common CNC mechanical operation experience

some common CNC mechanical operation experience :
1 Picking materials.Check the length, width and height of the material, the material, the number code is the same as the drawing to be processed
2 SetupDo you notice that the placement of the workpiece is placed like a drawing? Is it clamped? Are Ma Zi and the judges in the processing range, will they overtake? Will it hit the tools ?
3 The roughing of the school table is less than 0.03mm, and the finishing is 0.01mm.
4 Equal partsFind a good reference location and check it once more. Big head retreats 5MM, small head retreats 2MM.
5 Adjusting the tools  Whether the knife is the same as the tool in the drawing, pay attention to the wear of the knife, whether the processing length is enough, and whether it will hit the knife.
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