Engine manufacturers’ demand for high-quality base oil will increase


The countermeasures of the oil refining industry used to be to improve oil additives. The current method is to improve the quality of the base oil while improving the additives. One is to increase the purity of the base oil, and the other is to increase the viscosity index of the base oil. The specific requirements for the quality of the base oil are: high viscosity index, long life, that is, high oxidation stability, requiring little increase in viscosity during use, less loss of additives, and less precipitation generation; low volatility, that is, high boiling point, low Fuel consumption; lower viscosity at low temperature, that is, better cryogenic pump delivery performance; high shear stability, less dependent on viscosity modifiers.

Since the hydrogenated base oil has better isomerism and saturation, it has better oxidation stability, better thermal stability, higher viscosity index and lower pour point, and has better low temperature Fluidity, with proper blending performance. òClass base oil, because it adopts heterogeneous dewaxing to selectively convert wax into lubricating oil, so that it has good low-temperature performance, and is more suitable for preparing internal combustion engine oil, automobile automatic transmission fluid and hydraulic oil.

In addition to the production of Type II base oils, part of Type ó base oils can also be produced by adopting the full hydrogenation process. Class ó base oil has all the advantages of Class II base oil, and it also has a higher viscosity index and very low volatility. Its low temperature performance is much better than ò Class oil, close to synthetic lubricating oil (poly A-olefin). Engine manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for the quality of future base oils, and the demand for high-quality base oils will increase.

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