, target weight, weight control, fat control, muscle control, health assessment, basal metabolism, bioelectrical impedance, height.

Power supply: input power AC100-240V, 50/60HZ, display screen: 320□240 STN LCD touch screen, operating language: English and multilingual selection, data storage: 50000×10 and unlimited expansion with SD card available, external storage: SD card transfer Small amount of storage on computer, external interface: RJ-45, USB2, printer interface: USB, IC card management: standard IC card management, printer: A4 color paper inkjet printer (model specified by the manufacturer), built-in thermal microprinter, operating environment: Temperature 10-40℃ (50-104℉), humidity 30-80%RH, 500-600hpa, storage environment: temperature 0-40℃ (32-104℉), humidity: 30-80%RH, 500-600hpa, Measuring weight range: 10-200Kg Measuring age range: 10-99 years old Measuring height range: 90-200cm, external extension item: Ultrasonic automatic height measuring instrument (optional)

Body Composition Analyzer wants you to know that all opinions are supported by sufficient evidence

Audience Mr. Zhang said that he is in his forties and he is under pressure recently at work. He often suffers from weakness in waist and knees, weakness in limbs, dizziness, tinnitus, hair loss, insomnia and other symptoms. He would like to ask what happened? What kind of diet should be used? Continue Reading

People who are born easy to get fat should develop healthy eating habits

People who are born to get fat can defeat the genetic curse as long as they develop healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. If there are three gene mutations, the risk of morbid obesity is more than 5 times. However, children with obesity genes develop healthy eating and regular exercise habits under the intention of their parents, and the result is thin and healthy. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer sets sail for your healthy body

● Determination: To do anything, including losing weight, the most difficult thing is to make up your mind at the beginning. However, determination is the first key to opening the door to success. Therefore, if you want to lose weight successfully, you must not only make determination, but also Let the relatives and friends around you know your weight loss determination so that you can urge you to lose weight at any time. Continue Reading

Some methods for diet analysis by body composition analyzer

I believe that any woman wants to have a bikini figure, but it’s impossible to just think about it. Everything needs to be done. If you want to build a bikini figure, you need to lose weight. And a healthy weight loss plan includes a balanced diet plan, fiber and lean protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates to nourish your body. In addition, you also need to perform daily exercises to help you lose weight and provide continuous energy. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer recommended for teenagers to lose weight

The body composition analyzer recommends that in the process of weight loss for teenagers, proper daily exercise is good for the body, and the daily body consumption is also relatively average. Then, our body consumes, and we need to have energy supplements. The body composition analyzer recommends that you give your children Drink a glass of fresh nutritious juice every day, the effect of weight loss will be very good! Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer reminds: fitness and health are both right!

Body composition analyzer reminds: a healthy diet is the most important thing, fitness and health are both right!

1 egg (65g), 80 calories (1 piece)
1 preserved egg (60g), 87 calories (1 piece)
Milk Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer: walking at night is a good habit to lose weight

Preparation is a prerequisite for success and a prerequisite for weight loss. At any time, there is a cup of yogurt or an apple in the bag. In fact, as long as you study carefully, many snacks have low-calorie types for you to choose. But this is not the general health of choosing snacks, but the calculation of its calories. Snacks are the best 150 calories. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer: Obese people have a very high prevalence of gallstones

Obese people have a very high prevalence of gallstones. With the increase of age, the probability of the disease increases rapidly. The increase in cholesterol content in the liver and other parts of the body has a huge relationship. When our normal cholesterol ratio tends to be long-term In a stable state, the body can effectively regulate daily energy consumption without causing any impact. However, if the proportion of cholesterol increases and the crystals precipitate, gallstones are easily formed, which has a very strong stimulating effect on the gallbladder mucosa of the body. Causes inflammation in the body. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer; are there any side effects to the body when taking weight-loss pills?

Many people think of a lot of methods in order to make the body lose weight quickly. Among them, they also use drugs to lose weight. The body composition analyzer wants to tell you that the drug weight loss method is very harmful to the body. Everyone is suitable for everyone. Many people, especially women, will basically enter the misunderstanding of losing weight when entering this industry. They are often affected by some advertisements, such as how good the effect of eating weight loss pills are, which leads to some People choose to use this way to lose weight.

In this way, some people may ignore that although long-term use of weight loss drugs can lose weight, the side effects of the drugs are very large, not only will cause the development of our body parts to be uneven, but also for the body to detoxify, sweat, and achieve a balanced body The basic metabolic rate is harmful. It is especially recommended that people who go to work every day have less physical activity every day, and the body itself cannot achieve high calorie consumption. In this case, taking weight loss drugs is even more undesirable.

This kind of situation is hugely discussed in today’s society. The side effects of weight-loss drugs have always been the focus of everyone’s discussion. In this regard, the old saying is still very useful, such as the three-point poison of the drug, regardless of whether the effect is significant for the body to lose weight. , But the harm must be there. Normal body adjustment is accomplished through our reasonable diet, regular work and rest, and sufficient exercise. Only in this way can your body get rid of the sickness and truly achieve the goal of weight loss.

Experts in body composition analyzers said that the solution to rebound

Losing weight is short-lived, life is long, weight loss should be built on the basis of life. Losing weight without a normal life will not be healthy and long-lasting.

The core of successful weight loss is to establish a healthy lifestyle. Everything we do to lose weight is essentially to change our lifestyle. The lifestyle has changed, and the fleshy flesh that shouldn’t have appeared on the body will naturally leave us. Continue Reading

The body composition analyzer reminds that the effect of weight loss should not only look at the short-term

The manifestation of weight loss should not only look at the short-term, but also the long-term; not only look at the weight, but also look at the circumference.

The normal weight loss rate is 1-2 catties a week, and it is good to maintain 4-8 catties a month. The average weight loss rate is 6-8 kg/month, and those with a large weight base can reach 10-15 kg/month, and can continue for about 3 months, and generally can lose 20-30 kg. This is the truly healthy rate of weight loss. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer tells you what is overweight disease

Body composition analyzer tells you what is overweight disease


Recently, many people will encounter obesity problems. If our body is too obese, we cannot suffer from certain diseases. What does the body composition analyzer tell you about the disease of overweight?

