Body composition analyzer reminds: fitness and health are both right!

Body composition analyzer reminds fitness and health are both right!

Body composition analyzer reminds: a healthy diet is the most important thing, fitness and health are both right!

1 egg (65g), 80 calories (1 piece)
1 preserved egg (60g), 87 calories (1 piece)
1 serving of whole milk (25g), 125 calories (25g of whole milk powder for 240CC)
1 serving of low-fat milk (25g), 100 calories (25g low-fat milk powder brewed with 240CC)
1 serving of full-fat cheese (40g), 135 calories (2 slices of full-fat cheese)
1 serving of low-fat cheese (40g), 100 calories (2 slices of low-fat cheese)
1 serving of yogurt (240CC), 100 calories
One serving of whole milk = 7g of protein and 10g of fat, which is a high-fat protein food.
One portion of eggs = 7g of protein and 6g of fat. It is a medium-fat protein food.
A low milk serving = 7g of protein and 3g of fat. It is a low-fat protein food.
Two slices of cheese are equivalent to the nutrition of a cup (240cc) of whole milk. It’s OK to have a slice of cheese for breakfast every day.
Yogurt varies from company to company. Please see the label. Generally speaking, it contains 3.5 grams of protein, which is equal to half a serving. Lacto-eggs contain “non-killing” complete protein and are suitable for vegetarians. It is also called a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. If you are on a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet (Onish diet), you can still get complete protein from eggs, cheese, and milk, and you don’t have to eat meat.

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