2013-06-07 09:56 To become the industry leader in CNC equipment manufacturers

2013-06-07 09:56To become the industry leader in CNC equipment manufacturers

Since reform and opening, China’s CNC machinery industry has experienced 30 years of ups and downs of development, has now matured from growth and into the world high-speed CNC equipment and precision CNC machinery production ranks of the country can be said to have become contemporary CNC equipment mainstream machinery manufacturing equipment, has become a hot commodity in the market, but also increasingly supported by government policies. Market demand is constantly increasing, while the previous engraving technology can not meet the needs of the times, so the market need a group of high-end CNC equipment, which directly led to the rapid development of numerical control equipment industry, Jinan River Trade and Industry is country’s leading suppliers of CNC equipment leader.

Jinan River NC was established in 2005, mainly engaged in CNC (CNC) equipment production and sales, since its inception has continued to focus on technological innovation, Strict product quality, with a series of breakthroughs in key technologies and independent production capabilities, Our products feature increasingly improved product quality and grades rising, the market share continues to climb. The company main products include five-axis machines, four-axis machines, woodworking machine, stone machine, plasma cutting machine, advertising engraving machine, cylinder engraving machine, Mold machine and other major series, widely used in machinery manufacturing, furniture, mold, jade, musical instruments, the advertising industry, stone processing industry in different sectors, and sold around the world.
Looking ahead, the country sustained economic development, policy support, and downstream industry revitalization context, the strong demand for CNC machinery industry will maintain rapid growth, which will drive our domestic CNC machinery and CNC systems and related functional components market development, but also undoubtedly domestic CNC equipment manufacturers continue to develop its own technology to expand the market provides an excellent opportunity. Next, Jinan River CNC will firmly grasp the rapid development of China’s CNC equipment industry a good opportunity to further strict quality management, improve product service system to provide customers with more perfect service, the pursuit of excellence, integrity and development, production-class products, construction class enterprise!

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Plastic mould|Box mould-Pastic Mould

 Sino is a famous mould manufacturer in China, which is specialized in making box mould. Every year, Sino will make more than 200 sets of box mould, it includes thinwall container mould, commodity storage box mould, food container mould, etc.


For such kind of storage box mould, usually Sino use high quality steel, like S136 if the mould need highly polished. As for the insert and slider, we often use H13. And every main steel plate, we will make eyebolt holes for convenience transport and assembling.


As we all know that there are many kinds of box on the market. Regarding to different products, the designers can make it clear what is the hardness of the mould, and when design the mould, they will take products’ usage into consideration. Sino project manager will control the mould process and guarantee the mould quality, if you need box mould, you can just send us the sample, then we can design the mould according it. Or you also can send us the drawings, our engineer can check the design and modify it. Every mould design, Sino will send customer for final checking.


Sino always be responsible for each mould. If you have box mould or have any related project, Welcome to Sino Mould.