In recent years, as people’s material life has become better and better, many people are obsessed with obesity. But most people may not know that obesity can bring some diseases. Body composition analyzer here introduces the harm that excessive obesity may bring to you. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer perfect weight loss control one’s own fat

The body composition analyzer proposes some scientific methods to lose weight:

The body composition analyzer proposes some scientific methods to lose weight:
1. Eat 5-7 meals a day
Eat 5-7 meals a day instead of 3 large meals. As long as the total calorie intake is controlled, this is the best diet for calorie intake to lose weight. Eating more meals is a great way to control blood sugar levels and reduce hunger, which naturally plays a role in reducing calorie intake! Continue Reading

The human body composition detector says that if you do the above six, you will have a healthy and perfect body

1. Understand daily calorie needs
Most people do not understand their calorie needs. But if you don’t know what calories you need, how do you plan your own way of losing weight?
2. Drink plenty of water
Drinking water regularly can help you speed up your metabolism, and it can also help you increase your feeling of fullness, which is the key to healthy and fast weight loss. And for the beauties who want to lose weight, it’s best to make sure to drink 12-16 glasses of water every day Continue Reading

Ziguang: Don’t even think about opening a 6nm chip without $200 million

2019 is the first year of 5G commercial use, and major mobile phone brands are rushing to launch 5G mobile phones. However, 5G is currently a feature only available on flagship phones. Therefore, when will 5G mobile phones be affordable to everyone has become a hot topic for many times.

From the perspective of 5G processors, perhaps when the second-generation 5G SoC Tiger T7520 released by UNISOC will be commercialized on a large scale, we will also usher in the large-scale popularization of 5G mobile phones.


Ziguang: Don’t even think about opening a 6nm chip without $200 million

How about a 5G SoC built over $200 million?

On Wednesday, Ziguang Zhanrui released the second-generation 5G smartphone platform Tiger Ben T7520, which is the world’s first chip using the 6nm EUV process. Advanced craftsmanship also means expensive. Chu Qing, CEO of Ziguang Zhanrui, said at the press conference: “If you don’t have 200 million US dollars, don’t even think about opening a 6nm chip.”

The cost of tape-out alone exceeds 200 million US dollars, and the overall cost of 5G SoC exceeds 200 million US dollars – Tiger Ben T7520, the CPU uses 4 Arm Cortex-A76 cores, 4 Arm Cortex-A55 cores, and the GPU uses Arm Mali-G57 cores.


Ziguang: Don’t even think about opening a 6nm chip without $200 million

In terms of 5G performance, based on UNISOC’s new-generation 5G technology platform Makalu, the Tiger Ben T7520 supports 5G NR TDD+FDD carrier aggregation, as well as uplink and downlink decoupling technology, which can improve the coverage by more than 100%. At the same time, it supports Sub-6GHz frequency band and NSA/SA dual-module network, and supports 2G to 5G seven-mode full Netcom. In SA mode, the downlink peak rate exceeds 3.25Gbps. It also supports dual SIM dual 5G and EPS Fall back, VoNR HD voice and video calls.

AI performance, the Tiger Ben T7520 integrates a new generation of NPU, which achieves excellent power consumption control compared to the previous generation, and the energy efficiency (TOPS/W) is improved by more than 50% compared with the previous generation.

In terms of multimedia processing performance, the Tiger Ben T7520 is equipped with the sixth-generation image engine Vivimagic solution and the second-generation FDR (Full Dynamic Range) technology independently developed by UNISOC, a dedicated AI acceleration processor, and a newly upgraded quad-core ISP architecture. Supports ultra-high resolution up to 100 million pixels and multi-camera processing capabilities.

In addition, the Tiger Ben T7520 adopts a new generation of multi-core Display architecture, supports a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, full-channel, full-format HDR standard rendering capabilities, and multi-screen display can support up to 4K HDR 10+, which can greatly improve users in high frame rate competitions. Experience in visually immersive scenes such as games, 5G ultra-high-definition video viewing, and AR/VR.

In terms of security, the Tiger Ben T7520 adopts the second-generation integrated security solution of Zhanrui, which integrates the financial-grade iSE security unit into the SOC. Compared with the external SE, it is more difficult to attack and locate and has higher security.

Among the six features, we focus on technology, 5G performance and AI.

The world’s first 6nm EUV chip will be mass-produced this year

6nm is unfamiliar to most people, because the most advanced semiconductor processes currently in commercial use are 7nm and 7nm EUV, and many processors will switch to the 5nm node this year. During TSMC’s China Technology Forum last year, TSMC’s global president Wei Zhejia revealed that after 7nm+, TSMC’s first launch was not 6nm but 5nm.


Ziguang: Don’t even think about opening a 6nm chip without $200 million

Wei Zhejia explained that the reason why 6nm (N6) chose to launch after 7nm+ and 5nm is to use the experience of 7nm+ and 5nm, so that 6nm has better logic density than 7nm+, and is compatible with 7nm IP, using the 7nm+ process. IP can continue to use the 6nm process, reducing process complexity and reducing costs.

Lei also learned that in TSMC’s planning, 7nm will be a transition node, and 6nm is a major node, which is expected to play an important role for a long time.

In other words, UNISOC’s second-generation 5G SoC chose a future mainstream node, which is a reasonable choice to reduce risks.


Ziguang: Don’t even think about opening a 6nm chip without $200 million

Chu Qing, CEO of Ziguang Zhanrui

Chu Qing explained that EUV is a revolutionary improvement for lithography machines. It has brought Moore’s Law back to life. The industry’s first process node using EUV is 7 nanometers. We did not choose 7 nanometers, but 6 nanometers. This is because 6 nanometers has reached a more mature new node for the use of EUV, and its technical advantages are very sufficient.

Use numbers to reflect this quantitative advantage. Compared with the previous 7nm, the density of 6nm EUV transistors has increased by 18%, which will enable the integration of more transistors per unit area of ​​the chip, reduce chip power consumption by 8%, and provide longer battery life. time.


Ziguang: Don’t even think about opening a 6nm chip without $200 million

In the long run, Ziguang Zhanrui can reduce costs. TSMC has said that 6nm will play an important role for a long time. Chu Qing also said that the cost of tape-out 6nm chips is at least $200 million. Combining the statements of the two parties, it can be understood that although the cost of UNISOC’s first 6nm EUV is as high as 200 million US dollars, the IP using this process can still be reused for a long time in the future, and it can save a lot in the future. Development costs. From the perspective of UNISOC’s overall 5G strategy, it is undoubtedly a choice to reduce risks and increase returns.

It is reported that the Tiger Ben T7520 will be mass-produced within this year.

