Determination of CNC Machine Tool Processing Route

The cnc machine tool processing route is the path and direction of the tool movement during the processing of the index-controlled machine tool. It is very important to determine the processing route of each working procedure. Because it is closely related to the machining accuracy and surface roughness of the parts. The following points should be considered when determining the processing route.
1) The time of advance and retreat and other auxiliary time should be minimized
2) When milling the contour of the part, it is necessary to consider using the down milling method as much as possible, which can improve the surface roughness and machining accuracy of the part, and reduce the “chatter” of the machine tool
3) Choose a reasonable position for cutting in and out, try to avoid cutting in along the normal direction of the part contour and stopping in the middle of the feed. The position of advance and retreat should be selected in a less important position.
4) The processing route generally processes the outer contour first, and then the inner contour.

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