Design For Reusable Silicone Zip Ties

Design for Reusable silicone Zip Ties

Colorful silicone ties: red, orange, brown, green, pink, yellow, gray, blue; with the length about 21 cm/ 8.26 inch, make your life more convenient.

Good material: the reusable silicone zip ties are made of durable and long lasting silicone, will not break easily and use for along time, an essential thing to have in any family.

Functions: reusable silicone zip ties suit for sealing the snack bag and keeping them for a longer time, they also can manage your desk, drawers, tool box, or any other space, and make your messy headphone cable, data cable and other items more tidy.

Reusable twist ties: the reusable silicone zip ties have a soft rubber exterior that is reusable. All silicone construction makes the zip ties flexible for quick and easy use.

Suit for many places: the reusable silicone zip ties can fast binding, good insulation, self-locking fastening, easy to use, so they perfectly suit for home, office, travel and more, make your life and work more organized and efficient.

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