5G coverage is doubled, and power consumption is reduced by 35%

What 6nm EUV can bring is an improvement in the performance and power consumption of the entire SoC. Specifically, in 5G, what improvements does the new generation of platforms bring? In an interview with (public account: and other media, Zhou Chen, executive vice president of Ziguang Zhanrui, made it clear that the 5G modem integrated in the Tiger Ben T7520 is not the Ivy V510, but is based on a new generation of Makalu platform. But he did not disclose the specific name of the new generation of 5G baseband.


Ziguang: Don’t even think about opening a 6nm chip without $200 million

Zhou Chen, Executive Vice President of UNISOC

However, the 5G capabilities of the new generation platform are obviously more powerful and more practical. One of the highlights is that the integrated full-scene coverage enhancement 5G modem of the Tiger Ben T7520 supports 5G NR TDD+FDD carrier aggregation, as well as uplink and downlink decoupling technology, which can improve the coverage by more than 100%.


Ziguang: Don’t even think about opening a 6nm chip without $200 million

What is the significance of carrier aggregation? Chu Qing explained that for mobile scenarios, such as cars on high-speed kilometers or high-speed trains, FDD is very advantageous. If it is in the scenario of high-density communication, TDD can show unparalleled advantages in spectrum utilization.

One of the features of the latest generation baseband Snapdragon X60 released by Qualcomm last week is support for TDD and FDD carrier aggregation.

In addition, Ziguang Zhanrui has a particularly important innovation. Chu Qing said: “Uplink enhancement technology is also a particularly important innovation of the Huben T7520. We have enhanced the uplink transmit power, including some new frame technologies to enhance it. After the enhancement, the uplink and downlink signal quality is as good, even if the Small wireless devices powered by lithium batteries are also comparable to base stations powered by fair electricity.”

This technology can increase the upload rate by 60% for the near point of the community, and solve the pain point of enhanced VR, 4K/8K ultra-high-definition video live broadcast and other services that require larger uplink bandwidth.

Zhou Chen also introduced, “When using 5G, it may appear in a certain position that we see that the signal displayed on the mobile phone is good, but it just doesn’t feel smooth. This is because the transmission power of the mobile phone and the base station power are inconsistent in the high frequency band. As a result, some points can receive the signal of the base station, but the data cannot be sent to the base station. Our full-scene coverage enhancement technology allows users to clearly feel that based on our full-scene coverage enhancement technology, the experience of data transmission signals can be improved. To achieve a 100% increase in the coverage of the up and down, to achieve a balance between the up and down.”

However, if power consumption increases with performance, it will be unacceptable to consumers. However, the data given by Ziguang Zhanrui shows that compared with the previous generation of the Tiger Ben T7510, the overall power consumption of the Tiger Ben T7520 is reduced by 35% in the 5G data scenario, and the power consumption in the 5G standby scenario is reduced by 15%.

The reduction in power consumption mainly comes from technical improvements in three aspects. Zhou Chen said in an interview: “First of all, thanks to the most advanced 6nm EUV process we have adopted, this has brought at least 8% power consumption reduction. Second, multi-mode integration has made 5G and previous generations of communication technologies all done. Well integrated, this fusion is further improved on the basis of the previous generation Makalu platform, and the upgraded fusion architecture can reflect the best performance, stability and power consumption. Also, we have a lot of detailed allocation technologies To match different scenarios, and using AI technology, the 5G baseband is also intelligently allocated to achieve the effect of reducing power consumption.”

Chu Qing added, “Reducing power consumption first requires more efficient hardware, but ultimately the user experience largely depends on software. Software needs to make accurate judgments and allocate different resources according to different scenarios. We use AI technology to The scene makes intelligent judgments, and I hope that the battery life of 5G mobile phones can be the same as or even longer than that of 4G.”


Ziguang: Don’t even think about opening a 6nm chip without $200 million

NPU performance can reach more than 8TOPS

When Ziguang Zhanrui released the Tiger Ben T710 application processor in August last year, its AI benchmarking score topped the AI ​​Benchmark running score of ETH Zurich. The newly released Tiger Ben T7520 integrates a new generation of NPU. Compared with the previous generation platform, the computing power has been greatly improved, and at the same time, the innovative architecture design has achieved better power consumption. The official statement is that the energy efficiency has increased by more than 50% compared with the previous generation.


Zhou Chen revealed that the performance provided by the Tiger Ben T7520 NPU is at least double that of 4TOPS.

Why do you need such AI computing power? Judging from the current situation, 5G will bring various real-time high-definition videos with higher resolution, and AR and VR are also expected to explode with the popularity of 5G. Zhou Chen said: “From a technical point of view, to achieve real-time high-definition video segmentation or other processing, at least 4TOPS is required, and AI applications will be superimposed, which requires higher AI computing power. We define Huben The T7520 was based on the needs of the next two or three years, so we provided such AI performance.”

Lei, I also previously reported that the AI ​​IP launched by Arm last year provides 1-4TOP/s computing power.

Like 5G baseband, how to achieve higher AI performance while controlling high power consumption is also a big challenge. In this regard, Zhou Chen said: “We have done an overall analysis of the models used in the main scenarios of mobile phones and found that the most demanding performance requirements are real-time certain image vision algorithms. When these algorithms continue to work, It will generate a lot of energy and heat, which will have an impact on performance. We have done more hardware-level work for this type of scene during design, and used dedicated hardware circuits to ensure that scenes with particularly high performance requirements have Higher efficiency, and finally a relatively better energy efficiency ratio.”

UNISOC will promote the popularization of 5G mobile phones

It can be seen that the latest generation of UNISOC 5G SoC, although the CPU, GPU and baseband are not the top in the industry, still shows good competitiveness. Of course, this is related to the positioning and goals of UNISOC, Chu Qing said, “The 5G technology of UNISOC is the same as that of first-tier manufacturers, but our goal of entering the market is different, and some manufacturers are leading the way by holding high the technology banner , Ziguang Zhanrui is to serve the largest number of users, which is our positioning.”

Tsinghua Unigroup is currently promoting the popularization of 5G with its first-generation 5G solution, the Huben T7510 (Ivy V510 + Huben T710 application processor). This solution has been carried on the Hisense 5G mobile phone F50, which will also be launched soon.

