Body composition analyzer: Obese people have a very high prevalence of gallstones

Body composition analyzer Obese people have a very high prevalence of gallstones

Obese people have a very high prevalence of gallstones. With the increase of age, the probability of the disease increases rapidly. The increase in cholesterol content in the liver and other parts of the body has a huge relationship. When our normal cholesterol ratio tends to be long-term In a stable state, the body can effectively regulate daily energy consumption without causing any impact. However, if the proportion of cholesterol increases and the crystals precipitate, gallstones are easily formed, which has a very strong stimulating effect on the gallbladder mucosa of the body. Causes inflammation in the body.

The body composition analyzer has data showing that the incidence of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease in obese patients is very high. When the body weight is overweight, there is too much adipose tissue, which will increase the load on the body’s heart. These series of factors cause the body The occurrence of ischemia and hypoxia problems, the increased load of the heart caused by obesity, and the occurrence of various physical problems. In addition, obese people usually have less physical activity and low physical consumption. Many factors can cause arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. occur.

The obesity of middle-aged and elderly people is very harmful to the body. After a certain age and the body continues to gain weight, it has a great impact on health. So how do we prevent obesity? The body composition analyzer tells you that obesity often causes cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes in middle-aged and elderly people. Therefore, the body’s weight loss must not be taken lightly. Obesity will cause some abnormal conditions in the body.

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