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Various parts of precision CNC machining

1.Parts with high precision requirements

The precision requirements of precision CNC machining parts mainly refer to the precision requirements of size, shape, position and surface, and the surface precision mainly refers to the surface roughness. Continue Reading

What is the content of forging quality inspection?

The existence of forging defects may affect the processing quality or processing quality of the subsequent processes, and some seriously affect the performance and use of the forgings, and even greatly reduce the service life of the finished parts and endanger safety. Continue Reading

Imported CNC lathe processing machine tool equipment and debugging

After the CNC machine tool is produced by the manufacturer, the machine tool has been subjected to various requirements and inspections, and only after passing the inspection, can it leave the factory. Regarding medium and large CNC machine tools, because the machine tools are large in size and not convenient for transportation, they must be distinguished and transported to the user after they collapse before they can be used before they can be reassembled and debugged. As for small machine tools, the float level gauge does not need to crash the machine tool during transportation, so the installation, debugging and acceptance tasks of the machine tool are relatively simple. Continue Reading

Knowledge of aluminum processing technology

Aluminum is the most widely used and widely used metal material among non-ferrous metals, and its application range is still expanding. There are many kinds of aluminum products produced using aluminum, and there are more than 700,000 types according to statistics. Various industries such as construction and decoration, transportation, and aerospace have different needs. Today I will introduce to you the processing technology of stand casting and how to avoid processing deformation. Continue Reading

CNC turning and milling composite processing manufacturers explain the selection of lathes



The CNC turning and milling composite processing manufacturer introduced the process requirements of typical parts and the batch of processed workpieces. The function that the CNC lathe should have is to make preparations and the prerequisites for the reasonable selection of CNC lathes. Meet the process requirements of typical parts Continue Reading

Advanced laser technology a weapon to improve the level of automobile manufacturing

In recent years, with the continuous progress of science and technology, advanced manufacturing technology represented by laser technology is continuously promoting the upgrading and innovation of the automobile manufacturing industry, and its application in automobile processing has become more and more extensive. Compared with traditional manufacturing technology, laser technology has many advantages such as non-contact processing, high precision, high flexibility, high efficiency, high automation and strong adaptability. It is used in the fields of cutting, welding, marking and surface treatment. Shine. This article focuses on the rapid development of diversified automotive varieties and the rapid transformation of automotive sheet demand from large-scale to customized production. It focuses on the current status and trends of automotive sheet laser high-speed blanking, body-in-white laser online welding, and automotive parts welding in automotive applications. . Continue Reading

Excessive CT scan can cause cancer

For many patients, it is a common practice to diagnose the condition through CT scan. However, Australian researchers recently reminded patients that the radiation dose produced by CT scans far exceeds that of conventional X-ray examinations, and that excessive use can easily lead to cancer. Continue Reading

The body composition analyzer reveals that the root of weight loss is the problem of eating

Don’t envy other people’s good figure. Weight loss requires external conditions. For example, in cold places, people like to eat more. Exercise less. You can’t lose weight when you are surrounded by food. Continue Reading

The success of a girl’s weight loss can really be regarded as a reborn

When most people start to lose weight, they will give themselves such a goal. They set three months as a cycle and hope that they will lose weight successfully in three months. However, the editor of body composition analyzer has seen too many people. This situation is basically in the end, and it is rare that there are people who can stick to it. Continue Reading

Weight loss body composition analyzer body tester recommends that you control the amount of food

The daily intake of calories recommended by the World Health Organization is divided according to different proportions. Some are from food, and some are from fruit juice. They are rich in vitamin content, and our few fruits have unique fiber and other nutrients. The body composition analyzer recommends that you add fresh fruit juice to your breakfast, which is a good recommendation. Fresh fruit can better meet the body’s absorption needs. Continue Reading

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