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Precautions for bright surface cutting by fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser Cutting Machine is widely used in industrial production, sometimes we will find that some metal cutting surface is very smooth, such as a mirror, in fact, in the laser cutting process technology, the cutting surface of carbon steel can be cut very smooth, like a mirror-like effect, commonly known as “bright surface cutting”. Bright surface cutting is mainly used for medium thickness carbon steel, the steel plate is too thin or too thick can not achieve bright surface cutting. So what should we pay attention to when we carry out bright cutting? Here follow GOLD MARK to understand.1, to control the cutting speed. Too fast a cutting speed will lead to incomplete material burning, the workpiece can not be cut through, while too slow a speed will lead to excessive burning, so that the workpiece melting deformation. Under the premise of ensuring that the workpiece will be, the cutting speed should be increased as much as possible.2, adjust the nozzle height. Nozzle height will affect the beam quality, oxygen purity and gas flow, when the lower the nozzle, the better the beam quality, the higher the oxygen purity, the smaller the gas flow, so the bright surface cutting should try to adjust the height of the lower.3, adjust the cutting air pressure. In the oxygen cutting of carbon steel, the combustion of the material will give off a lot of heat, so the oxygen air pressure should not be too large. Generally speaking, the lower the air pressure in the cuttable range, the brighter the cut section, but in order to ensure cutting stability, usually increase a certain percentage on the basis of the cut-off air pressure.4, adjust the cutting power. For different thickness of the plate, the greater the thickness, the higher the power required.5, adjust the size of the cutting focus. Fiber laser by the nozzle ejected beam is a certain diameter, in bright surface cutting, usually use the nozzle is smaller. If the focal point is too large, it will lead to nozzle hot, affecting the quality and stability of cutting, and in serious cases can even directly lead to nozzle damage. Therefore need to find out the size of the nozzle can withstand the focus value, and then adjust.6, choose the size of the nozzle. Half of the nozzle is smaller, the brighter the cut section, the better the effect.Guangdong China cut CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech industry enterprise specialized in researching, manufacturing and selling the machines as follows: Laser Engraver, Fiber Laser Marking Machine, CNC Router. The products have been widely used in advertisement board, crafts and molding, architecture, seal, label, woodcutting and engraving, stonework decoration, leather cutting, garment industries, and so on. On the base of absorbing the international advanced technology, we provide the clients the most advanced production and perfect after-sale service. In recently years, our products have been sold not only in China, but also as far as Southeast Asia, Middle east, Europe, South America and other overseas Markets.Email:   [email protected]
WeCha/WhatsApp:   +868870255

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Introduction of horizontal machining center

The main shaft and worktable of the horizontal machining center are parallel machining centers. Its worktable is a square indexing turntable or a CNC turntable. It is suitable for processing box-like workpieces. It can be processed by multi-coordinate joint motion processing on each side. Complex types of artifacts. Common horizontal machining centers are three linear motion coordinates plus one rotary motion coordinate (rotary table). The editor today mainly introduces the advantages and disadvantages of horizontal machining centers.
Advantages of horizontal machining center structure
Compared with the vertical machining center, the horizontal machining center is easier to remove the chips during the processing of the workpiece, and it is more advantageous for the processing of complex recesses and the mold cavity. Because the horizontal machining center has the advantages of the structure, the horizontal machining center has the advantages of the structure. Machining centers can process large workpieces. Simply put, workpieces that are difficult or impossible to be processed by vertical machining centers can be processed on horizontal machining centers.
Disadvantages of horizontal machining center structure
There are advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages of the horizontal machining center are that it occupies a large area, its structure is complicated, and the price is more expensive than that of a vertical machining center. It is inconvenient to debug the program of the horizontal machining center. It is not suitable to observe the tool movement trajectory during processing. The loading and unloading of the workpiece is not convenient, and the processed workpiece is not easy to measure;
Based on the above, it can be seen from the advantages of the horizontal machining center that the horizontal machining center is more suitable for processing box-like workpieces, and can process the peripheral surface of box-like workpieces. However, there are many inconveniences in program debugging, tool path observation, workpiece loading and unloading, and workpiece measurement.

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Disposable syringe mould manufacturer

Sino Mould are experienced in making Disposable syringe mould in 8,16,24,32,48cavities.
With Reasonable hot runner system design, material saving.
Good cooling system design, short cycle time within shortest cycle time.
Smoothly ejection.
Dust-free injection workshop for moulding.
High transparent polish.

If you’re interested in this mould pls kindly contact with me.

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How to deal with the loss of load of hydraulic press

How to deal with the loss of load of the Hydraulic Press? Today, the editor will introduce to you:

On the one hand, it can be considered that the hydraulic machine adds the storage capacity of the liquid bomb. Generally speaking, the height of the oil in the hydraulic cylinder is inversely proportional to the elastic potential energy stored in it. A backing plate is added between the gap of the Mold to make the working stroke of the beam move upward, and then the height of the oil in the cylinder is lowered.

Or add a movable block in the gap between the piston of the hydraulic cylinder and the beam. When the machine moves downward, the piston and the beam can fall synchronously. However, after pressurization, the piston will rise first due to the effect of the spacer, which has the effect of adding the stored amount of elastic potential energy of the liquid. It is precisely because the height of the hydraulic oil has dropped, so the energy will not be released suddenly, and the question of loss of load can be alleviated.