In addition, China Unicom’s own brand 5G CPE VN007 using Ivy V510 has also been launched. This CPU can support 4G/5G wireless and wired Internet access at the same time. It has a built-in 5G full-band antenna and supports 5G mainstream frequency bands such as n78/n41/n79. The whole network coverage is basically achieved, the download rate can reach 2.3Gbps, the ring layout design, 360-degree signal coverage, and the price is only 999 yuan.

In addition, the terminal forms developed by OEMs and solution providers based on Ivy 510 include modules, MiFi, set-top boxes, AR, VR, IP cameras, industrial gateways, live broadcasters, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), Drones etc. In 2020, dozens of 5G terminals equipped with Ivy V510 will be commercialized.

As for the official commercial time of the Huben T7520, Chu Qing said: “The Huben T7520 is developing a market strategy. In addition, we need to listen to customers’ opinions when it is appropriate to announce it.”

Then, when the first 6nm EUV 5G SoCial is mass-produced, the Tiger Ben T7520 with better performance and experience is applied on a large scale, and the entire 5G industry chain is more mature, we will usher in the large-scale popularization of 5G mobile phones.

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What is polymer?

Polymer is one out of the most utilized materials within the producing of toys, mould, as well as different consumer products . It’s very name, ‘Plastic’, through the Greek ‘plastos’ describes ‘molded’. It’s clear that the polymer plastic’s real importance lies within the ways where it’s utilized as well as casted. Polymer is very malleable, as well as allows or it to be pressed, extruded, cast, or casted directly into several various styles as well as forms.

Polymers are utilized with a wide range of products, through every day office products including pens, clips, as well as printers, to high-end utilizes including PC’s, VCD, as well as space shuttles. Prior to plastic’s wide adoption across several various industries, alternative materials including wood, stone, glass, ceramic, as well as leather were the regular products utilized. Now, to find products created of leather as well as stone signifies a particular good quality as well as ‘rareness’ simply because most of our ‘stuff’ is polymer. Polymer has displaces most of these traditional materials as well as is now the dominant polymer in most of producing.

The drawbacks to utilizing polymer stem through its chemical makeup. The compounds comprising polymer limit its ability to withstand heat as well as makes it vulnerable to hard impacts as well as mass. Polymers are limited in the way in which dense as well as hard they can be created to be which causes several of these weaknesses. Additionally, polymers are not extremely conductive of electricity, as well as so they’re limited in make use of around electronic parts. Additionally, the price of polymer molding as well as work limits its make use of being a creating polymer (aside through PVC) in building protrudes simply because it’s even now to costly while compared to doing work with concrete as well as lumber.

Polyvinyl Choloride is an very useful polymer. Commonly referred to as PVC, it’s utilized heavily in plumbing but also has several practical utilizes including framing out big styles as well as several alternative utilizes where tubing is concerned. It alternative forms, PVC can be utilized in rain gear, packing of food items , shrink wrap, home siding, computer enclosures, as well as several alternative locations where most people don’t expect.

Polymer has truly revolutionized the way in which the world operates. We now can have several mould as well as utensils simply because they can be created as well as produced very cheaply with polymer. In case polymer were not around, several of our regular household items would need to be created out of more costly materials, thus limiting the ability for most people to acquire them. Polymer is cheap, very malleable, as well as very stable, as well as thus has several various utilizes which people most above the world have researched as well as continue to research to push the prospects of polymer.


September 10, 2012 plastic mold

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2013-06-14 10:09 Jinan River CNC to promote high-end CNC engraving machine

2013-06-14 10:09Jinan River CNC to promote high-end Cnc Engraving Machine

In recent years, the rapid development of the furniture industry as well as production and processing company product updates, such as wood flooring, handicrafts and other manufacturers of woodworking equipment and updating, both for the woodworking machinery to create a vast market demand, and timber products on the market, woodworking engraving machine occupy most of the market, it can be said engraving machine’s role in modern society and widespread use have been understood, the next step in the woodworking machinery industry has a great future in the context of the application of wood engraving machine is bound to be constantly expanding the application level will gradually increase, woodworking machines naturally broader development prospects.
However, we must clearly see that the current market for wood engraving machine occupy mostly batch processing, does not require too much detail ordinary type or medium-sized products, and wood products in the high-end market occupies a share is very limited, especially mahogany valuable timber furniture, exquisite handicrafts manufacturing is still mainly rely on manual processing. Although the manual operation can always improve problem is more humane, but as consumer demand for high-end products continue to increase, obviously can not rely on hand-made to meet the needs of the market and consumers, because a limited number of artisans, craftsmen cultivate more is needed For decades, which appeared in the high-end wood products supply situation, so he gave the producers want to give up woodworking engraving machine, making the development of more high-end intelligent, computer software operation more simple, but the functionality is constantly increasing subdivision . CNC woodworking machine intelligence based on naturally produce more realistic artificial carving products, then just a little manual polishing can be regarded as high-end products into the high-end market to fill the gap in the market.
Jinan River Trade Co., Ltd. It is seen that, over the years the company relying on its strong R & D capabilities, and increased high-end product development woodworking engraving machine, urged the high-end products to achieve intelligent, with a modern and advanced equipment and professional technical strength, has formed an annual output of more than a thousand high-end CNC equipment, high-tech production base, the company produced "GANGER" and "triple" series engraving machine for its first-class quality and quality and efficient after-sales service, won the majority of new old customers.

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How to improve the competitiveness of chip testing through independent ATE equipment?

Regarding the strength of my country’s semiconductors, it can be seen from a set of data. The total amount of chips imported by China has exceeded 200 billion US dollars for six consecutive years, and the annual import value of Chinese chips from 2018 to 2020 is about 300 billion US dollars. In 2020, China’s chip demand is about 350 billion US dollars, while China produces 56 billion US dollars, and the proportion of self-production is 16%. With the development of the import substitution situation, the slope of the snowball is high and long, and Chinese chips usher in a golden 10 years of development. Our goal is that by 2030, the scale of self-produced chips can reach 350 billion US dollars in the Chinese demand market of about 500 billion US dollars, and the self-produced proportion will reach 70%.

To achieve this ambition, all aspects of the chip need to work together. We all know that there are many links involved in a chip, including design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, and each link is critical to the final chip. Among them, chip testing is a key and necessary link from R&D to mass production, and it is also a major breakthrough in the development of semiconductors in my country.

 What is the pattern of the domestic chip testing market?

It has to be said that almost all chip industry chains now have a huge cake, and chip testing is no exception. According to the forecast of Gartner Consulting and CLSA: In 2025, the global chip testing service market is expected to reach 109.4 billion yuan, of which China’s chip testing service market will reach 55 billion yuan, accounting for 50.3%, and there will be more than 250 million in 5 years. billions of huge growth potential.

