CNC processing parts processing sequence arrangement

There are often several surfaces on a cnc machine that need to be machined. These surfaces not only have certain accuracy requirements, but also have certain position requirements between the surfaces. In order to meet these accuracy requirements, the processing order of each surface of the CNC workpiece cannot be arranged at random, but must follow certain principles. This is the selection and conversion of the positioning reference determines the processing sequence, and the pre-process prepares the positioning reference for the subsequent process. in principle.
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1. The surface as a fine reference should be machined at the beginning of the CNC machining process because it is used for positioning other surfaces in subsequent operations. That is, "before benchmarking and other".
2. When machining a fine datum, you need to use a coarse datum. In single-piece, small-batch production and even batch production, for castings and forgings with complex shapes or large dimensions, as well as blanks with large dimensional errors, the scribing process should be arranged before the machining process in order to be a fine benchmark. Processing provides a benchmark for alignment.
3. After the fine reference is processed, the main surfaces with high precision requirements should be roughed, semi-finished and finished. Surfaces with particularly high precision requirements also require finishing.
4. Before the important surface is processed, the fine reference should be closed once to ensure the processing accuracy of the important surface.
5. For processes that are prone to waste, finishing and finishing can be placed on the front, and some minor small surfaces can be placed behind.
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