In order to deal with the question of the sudden loss of load of the hydraulic press, it can also release energy from other doorways, so that the high and low pressure liquid in the hydraulic cylinder can be quickly discharged from the surroundings. Although this treatment method is effective, it requires the operator to be more sensitive to the machine to avoid damage to the machine.

A cushion pad is added under the hydraulic press, which can cushion the machine and reduce the sensation of the machine, and some energy will be consumed on the cushion, which can effectively reduce the damage to the machine.

The above content is how to deal with the loss of load of the hydraulic press, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more about hydraulic press, please call Dongguan China Machinery Co., Ltd. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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Standardize Before You Automate

By Bob Byers

Today we are faced with rising labor costs, a shortage of skilled workers and ever-growing competition from low-wage countries; yet we still yearn for the one ingredient to separate ourselves from our competitors. This means we must change, but change does not have to be expensive or painful, it just has to be well-planned. Our true challenge is to figure out how to change, what to change and when to change. What is needed is a cohesive plan that does not attack only one area at a time, but looks at the overall process.

Employing value stream mapping and introducing true lean manufacturing is a first step with proven results. Although is it common to hear mold builders say that this cannot be done in the moldmaking industry, if these shops ignore that traditional thinking and evaluate their process, they will see positive change.

To find the best process you must find the bottlenecks and move them to the beginning of the process. Now finding all the bottlenecks and addressing them appropriately is a challenge, but the answer is so simple: standardize all processes.

Approach every task, every job, every event the same way, every time that task, event or job type occurs. We have similar tasks even with different jobs, we machine things the same, we EDM the same, we use lifters, water lines, mill cavities, tap holes, polish, etc. We must standardize these processes even if what is being done during those events changes or appears to be different in concept.

This includes a standard way of engineering, workholding, manufacturing and shipping. With standard processes, it becomes easier to identify what areas are profitable and those that are not. You can look at the areas that have the most variables and make them less variable.

We know that fixturing/workholding is one of the biggest variables in every shop. The actual time used in just indicating and setting up a job is mind boggling. In a year that has 8,760 hours, we spend 2,200 hours on weekends, 1,160 hours for holidays and 3,600 hours on leisure time, sleep, meals, etc. The remaining 1,800 hours are for a single-shift of an eight-hour day.

The average single-shift operation on a machine with an operator only yields about 800 hours of true chip making. That leaves 1,000 hours of time that is used in the setup of that same machine. To take full advantage of those 1,000 hours seems to be the easiest and most logical approach to getting more production time. Using standardization as the driving principle on how to adjust a process, then standardizing how we hold onto the work should be a priority in eliminating this variable. In simple terms, reducing the time it takes on the average machine to do setups can almost double the true chip-making time of that machine.

Now if it was as simple as finding a way to fixture without indicating then the whole procedure would be easy. To find a process that is flexible enough to handle the variety of work, easy to implement and modular enough so it can grow as the needs grow, is not impossible, but not easy.

Many systems appear to have value, but have limitations that will not allow for future expansion and will limit the shop to their current investments. A true system will be modular in nature, which allows for expansion and automation. Using such a system you then need to move the thought process of workholding from the shop floor to the engineering department. Standardizing how to hold the work while using construction holes and special zero line centering is accomplished much more easily with the aids of solid models and CAD designs incorporated into the CAD library. Once you attack this tricky yet profitable area, it takes basic math to see how to get ahead.

In a single shift, if you eliminated 80 percent of the setup time, you would then gain another 800 hours of chip making, which would double your output to 1,600 hours. That alone can be the difference in some jobs from breaking even to being highly profitable.

By addressing workholding, you also are addressing the one area where most of the scrap is generated. An aerospace shop that standardized workholding saved $96,000.00 in one year from eliminating the scrapped and reworked parts. In a mold shop this would equate to delivering on time, getting paid faster, opening the shop for more work and keeping your valued customer.