  How to improve the competitiveness of chip testing through independent ATE equipment?

Chip testing mainly includes two aspects of testing, wafer testing CP and finished product testing FT. Wafer testing CP is particularly important in multi-chip packaging scenarios, which can effectively avoid the failure of a single chip to cause other chips to be “burial” together; finished products Testing FT can effectively screen out the damaged chips during the packaging process. The two-pronged approach ensures the final chip quality. For high-end chips like 7nm, 5nm, and 3nm, chip testing is more important, which can realize a closed loop from R&D to mass production and guide chip design.

Of course, the equipment used in different testing processes is also different. The testing machine and probe station are mainly used in the wafer testing stage, and the testing machine and sorting machine are used in the finished product testing stage. In the entire ranks of test equipment, ATE is the core equipment for chip testing. Now, especially high-end chips, ATE test equipment is very much needed to ensure production. The total size of the chip ATE automated test equipment market alone has reached 7 billion US dollars.

However, in the market structure of ATE equipment, the voice of domestic enterprises is not optimistic. The two giants of the United States and Japan, Teradyne and Advantest, occupy a total of 90% of the market share, and the two have swept almost all well-known semiconductor companies.

  How to improve the competitiveness of chip testing through independent ATE equipment?

Domestic testing companies started more beautifully, and Japanese testing companies were about 40 years later. It is difficult for domestic equipment to be comprehensive in function and meet all usage scenarios. After decades of verification, foreign equipment can ensure that the equipment is stable and reliable, and can meet the long-term testing needs of various chips to the greatest extent. In addition, to develop fully functional test equipment, a lot of capital needs to be invested to increase performance, which is difficult for domestic companies that are not large enough.

Therefore, the status quo is that domestic test equipment companies have a large order-of-magnitude gap compared with the US and Japanese giants in terms of equipment introduction, company revenue, profits and employees. Take Huafeng Measurement and Control, the most mature and leading ATE test equipment manufacturer in my country, as an example, the following set of data can intuitively see the gap between domestic ATE equipment manufacturers and American and Japanese giants:

 How to improve the competitiveness of chip testing through independent ATE equipment?

How to improve the competitiveness of chip testing through independent ATE equipment?

On the afternoon of September 17th, the “Insimo Yangtze River Delta Empowering Industry Development” China (Nanjing) was jointly sponsored by the People’s Government of Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, China (Nanjing) Software Valley Management Committee, and undertaken by Innovo Market Information Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ) Software Valley Integrated Circuit Industry (Shanghai) Investment Promotion Conference was successfully held in Pudong, Shanghai. At the meeting, Zhang Jingyang, chairman and CEO of Moore Elite, delivered a keynote speech on “How Independent ATE Equipment Improves the Competitiveness of Chip Testing Services”. Zhang Jingyang analyzed the situation of ATE equipment and testing services, and pointed out that the current chip testing modes are mainly divided into two types , mode one is a simple “equipment sales” mode; mode two is a “test service” mode. Both modes have different drawbacks. The “device sale” model is characterized by the fact that the device sold must cover all existing and potential chip testing needs, and is expensive, increasing customer decision and switching costs. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to quickly accumulate sales and installed capacity, and it is difficult to continuously invest in research and development for a long time; the characteristic of the “testing service” model is that the test factory purchases or leases test equipment, and the customer pays the service fee according to the current specific needs. But customer stickiness is low. The disadvantage is more obvious, that is, it is impossible to master the core technology of ATE equipment, and most of the profits are taken away by ATE test equipment companies.

  How to improve the competitiveness of chip testing through independent ATE equipment?

“The existing testing equipment and technologies are built on the original foundation. Only by innovating and establishing new rules can we have the opportunity to break the monopoly.” Zhang Jingyang pointed out, “To participate in global competition, you need to gather top international technical experts to create A professional testing team with combat effectiveness and strong comprehensive capabilities.”

  How to break the existing pattern of ATE test equipment?

In response to these pain points in the industry, Moore Elite proposed the exploration of the “independent ATE equipment + digital testing service” model. Zhang Jingyang explained that through his own research and development of ATE equipment, the equipment will not be sold, but leased to customers, adhering to the principle of “only renting, not selling” to provide customers with testing services. This is also the successful model of KYEC verification by KYEC, the world’s largest testing factory, with an annual sales of 6.8 billion yuan.

Zhang Jingyang said that this model can solve some of the difficulties of the existing model. On the one hand, it can promote ATE equipment through testing services: with innovative architecture ATE equipment technology as the core, through testing services, support Chinese chip companies to accelerate domestic substitution, and quickly increase the installed capacity of ATE equipment, obtain mass production data feedback, and optimize the performance of ATE equipment In turn, testing services can be improved through ATE equipment: recruiting top-level teams around the world, continuing to invest heavily in the research and development of top-level ATE equipment, providing digital testing services for chip companies, improving testing service levels, and improving chip quality.

From solution development, new product introduction to NPI to mass production maintenance, Moore Elite can provide flexible one-stop mass production services for the whole process of chip testing. Zhang Jingyang pointed out that domestic head mobile phone manufacturers and foreign RF giants benefit from this full-process test service model, thereby reducing test costs.

Moore Elite provides three flexible modes: Turnkey Mode, Backstage, and Revenue Share:

Test turnkey: The design company orders the testing business to Moore Elite, who will provide production services, and Moore Elite will use its own production capacity or other cooperative testing factories to help customers do mass production.

Background mode: The design company executes the mass production orders from the packaging and testing factory, and Moore Elite provides testing machines and testing solutions. Moore Elite rents the machine to the packaging and testing factory or customers, and the products are measured in the packaging and testing factory. Produce.

Sharing model: The design company places an order to the packaging and testing factory, Moore Elite Consign equipment enters the factory, and the income is divided with the packaging and testing factory.

  How to improve the competitiveness of chip testing through independent ATE equipment?

Moore Elite also intends to build a “DFT design + test development + ATE equipment” collaborative optimization one-stop ATE test platform. This platform can run through all links of the industry chain and continue to optimize, and can cover domestic and foreign mid-to-high-end chip design companies to the greatest extent. Testing needs from R&D to mass production.

How to improve the competitiveness of chip testing through independent ATE equipment?  

