Body composition analyzer: running will not make your legs thicker

Body composition analyzer running will not make your legs thicker

Body composition analyzer: Running will not make your legs thicker, but some bad running postures may cause the calf to develop excessively. Running must be progressive, starting to run twice a week and jogging every 30 minutes. Slowly increase the time for a week, listen to the signals of the body, rest when tired, stretch your legs uncomfortably, and warm up.
What are the negative effects of cryo-film to reduce fertility on the body?
To lose weight in many ways, the last thing you don’t want to fly is to wrap your body with plastic, and then do some exercise, so you can sweat more and reduce more fat. In fact, plastic packaging prevents sweat glands from expelling moisture. Will make your body temperature, continuous exercise will have certain safety risks.

What is the weight loss goal?

We feel that as long as the weight is lost during weight loss training, this is actually a misunderstanding. Everyone’s body composition is different. We don’t pay attention to the process of losing weight, a few pounds, it is best to make a body composition determination. When you lose weight, control the weight of the process. Although your weight is not a few kilograms, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that your waist has become smaller and firmer than before. In fact, your body composition has changed and your muscle ratio has increased. This is the best effect in weight loss, achieving the highest level of weight loss.

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