China’s 240 million tons of steel capacity reduction tops the list of European and American prejudices

Since the beginning of the year, China’s steel exports have encountered various sanctions, and the problem of steel capacity reduction has even risen to an important position affecting international trade relations, so that the Ministry of Commerce and even national leaders have repeatedly explained the problem of capacity reduction in the steel industry. , And for the first time established an international cooperation team to inspect steel production capacity.

Li Xinchuang said that the steel industry, as the most competitive industry in the country’s large industries, has already surpassed Europe and the United States in many aspects. Under the fierce market competition and trade protection, China’s steel exports still maintain a relatively high growth, which fully shows that steel companies Global competitiveness.

Data show that from January to July, China’s steel exports totaled 67.41 million tons, an increase of 8.5% year-on-year, breaking through a new high in the same period.

Li Xinchuang told the “Chinese Economist” that the surplus of the steel industry is a global problem. Western countries should correctly view the objective law of the transfer of the steel industry, that is, from the mid to early 18th century to Europe as the center, then to the United States and Japan. China has become a major steel consumer and exporter. At the same time, overcapacity is a manifestation of the laws of the market economy, not a short-term problem.

It is worth noting that steel companies in European and American countries need to understand Chinese steel companies objectively and fairly. Li Xinchuang asked, if Chinese steel companies cannot provide users with satisfactory products, why would Western production and operators use Chinese steel products? ?

In fact, “China’s steel exports accounted for only about 15%, and China imported 600 million tons of steel from 1949 to 2014. Japan’s steel exports accounted for as much as 40%.” Li Xinchuang said, facing this This kind of prejudice must be treated patiently, and at the same time, actively respond to and effectively resolve trade frictions, strive for diversification in exports, and lead the new order of the world’s steel products in a reasonable and effective manner.

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