To achieve this goal is not overnight, nor can we build equipment from scratch, so where should we start from the specific practice?

  Standing on the shoulders of the Texas Instruments VLCT

In the mid-1990s, the testing department of Texas Instruments (TI) independently developed VLCT, a general-purpose chip automatic test equipment for internal use only. Since then, VLCT has experienced three development stages, providing important support for product development and company development. .

The first stage (before 2002): VLCT was rapidly promoted within TI, and gradually replaced the test products of LTX’s MegaTest, Teradyne’s J750, Eagle and other ATE machines; the second stage (2003~2008): VLCT was It has been improved into an instrument with ultra-low test cost for large-scale chips, covering all of TI’s advanced large-scale mobile terminal chips; VLCT also has the ability to test 90% of TI’s products, and almost 100% of TI’s wafer testing and testing. High-yield chip testing; Phase 3 (2009-2012): Almost all of TI’s new product testing and development was carried out directly on VLCTs, with the overall installed capacity exceeding 3,500 units, and VLCTs undertook more than 80% of the internal testing workload.

Today, the VLCT tester can cover most types of SOC chips/digital-analog hybrid chips/RF chip tests on the market, and most of them have a coverage rate of more than 90%, such as amplifiers, audio, data converters, interfaces, logic and voltage. Conversion, microcontrollers and processors, motor drives, power management, sensors, switches and multiplexers, and more.

VLCT test equipment can be said to have undergone the double test of time and practice. Its technology is mature, and it embodies the achievements of general-purpose ATE test equipment that TI has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in independent research and development in the past two decades. Secondly, its performance is reliable. It has been verified by large-scale long-term mass production of tens of billions of chips to meet the testing needs of mid-to-high-end chips. At present, VLCT continues to serve ATE testing of TI’s products on sale. Furthermore, it has strong versatility and abundant test resource configuration, which can cover most types of SOC chips/digital-analog hybrid chips/RF chip tests on the market. Finally, it is cost-effective. Compared with the same product, it can reduce the test cost by more than 1/2, and can replace the mid-to-high-end ATE of mainstream brands with lower configuration performance and cost.

For this reason, Moore Elite chose to acquire Texas Instruments’ VLCT equipment, introduce the world’s leading technology into China, and build its own ATE test machine. According to Zhang Jingyang, using VLCT test equipment has great advantages in operation management. The biggest performance is that its cost is only 1/10 of that of mainstream ATE testing services. Taking the 460-unit ATE ownership as an example, it can save testing operating expenses/increase net profit by 160 million.

  How to improve the competitiveness of chip testing through independent ATE equipment?

Regarding the Moore ATE test project, Moore Elite has full confidence. Because not only the addition of VLCT equipment, but also the core R&D personnel of VLCT are under the command of Moore Elite. It is reported that this project has a team of more than 50 top testing experts from around the world, from China, the United States and France.

The ATE equipment independently developed by Moore Elite is comparable to the high-end mainstream equipment in the international market. VLCT1.0 versions T0 and T1 can currently cover about 50%-60% of the industry’s mid-range chip testing needs, which are relatively advanced SoC testing machines in China. At present, the R&D team is developing the next-generation VLCT equipment products. Zhang Jingyang said that the product iteration is mainly to optimize the performance of the equipment through the continuous increase of new boards, and the second-generation products will cover 80% of the industry’s testing needs.

  How to improve the competitiveness of chip testing through independent ATE equipment?

The performance of the new generation of self-hosted VLCT2.0 is better than VLCT1.0 and the test equipment in the market. VLCT2.0 has carried out a series of technical upgrades, including new boards combined with self-designed board-level solutions, digital aspects can achieve up to tens of thousands of channels, and resources in analog aspects are significantly improved. VLCT2.0 embeds RF modules, Its application breadth has been greatly improved; the modularization method of stacking wood can provide flexible and large-scale model services; the desktop engineering machine allows rapid debugging, and can be seamlessly transferred to scalable mass production machines, etc.

In general, VLCT2.0 can be compared with the high-end models of the world’s leading manufacturers, can meet a wider range of customer needs, and can greatly shorten the time-to-market time. Moreover, the team has strong research and development strength, and the equipment is independently developed, which can greatly increase the machine speed and testing capacity. Zhang Jingyang believes that VLCT2.0 is expected to occupy the global chip high-end test market share, which will be the advanced general-purpose ATE equipment leading the industry trend in the next 20 years.

 Ten-year test business plan

Regarding the testing business, Moore Elite has a clear plan for ten years. According to Zhang Jingyang, the company expects to build its own ATE test equipment in 2021-2023. Master core technology and develop mid-to-high-end independent ATE equipment. Adopt the lane-changing overtaking mode, combined with testing services to increase the installed capacity of autonomous ATE equipment. Through mass production feedback, the matching degree of independent ATE equipment and domestic chip testing will be improved.

  How to improve the competitiveness of chip testing through independent ATE equipment?

From 2024 to 2025, the company will invest in the research and development of high-end ATE equipment. Completed the production of the world’s top testing machine VLCT2.0 and put it into use. Narrow the technical gap with the international top ATE, and then seize the global chip high-end testing market. At the same time, based on independent ATE equipment, the test service level is improved to help customers improve the quality of chips.

By 2026-2030, as mentioned above, Moore Elite wants to change the current form of the test equipment industry and create a digital test platform. At present, the equipment industry is equipment-centric. The equipment is developed first, and then the customer tests the product based on the equipment. But in fact, what the customer wants is not a particularly powerful equipment, but a cost-effective test solution. Moore Elite wants to focus on data and customer needs. Therefore, this is why Moore Elite adheres to the principle of “only renting and not selling” equipment. Its advantage is that if rented, it can continuously get feedback of data and guide the research and development of next-generation equipment.

By laying out the world’s top teams, mastering the core technologies of top ATE equipment, and building a digital chip test platform with “DFT design + test development + ATE equipment” collaborative optimization. Finally, through “cloud computing + digital intelligence”, the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology will improve the efficiency of the testing industry.


On the eve of China’s chip take-off, all links must not fall off the chain, and everyone is gathering firewood and the flame is high, and Moore Elite is improving the competitiveness of domestic chip testing through the service of independent ATE equipment.


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For the “cutting edge” technology of IT security, is DOD a “leader” or a “lag behind”?

“As long as there is sufficient time and resources, continuous threats can penetrate any border security system.”

