Datang Mobile’s solution based on IMS network video communication

With the growing demand for high-bandwidth services by end users, the IMS” title=”IMS”>IMS video communication solution provides a variety of service types for individual users and enterprise users, integrating the flexibility of system expansion, communication efficiency, and openness. In terms of architecture and diversified operations, the traditional conference system has been injected with the latest achievements in the development of telecommunications technology, helping enterprises to achieve more complex and changeable applications.

Application Background of IMS Network

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is an IP multimedia system and is regarded as the core technology of the next generation network. The emergence of IMS not only realizes the integration between fixed network and mobile network, but also integrates existing network applications with future network applications, which drives the integration of the communication industry chain, thereby allowing users to Enjoy a converged and unified service experience at all locations, thereby realizing next-generation IP converged services in the true sense. Datang Mobile” title=”Datang Mobile”>The IMS hardware terminal developed by Datang Mobile is used for the use of the IMS network, mainly for group users. It cooperates with the IMS network to realize various services and promote the construction of enterprise informatization. In addition, IMS It can provide rich multimedia applications to meet the needs of home users.

The IMS network can integrate basic services such as voice, video, Centrex, instant messaging, SMS, MMS, MMS, and multimedia conferences, mainly in the following two aspects:

First, the integration of fixed and mobile networks. The basic idea of ​​IMS network convergence is to organically combine the Internet IP technology, the softswitch technology derived from the evolution of the fixed network, and the mobile core network technology to achieve the goal of integrating fixed and mobile communication networks.

Second, the integration of the communication industry chain. IMS can drive the information industry value chain with application development, content provision, network platform, system software, terminal equipment, chip design and equipment manufacturing as the core.

The IMS system flexibly provides IP multimedia services while still maintaining all the characteristics of mobile communication, reflecting the evolution of mobile communication networks towards IP networks. From the user’s point of view, IMS brings many converged services, including new services such as video conferencing, video calling, and multimedia, which greatly improves user experience.

IMS Hard Terminal Introduction

Datang Mobile provides a full range of IMS hardware terminal products, including video phones, high-end, mid-range and low-end voice phones, which can meet all-round requirements of users.

The full range of products use TI chipsets

The cost reduction scheme is based on the combination of “low-end and low-end machines + a small number of high-end machines”.

Datang Mobile’s solution based on IMS network video communication

Figure 1: Datang Mobile IMS hardware terminal series products

IMS Hard Terminal Features

As a newly launched video phone, Datang Mobile SP85 has functions such as voice phone, video phone, video conference, status presentation/speed dial, etc. It provides a terminal carrier for operators to place advertisements and develop value-added services. Has the following functional characteristics:

High-quality application experience – 7-inch LCD touch screen, “keyboard + touch screen” operation mode

Top Chip Hardware Guarantee – The DaVinci chipset from TI (Texas Instruments), the world’s top chip supplier, uses AEC echo cancellation technology to ensure excellent voice effects.

Abundant expansion interfaces – USB external, SD card, extended storage space, audio/video output, external TV or projector.

Rich functional applications – Electronic photo frame, music/video playback, status presentation/click-to-dial, enterprise remote address book, advertisement placement, color ringtone/color image service, information service.

IMS hard terminal realizes enterprise commercial use

Improving business processes to achieve the goal of increasing productivity is usually not accomplished by introducing a single process, and the human factor must also be considered. Therefore, instant messaging, providing effective communication, satisfying collaborative work that is not limited by time, place, and material, and establishing an open standard and intelligent network-based network that takes into account system security are essential conditions for enterprises to explore step by step.

Figure 2: Service Application of Datang Mobile IMS Hard Terminal

video conference

Datang Mobile IMS hardware terminal relies on excellent hardware chips to ensure high-quality hands-free playback. Through the expansion interface, it can be connected to a TV and a projector, enabling users to conduct more convenient video conferences.


Datang Mobile IMS hardware terminal supports network side advertisement, can receive advertisement media stream from media server, supports terminal local advertisement, built-in SD card can provide enough storage space, based on this, through advertisement service and call discount scheme strategy, will greatly increase the operator’s ARPU value.

Enterprise remote address book

Datang Mobile IMS hardware terminal supports automatic extraction of enterprise address book from the server, and automatic update in real time. Through the operation of clicking the screen, the speed dialing can be completed, which provides great convenience for enterprise users.

concluding remarks

As a new cross-platform integration product, Datang Mobile’s IMS hardware terminal brings new opportunities to the communication industry, opens up a new model of next-generation integration services, and enables enterprises and home users to benefit from various methods. It is not difficult to see that network integration is quietly blooming!

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