China injection mould making factory

Sino Mould Co.,Ltd is famous China injection molds making factory, a professional injection mold making factory China, supply high quality Chinese injection molds.
Sino Mould have 50 engineers to design China injection molds and have rich experience in making  injection molds China, We are the one of best Chinese injection mold making factory China. Not only making injection molds China, we supply injection molding service China, As the clients send us the drawings, we first make injection mould design, after the clients confirm the injection mould making drawings, we will hold a meeting about new injection mold making. Then we will prepare injection mold steel and other standard parts purchasing plan. Making new injection mold will spend at least 45 days, so ,if you place an order for making injection molds, our delivery time is started from the time which the injection mould making drawing is confirmed.
Sino Mould is a name-brand injection mold maker China, If you want to make injection molds China, Sino Mould will offer the best injection molding service for you. Because Sino mould is one of best injection mold making factory in China.

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