Datang Telecom’s FTTH triple play wiring solution based on GEPON system

Example: There are 11 buildings in a community, each building has 3 units, each unit has 7 floors, and each floor has 2 households, for a total of 462 households. Design optical cable wiring and supporting facilities.

oneSubsystem wiring scheme between buildings and equipment:

1. According to the planning of the community, the park is divided into three areas.

2. The 24-port OLT is placed in the central computer room of the community, and the 24-core outdoor optical cable is led out from the central computer room of the community.

3. Branch the 24-core optical cable into three 8-core outdoor optical cables through the optical cable junction box and connect them to the optical cable junction boxes of the three areas respectively.

4. Each core fiber is divided into 32 channels by a 1:32 optical splitter in the junction box, and spliced ​​with two 16-core indoor/outdoor optical cables respectively, and the connected 16-core indoor/outdoor optical cables are respectively connected to each unit building. inside the fiber optic distribution box.

Datang Telecom’s FTTH triple play wiring solution based on GEPON system

2. Wiring room, vertical backbone, horizontal wiring, work area subsystem wiring scheme:

1. The 16-core indoor/outdoor optical cable is directly connected to the home leather cable in the corridor optical fiber distribution box. The connection method can be welded or cold.

2. The fiber optic distribution box is configured according to the floor and the number of users. 16-core fiber optic distribution box can be selected, and each unit is equipped with one.

3. The leather wire optical cable is introduced into the intelligent terminal of the indoor FTTH user through the pipe (groove) in the building. In order to realize the protection of the ONU, the ONU can be installed in the user’s indoor distribution box.

4. After the optical fiber enters the user’s intelligent distribution box, it is connected to the fiber inlet of the ONU by cold connection. The signal is converted into the network, voice, IPTV and other output ports through the ONU, and then distributed to each information point in the user’s home through the home module. Home modules can be equipped with Ethernet routers (or switches), telephone switches, video and audio distribution modules, security monitoring modules, etc.

Datang Telecom’s FTTH triple play wiring solution based on GEPON system

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