A good way of exercising makes fitness more suitable for yourself

The way to lose weight is one of the core issues of sports. Weight loss method is the most basic method of repeated exercise method. The repeated practice method is to use training items (techniques) to maintain a healthy load under the conditions of repeated practice. For example, fitness or fitness operation, that is, under the condition of appropriate body load, through repeated “periodical” technical actions, exercise for a period of time to improve people’s endurance quality. Continue Reading

Body tester-body fat meter is very precious for everyone’s scientific fitness guidance

To maintain or lose weight, energy balance should be achieved: the energy consumed by food every day is equal to or less than the energy consumed daily. To lose weight by sports, we must do it according to our own health and ability, choose appropriate exercise and consumption, and establish a personal sports file-“weight loss fitness plan”, so as to achieve the goal of health. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer takes you to observe the beauty of women from the perspective of men

Women’s ability to be self-pleasurable, most girls want to think that a man can feel his body is the best, so do you know what kind of body is the best in a man’s eyes?
Soft, charming curves.
In the ideal female, most men should be “soft without bones”, full-bodied, raised, etc. The bones must be wrapped in fat. The popular “slim beauty”, in their opinion, is a pathological manifestation. Continue Reading

Body composition analyzer tells you not to drink too much coffee

What we need to pay attention to is that drinking coffee can enhance the effect of weight loss. At that time, it did not mean that the more we drink coffee, the thinner we will become. This kind of drink is basically enough for us. Drinking more is not helpful, and for people in special physical conditions, it is not recommended to drink coffee for a long time to avoid adverse health effects. For example, pregnant women, children and other special populations, the body composition analyzer tells you that this is just a process of weight loss. An aid in Continue Reading

U.S. Birth Rate Hit Historic Low in 2011, CDC Says

Americans had fewer babies in 2011 than in any year before, according to an annual summary of vital statistics.

-Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore Continue Reading

California: San Luis Obispo gets set for its marathon

Want to see San Luis Obispo on foot? Fair warning: This is no leisurely docent-led stroll.

13 great places to run in California

There’s no need for an expensive gym membership in California.

Vitamin D doses often do not match labels, study shows

What’s in your vitamin supplement? It could be more or less than you think.

IBM puts supercomputer to work on cancer

IBM is putting its Watson supercomputer to work fighting cancer, in what is described as the first commercial program of its kind to use “big data” to help patients with the disease.

Newsflash: Lightning May Cause Headaches

A thunderous pounding, flashes of light—the symptoms are familiar to anyone who’s suffered a headache or migraine.

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