Common problems and solutions for tool deep hole machining in CNC machining

Common problems and solutions for deep hole machining in cnc machining:
6: The life of the reamer is low
Solution: Select the reamer material according to the processing material, use hard alloy reamer or coating reamer; strictly control the amount of sharpening cutting to avoid burns; often select the cutting fluid according to the processing materials; often remove the chips in the chip flute Use a cutting fluid of sufficient pressure to achieve the desired grinding or grinding.
7: The position of the hinged hole is too poor.
Solution: Regularly change the guide sleeve; lengthen the guide sleeve to improve the matching precision between the guide sleeve and the reamer gap; repair the machine tool in time and adjust the spindle bearing clearance.
8: Reamer blade
Solution: modify the pre-machined hole size; reduce the material hardness or use a negative rake angle reamer or carbide reamer; control the swing within the acceptable range; increase the lead angle; pay attention to remove the chip in time or use the blade Inclination reamer; pay attention to the quality of the sharpening.
9: The reamer handle is broken
Solution: Modify the pre-machined hole size; modify the margin distribution, reasonably select the cutting amount; reduce the number of reamer teeth, increase the chip space or grind the tooth gap.
10: The center line of the hole after the reaming is not straight
Solution: Increase the hole reaming or boring process correction hole; reduce the main yaw angle; adjust the appropriate reamer; exchange the reamer with the guiding part or the lengthening cutting part; pay attention to correct operation.
The above is the problem of deep hole processing which is common in hardware processing in CNC machining. These are the experience of deep hole machining in CNC machining hardware processing shared by Dongguan Wanfuxin Hardware Products.
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