Electric Vehicles-A Growth Area for Aluminium?

Electric Vehicles exist for several years already. However, they are not that accepted yet, mainly because of their short lasting battery. Nevertheless, many experts are certain that the electric vehicles will be established in the future.The market share of electriv vehicle was 4 % in 2017, but experts forecasting a rise to 30% in 2030. Regarding the consumption of electic vehicles in the recent time, it shows an increase indeed. Aluminium which is a really important material for the automotive industry already, may help to really establish electric vehicles as a true alternative to the gasoline-powered engines.

One of the biggest disadvantages of electric vehicles are their battery and their still high price. This might change in the future. Researcher of South Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology announced last fall that they would have developed a new high-energy aluminium-air flow battery.

According to the researchers this battery should be more efficient than the recent available batteries, but also even more efficient than the gasoline-powered engines. If these batteries are available for consumption, it could display a huge leap for the whole industry.

Recently, the demand of aluminium for electric vehiciles are 250kg per unit which resulted in 250 000 metric tons last year. With the possibility of a new aluminium battery and other trends in the eletric vehicle industry which rely on aluminium promising a significant growtg area for aluminium in the years or decades.

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