EDA’s Xinhuazhang launches new verification technologies and products to support domestic architecture and industrial ecology

On November 26, 2020, EDA (Electronic Design Automation) intelligent software and system leader Xinhuazhang today released the high-performance multi-functional programmable adaptation solution “EpicElf” (EpicElf), and the first in China to support the new simulation of domestic computer architecture Technology. The verified EDA products and technologies released this time have been verified on domestic Feiteng servers, are compatible with the current industrial ecology, and will help support the next generation of computer architecture in the future. It is an important milestone in the construction of China’s independent R&D integrated circuit industry ecology.

EpicElf, a high-performance multi-functional programmable adaptation solution, is used for FPGA prototyping platform. It can replace multiple imported daughter boards for prototype verification with one card. It has powerful functions and adaptability, which can further accelerate verification convergence. Assist the collaborative development of software and hardware, and improve the research and development efficiency of chip design.

Compared with traditional or self-developed interface daughter boards, Smart has the following advantages:

Brand-new hardware architecture system: supports a variety of different high-speed interface protocols, releases prototyping IO resources and improves the logic utilization rate of prototyping

Cost advantage: It can save up to four times the use cost, and can support multiple interface protocols at the same time

There are two modes of use: users can use directly, and they are also completely open to users to do custom programming, which increases the flexibility of use

Powerful high-speed system interconnection design capabilities: to achieve 1.2Gbps single-line high-speed transmission, and maximize the throughput of the chip

Simulation technology is one of the key technologies to ensure the correctness of integrated circuit design. Chip design companies use software to simulate the behavior of digital circuits to find and fix problems. Xinhuazhang simulation technology is based on LLVM’s new architecture, breaking through the limitation that traditional emulators only support a single X86 architecture, and has flexible portability, is compatible with current mainstream architectures, and helps support future multi-core and heterogeneous large-scale computer processors structure.

Compared with traditional simulation technology, Xinhuazhang’s new simulation technology has the following advantages:

Brand-new architecture system: flexible portability, friendly software and hardware ecological support

Helps to support different processor computing architectures, such as x86, ARM, RISC-V, MIPS, GPGPU, NPU, etc.

Brand-new data structure and optimized algorithm: Through the algorithm, the distribution of verification computing power is optimized, and the efficiency of chip design verification is further improved

Compliant with IEEE1800 standard

Event-driven, the accuracy is consistent with current commercial digital simulators

Native compilation backend based on LLVM

Guo Yufeng, deputy general manager of Tianjin Feiteng Information Technology Co., Ltd. said, “The core research and development of Feiteng focuses on chip design and innovation, and EDA verification plays a very critical role in the chip development process and is a key technology in the core link. With in-depth understanding and years of research and development experience in the verification field, based on the architecture and requirements of the processor chip, the verification technology solution suitable for the domestic CPU architecture has been quickly developed. This is a very groundbreaking important milestone, not only for our The verification work brings more convenience and can provide chip design companies with more choices.”

TC Lin, Chief Scientist of Xinhuazhang Technology, said, “Xihuazhang is committed to developing a complete tool and verification environment to meet current and future chip and system design needs. Our R&D team develops products that meet different applications based on market needs. Model verification tools improve the efficiency of verification tools and accelerate the increasingly complex and time-consuming verification convergence. The simulation technology and products released this time are jointly developed based on the needs of partners. In the future, we will continue to work together based on this concept. Partners launch more advanced products.”

Libin Wang, Chairman and CEO of Xinhuazhang Technology, said, “We are able to launch new technologies and products with extremely high efficiency thanks to the strong support of ecological partners and the joining of several technical leaders. The Xinhuazhang R&D team is in EDA Verification technology has been intensively cultivated for many years, deeply aware of the limitations of current technology, and has explored a clear technological breakthrough. Xinhua Zhang will accelerate the development and launch of a full series of new-generation verification EDA systems and software, integrating artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning , Work with cutting-edge science such as cloud computing and high-performance hardware systems to improve China’s EDA tool industry chain with new technologies, and create a new era with ecological partners to support the construction of China’s digital economy.”

About Xinhuazhang

The “Xinhua Chapter” means to open a gorgeous chapter in the chip industry. It was founded in March 2020 by an ambitious global EDA elite founding team. It is committed to the development, production, sales and technical services of a new generation of EDA intelligent software and systems. The development of integrated circuits, 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud services, supercomputing and other fields provides partners with independent research and development, safe and reliable chip industry solutions and services.

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