The benefits to this simple process are endless. It lends itself to many other avenues—from more accurate quoting to shop layout, toolholders, programming systems and personnel. By standardizing you will create a system that allows for process control never before thought possible in a mold shop. Some shops have actually reduced their prices and increased their profits.

This is not all we need to do to be more competitive and to achieve our goals; it is only the beginning, but the actual investment to make these changes is minimal and uses existing machines and only requires some new fixtures.

Once standardization has taken place and work is flowing without any time wasted on setups, it will become clear what areas are the least profitable. One such area will be the work being loaded and unloaded from the machines in a manual fashion.

Using the premise of standardization, shops should develop a process that loads and unloads parts without using the highest skilled workers in the shop. It also is a waste of potential production time if a job or part is on one machine after it is completed while it waits for someone to remove it. The constant utilization of assets is critical to survival. Common sense would dictate that we remove the part as soon as the machine is done, and get the next job into the machine. This can be done with simple automation.

Automation seems to scare most shop owners and workers alike. What it does not do is replace workers. It allows for the skilled workers to do the tasks that they are trained to do and removes the mundane tasks.

The reason for automation seems to be the biggest stumbling block in the entire process, yet once you get passed that, the actual process is much easier. So, why should you automate? If we have achieved success in standardizing our workholding and increased our actual chip producing time from 800 to 1,600 hours a year, it’s time to see if we can capture more of the 7,000 remaining hours.

Many of you already use toolchangers for your cutters in your machining centers and electrode changers in your EDMs—that’s automation. Now you just need to move it into other areas; automation is just an extension of the standardization process. But remember, when investigating automation it is easy to over automate a process, so keep things simple and don’t lose sight of the goal.

After standardization, automation will create the largest increase in profits that any one area can produce. It is essential that you standardize first before you automate in order to achieve these results. If our competition is low-wage countries then the secret weapon we have been looking for is automation (see Sidebar below).

Today there are advances that make the link between engineering and machining almost seamless and can be done in a virtual environment. All of these changes are incremental and create an environment that will place shops in the most competitive positions in the world economy. In upcoming issues, we will explore the proper ways to implement automation that fits each shop’s budget and process requirements.

Automation Investment Test

If two companies one in the U.S. and the other in a low-wage-earning country both have projects that require them to have the capacity to machine for 4,000 hours in a given year, how do they achieve this?

If they both purchase a quality high-speed mill at $300,000.00 and the low-wage country puts three shifts on this machine, they would net 2,400 hours a year, so they would have to purchase another machine at $300,000.00 for a total of $600,000.00 to achieve the goal of 4,000 hours of machining. This shop would still have to deal with quality issues and personnel issues. Low-wage countries do not invest in standardized workholding.

The American shop would use standardized workholding and then automate. Their investment would now be the original $300,000.00 plus maybe another $100,000.00 to automate. With an investment of $400,000.00, the U.S. shop only has to run one machine and can out-produce the low-wage shop with lower overhead costs. The U.S. shop would still have excess time to sell after the 4,000 hours and can easily get up to 6,000 hours. This would put the American shop in a much better financial and competitive position.

So for a total investment of $400,000.00 a shop can out-produce the low-wage shop with no scrap, no rework and have excess capacity to take in more work. The low-wage shop had to invest $600,000.00 in order to fill the immediate needs and does not improve the process.

The math is simple, and it is easy to see how some shops are growing and excelling when the approach of standardization and automation are applied correctly. Automation does not cost, it creates income.

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Designer Handbags & leather Laser Cutting Machine

Designer Handbags & leather Laser Cutting Machine

Women seem to be born collectors of handbags, who will squander on a fancy bag even when she is feeling the pinch. As is believed, a woman’s handbag choice says much about her taste of fashion and a nice one could well be a lovely finishing touch for her exquisite makeup.