Dr. Daniel Goure, vice president of the Lexington Institute, a public policy research think tank, published an article “Department of Defense on’cutting edge’ of IT security” on RealClearDefense, commenting on the application of the Zero Trust Architecture and its supporting project C2C in the Department of Defense system and Its effect. The main content is compiled as follows.

For the “cutting edge” technology of IT security, is DOD a “leader” or a “lag behind”?

In conversations related to information technology and network security, the statement that “The Department of Defense is leading” basically does not exist. Commercial sectors such as banks are often described as being at the “frontier” of technology, while the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is often labelled as a “technical laggard”. But this distinction is neither fair nor completely accurate. In order to protect its IT infrastructure, the Department of Defense is transitioning to a “zero trust” architecture. Under the leadership of the Department of Defense, the aerospace and defense industry, as well as other departments of the federal government, may follow to improve national security across the board.

Before the current hyper-network era, the Department of Defense established lofty-almost impossible-goals and requirements for its computer network, such as connectivity under harsh conditions, the ability to exchange large amounts of data, and the ability to make smaller and smaller Light form factors (size, shape, and physical characteristics of IT hardware), etc., to meet combat needs. In response, the IT industry foundation’s ability to meet these needs has often led to the need to extend to connecting old and new assets.

Today’s ubiquitous technologies, such as satellite TV, GPS navigation, and even the Internet itself, are rooted in the demand for combat capabilities led by the Department of Defense. But in recent years, the commercial IT community that followed the Department of Defense decades ago has taken the lead in the development of new technologies. To enable products to meet the needs of businesses and consumers, the military follows closely behind. For example, the Department of Defense requires neither smartphones nor smart watches, but once these technologies are commercially established, the Department of Defense will follow suit and use these capabilities to meet the changing needs of warfighters.

In this case, it is great to see the Department of Defense take the lead in defining requirements and solutions for IT and network professionals, and address this decades-old problem in the form of a concept now called the “Zero Trust Network Environment”. Zero Trust is a network security framework that continuously evaluates the credibility of requests for access to online resources. Zero-trust security assumes that persistent threats can penetrate any border security system with sufficient time and resources. Therefore, security must be based on the assumption that any device or software on the system cannot be considered secure without verification.

At the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) hearing on the “Future Cyber ​​Security Architecture” in April 2021, senators and witnesses from the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Defense focused on the zero-trust architecture. The testimony from a witness from the Department of Defense affirmed the advantages of zero trust, and listed the seven pillars of the Department of Defense’s zero trust framework: protection of users; applications; equipment; data; network/infrastructure; visibility and analysis; automation and editing match. When these seven pillars are fully implemented, a new solution will be provided to solve the problem of network security, and public and private networks should be prevented from being infiltrated.

For the “cutting edge” technology of IT security, is DOD a “leader” or a “lag behind”?

Zero Trust Architecture

The SASC hearing provided many examples of implementing a zero-trust strategy and constructing appropriate architectures. One frequently mentioned feature that has proven to be very useful is the comply to connect (C2C) project. If you do not pay close attention to it, it is easy to overlook the reference to this key plan, which is accelerating the implementation of “zero trust” by the Department of Defense. C2C was launched in 2013 and is a comprehensive cyber security framework tool and technology designed to improve the cyber security of the current and emerging operational environments of the Department of Defense in order to improve its cyber security status. C2C is a joint project led by the National Security Agency, the Marine Corps, and the Air Force.

For the “cutting edge” technology of IT security, is DOD a “leader” or a “lag behind”?

Schematic diagram of C2C concept

C2C was originally guided by the FY17 National Defense Authorization Act and is now a record project managed by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). The goal of C2C is to “build a tool and technical framework to run, discover, identify, describe, and report on all devices connected to the network in the entire network infrastructure.” C2C is deployed in five stages, each of which builds on one of the previous capabilities Top: Discovery and identification; inquiry; automatic repair; authorized connection; situational awareness and execution.

Soon after the hearing, the leaders of the Department of Defense insisted on their commitment to share experience and lessons and publicly released a zero-trust reference architecture. As a senior DISA official explained, “The purpose and focus of the Zero Trust Framework is to design architecture and systems to withstand attacks and damage, thereby limiting the radius of influence and the exposure of malicious activities.”

The reference architecture will provide much-needed guidance for the entire Department of Defense. According to the requirements of the May 12 administrative order on improving national cybersecurity, it may also help promote a zero-trust architecture for civil government agencies. Having a template for implementing a zero-trust architecture should be very helpful for federal departments and agencies to fulfill their responsibilities to improve network security.

The timing of the Department of Defense to become a leader in cyber security is critical. The threat of a close adversary using the Internet as a tool of war is much more than that, and even though there may be no state support, complex criminal groups are also using similar tactics and achieving great results. Solar wind’s supply chain attacks and the network penetration of colonial pipeline companies are just the latest in a long list of intrusions. Unless practical measures are taken to achieve zero trust, the number of intrusions will continue to increase. C2C is particularly useful in protecting operational technology networks represented by companies such as the Colonial oil and gas pipeline.

Defense leaders are responding to constantly changing and asymmetric cyber threats. They released a reference architecture for a zero-trust environment and became an early adopter of C2C and other network security projects. The Ministry of Defense is leading by example.

The Biden administration has appointed people with extensive experience in cyber security to hold senior positions in the Department of Defense. Ms. Heidi Shyu was nominated as the Deputy Minister of Defense Research and Engineering. The current head of the Defense Innovation Department, Mr. Michael Brown, will fill the position of Deputy Minister of Defense Procurement and Maintenance.

Military leaders often talk about the need to understand their own capabilities, the capabilities of their opponents, and their environment (for example, physical, psychological, political). C2C provides the Department of Defense with the ability to use the capabilities of adversaries that they know to defend against networks and data systems.

With US opponents investing significant resources to satisfy their global ambitions, the US Department of Defense’s attention to cybersecurity is a welcome development. Solutions from projects such as C2C need to keep up and establish and maintain a zero-trust network environment to ensure mission success.

About the Author

Dr. Daniel Goure is the Vice President of the Lexington Institute, a think tank for public policy research. The Institute is a non-profit public policy research organization headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. As part of the Institute’s National Security Plan, he was involved in a wide range of issues.

Dr. Goure has held senior positions in the private sector and the US government. Most recently, he was a member of the 2001 Ministry of Defense Transition Team. Dr. Goure worked in the US government for two years as the director of the Office of Strategic Competitiveness in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He has also served as a senior analyst on national security and defense issues at the Naval Analysis Center, Scientific Applications International, SRS Technologies, R&D Associates, and System Planning Corporation.


