Car maintenance needs to be careful to get out of the three main maintenance misunderstandings

If car maintenance goes into a misunderstanding, it will be self-defeating, resulting in damage to parts, or causing mechanical accidents.
Misunderstanding 1: The tighter the bolt, the better. There are many fasteners connected by bolts and nuts on automobiles, and it should be ensured that they have sufficient pre-tightening force, but they should not be over-tightened. If it is over-tightened, the bolts and connectors will be permanently deformed, and the pre-tightening force will decrease, even causing slip or breakage.
Misunderstanding 2: The tighter the transmission belt, the better. If the transmission belt is adjusted too tightly, it is easy to be stretched and deformed, and the pulley and the bearing are likely to be bent and damaged.
Misunderstanding 3: The more oil the better. If there is too much oil, the crankshaft handle and connecting rod will be violently agitated when the engine is working, which will not only increase the internal power loss of the engine, but also cause the oil burning and draining failure due to the increase of the oil splashing on the cylinder wall.
Find a trusted service technician
If you go to a different shop every time during maintenance, the technician will check the car carefully every time, and then take care of it for you. In this way, it will take longer on the one hand, and on the other hand it is likely to pay more. A maintenance technician who knows the condition of your vehicle for a long time can make a clear judgment when the vehicle encounters a problem, which can help you make a wise decision.

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