The name of Anya Hindmarch always reminds us of the stylish handbags in its show windows, handbags that are full of childish playfulness and will keep seducing dollars out of your purse once you cast an eye on them. Graffiti and stickers have been the most favored decoration on Ana Hanmarch handbags. Now with laser cutting machine as its right-hand man, Anya Hindmarch once again amazed its audience in spring 2017 New York fashion week.

Combing laser technology and craftsmanship, designers turned geometries into new elements of fashion.

style="white-space: nowrap;">The craftsmanship embodied in Anya Hindmarchhand bags only makes one more fascinated by them if possible. The truth is laser cutting machine is becoming the fashion industry’s right-hand man in producing fashion items. With the help of laser cutting machine, designers feel free to explore the limits of their imagination and turn a brilliant idea into another hit product.

Then what makes laser cutting machine so popular among designers?

First, it’s environment-friendly producing no wastes from the working process. Second, designs can be done on the computer and measurements are done in millimeters, leading to better utilization of materials. Third, laser cutting machine can be used for other purposes including drilling, engraving and piercing/hollowing, with applied materials ranging from leather, woolens to denim and other fabrics.

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CNC Milling technology for precision CNC parts

Precision CNC parts processing is still relatively extensive in the industry. Why do you say this? In fact, we can all see it in life, the effect is obvious, and the application on some mechanical equipment will be more, we must know CNC precision parts processing requirements are also high. Why?because customers demand quality, and this CNC precision parts processing itself has great advantages, so we must do better and let customers trust, this is CNC. Precision parts processing needs to be done.  1. CNC lathe milling the feeding path of plane parts When milling planar parts, it is usually used to cut the edge of the end mill. In order to reduce the cutting marks and ensure the quality of the parts, the cutting and cutting requirements of the tools are carefully designed.   When generalizing the outer surface of the milling, the cutting and cutting points of the milling cutter should cut into and cut out the outer surface of the part along the extension line of the general curve of the part, instead of directly cutting the part along the normal direction to avoid scratches on the machining surface and ensure the parts. Generalized lubrication.  2. When the internal summary of the milling is closed, if the inner summary curve is allowed to extend, it should be cut in and out along the tangential direction. If the inner summary curve does not allow for extension, the tool can only cut in and out along the normal curve of the inner summary curve, and cut and cut out the points at the intersection of the two elements of the part summary. When there are no intersections between several internal elements, in order to avoid the tool offset, leave a notch in the generalized corner. Cut the cut-out point away from the corner.  The circular interpolation method is shown to cut the path of the outer circle. When the rounding process is finished, do not retract the tool at the tangent point, but let the tool move a certain distance along the tangential direction. When the tool compensation is canceled, the CNC lathe tool collides with the workpiece surface to form the workpiece. When milling the inner arc, the principle of cutting from the tangential direction is also followed, and the best organization is to transition from the arc to the arc of the machining path, which can improve the machining accuracy and processing quality of the inner hole surface.
For more details, Welcome to find the website:
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TaeguTec Puts On Own Show at Korean Event

At the 13th Seoul International Machine Tool Show—SIMTOS 2008—held at the Kintex arena in Ilsan, Korea, April 8–13, crowds were drawn to the TaeguTec stand and its impressive displays. The Korean market-leading cutting-tool manufacturer showcased its most advanced products with eye-catching attractions and offered cocktails to visitors at its booth.

With more than 433 exhibiting companies participating, this year’s SIMTOS, the Korean manufacturing showpiece event, had over 76,000 visitors.

TaeguTec shared its booth with fellow IMC Group members Iscar and Ingersoll. The event provided an opportunity for the company to celebrate its 10th anniversary since changing its name from Korea Tungsten. TaeguTec held a unique and special “Mask Changing” show for visitors that featured a dramatic transformation of the TaeguTec logo.

SIMTOS 2008 was the Asian market’s first opportunity to see some of the interesting new product developments in the TaeguTec portfolio. TaeguTec demonstrated its new T-Drill and milling and turning innovations to representatives of the automotive, mould and die, and heavy equipment industries, all of which are gaining momentum in South Korea. Besides presenting a display designed not to be forgotten, TaeguTec answered product inquiries from a wide range of customers.

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