Five Best Silicone Molds BPA Free For Making Ice Cream

BPA Free silicone molds for making ice cream and popsicle, safe and soft molds can used in a temperature between -40~230℃. High quality silicone popsicle molds is easy to clean. If you want to buy high quality silicone ice cream mould at a factory price, you should pay attention to the five ice cream molds today I want to recommend to you.1. Silicone Popsicle Molds         Size: 13.7*12cm, weight 123g2. Popsicle Molds Silicone          Made from FOOD GRADE SILICA GEL, BPA Free and saft 3. Popsicle MoldsSize: 8.8 * 19.3 cm4. Wholesale Popsicle Trays
                Accept custom servise, can custom logo, size5. Slicone Ice Cream MoldIf you are interest in those silicone ice cream making molds, why not contact us?

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