Aluminum Stamping And Forming Process Of All-Automotive Body

Audi Audi R8 uses an all-aluminum body design. The high-performance composite material of the R8 body is called Audi Space Frame (AFS). Its total weight is only 210 kg, which is less than half the weight of a steel frame, but its strength and impact resistance are very good. outstanding. Of the entire body composition, 70% is aluminum alloy and 13% is reinforced carbon fiber (CFRP). In Audi’s own words: “Put the right material in the right place in the right quantity”.

Tesla Model S (parameters | pictures) 97% of the body is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, and the cost of a roll of aluminum is 30,000 US dollars. To build the whole car requires 50-60 different aluminum coils, all aluminum alloy body The weight is only 190kg.

The Schuler SMG hydraulic tandem stamping press lines used by TESLA is the largest in North America and the sixth largest in the world, with a total tonnage of 11,000 tons. A piece of aluminum stamping is produced every 6 seconds and can be produced every day Out of 5,000 pieces.

Jaguar Jaguar’s first domestic all-aluminum body workshop was completed and put into production at the Changshu plant of (Chery Jaguar Land Rover). The new long-wheelbase version of XF (parameters | pictures) will be launched in the second half of this year. The application rate of the new version of XF aluminum alloy is as high as 75%, ranking first among domestic counterparts.

It is understood that Jaguar’s new factory in Changshu uses the world’s fastest 5-sequence servo press line (3 seconds/piece, High-speed servo press line) and the world’s fastest mechanical press line (4 seconds/piece), which can be used freely in steel and aluminum. Seamless switching between materials, 75% of the Mold can be used for servo high-speed stamping lines can also be used for mechanical stamping lines.

Servo stamping production line may become pivotal in future all-aluminum body stamping solutions!

The aluminum (stamping) forming process, as the first major process of an all-aluminum body car, will also undergo a process of technological innovation. Hydraulic forming, servo forming or cast aluminum extrusion forming, which solution can finally achieve a balance in production capacity, quality, and cost, may become the mainstream of aluminum (stamping) forming process. Let us wait and see!

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Application and coloring method of aluminum oxidation of die casting

The classification of aluminum oxidation of die castings: mainly aluminum oxidation, hard oxidation, casting oxidation, aluminum anodization, electrolytic coloring, dye coloring, various surface conductive oxidations, etc. The details are as follows: Aluminum anodizing mainly includes: natural color oxidation, color oxidation, natural acid sand surface oxidation, natural color alkaline sand surface oxidation.

Uses of aluminum oxide for :

1. Among the main component bauxite of aluminum ore, alumina has the highest content. Industrially, bauxite is purified into alumina by the Bayer process, and then converted into aluminum metal by the Hall-Heroult process.

2. Alumina is the reason why metal aluminum is not easily corroded in the air. Pure metallic aluminum easily reacts with oxygen in the air to form a thin aluminum oxide film covering the surface of aluminum exposed to the air. This aluminum oxide film can prevent aluminum from being oxidized further. The thickness and properties of this oxide film can be enhanced by a process called anodic treatment (anodic corrosion protection).

3. Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity and heat. The crystal form of aluminum emery is suitable for abrasive materials and cutting tools because of its high hardness.

Various electrolytic coloring mainly include: imitation stainless steel color, bronze color, black oxidation, golden oxidation and so on.

Oxidation coloring is done artificially to oxidize aluminum and its alloys on the surface. The oxidation coloring methods of die-cast aluminum mainly include chemical coloring, electrolytic coloring and natural coloring:

Chemical coloring immerses the oxidized aluminum material in an organic or inorganic dye solution, and the dye penetrates into the pores of the oxide film to cause chemical or physical action to color. The chemical coloring equipment is simple, low-cost, and has a wide variety of colors, but it has poor light resistance and corrosion resistance and is only suitable for interior decoration.

Electrolytic coloring of the aluminum material after oxidation treatment is carried out in a single metal salt or multiple metal salt aqueous solutions for secondary electrolysis. Under the action of an electric field, metal cations penetrate into the pores of the oxide film and deposit on the bottom of the hole, thereby making the oxide film Produces bronze, brown, gray, red, cyan, and blue tones.

Naturally colored aluminum is a method of coloring at the same time as anodizing. There are alloy color method and solution color method. The alloy color development method is to control the aluminum alloy components to obtain different colors; the solution color method is also called the electrolytic color development method, which controls the color tone by controlling the composition of the electrolyte and the electrolysis conditions. In actual production, organic acid is generally used as electrolyte for natural coloring, and a small amount of sulfuric acid is added to adjust PH.

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Brief Analysis of Working Failures of Numerical Control CNC Machining Center

Cnc Machining center is a kind of automatic machine tool product composed of a kind of mechanical equipment and numerical control system that can process complex parts. CNC machining center will encounter some problems in daily use. This is not only in our usual use of CNC machining center. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the maintenance and operation according to the regulations of the CNC machining center. Do not operate blindly. Below we mainly enumerate some of the failures of the CNC machining center in daily use and some simple ones for the failure of the CNC machining center. analysis.
CNC machining center encoder pulse counting error alarm problem
This kind of problem is usually displayed on the LED display screen 6, and the PMM screen in the system screen displays 303/304/305/308 alarms. The main cause of the failure is that the serial encoder of the servo motor does not calculate numbers or is caused by pulse loss during operation. , This kind of phenomenon needs to be turned off and turned on, and often the alarm will disappear. If there is still an alarm, you should immediately replace the motor or feedback cable, but if the alarm disappears, you don’t need to be too happy. We need to return to the CNC machining center. After the reference point, run other commands for debugging. The weak PMM308 alarm may be caused by interference, just turn it off and turn it on again.
CNC machining center machining center serial encoder communication error alarm
For this kind of problem, we should first check the connection accuracy or disconnection of the encoder amplifier of the CNC motor of the CNC machining center and the feedback wire. If the shielding of the motor feedback wire has not been intact, please go to the factory for warranty as soon as possible. In CNC machining, the encoder of the motor is connected to the motor, so it is best not to disassemble it.
At present, CNC machining centers are mostly divided into two categories: vertical CNC machining centers and horizontal CNC machining centers. Most of the products are similar in function and use failure. The above is for reference only, and I hope it will be helpful to friends in the industry.

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