Grasp the lubricating oil market situation and timely adjust the company’s product structure and marketing strategy


The rapid increase in medium and high-end cars and heavy-duty trucks, the increase in imported machinery and equipment, and the accelerated development of the machinery industry all require more and more use of high-grade oil. The market capacity of high-grade oil will gradually increase, which will be developed in the future. trend. In addition, with the development of agricultural vehicles and oil-using machinery, there is still a certain market for low-grade oil. This is also an objective fact that cannot be disputed and ignored.

The market positioning of domestic lubricant companies should be; strive to expand the market share of high-end oil, consolidate and develop the market share of mid-range oil, and attach importance to the market share of low-end oil. It is necessary to grasp the situation of the lubricant market as a whole, and adjust the company’s product structure and marketing strategies in a timely manner. The quality and variety of lubricants should develop in the direction of “high-grade, multi-grade, and universal”, but the rural oil market should not be ignored and abandoned.

Large-scale lubricating oil companies may consider formulating separate agricultural oil standards, and after submitting for approval, produce and sell agricultural lubricating oil products of high quality and low price, so as to resist the agricultural lubricating oil produced by small enterprises and obtain a large quantity and wide range of agricultural oil market. At the same time, we should also foresee the trend of upgrading agricultural machinery and realize that the agricultural oil market share held today will become a potential market for upgrading to medium and high-grade oil tomorrow. In short, only by following the market-oriented principle and continuously developing new products (including new products for agricultural machinery oil) around market positioning, domestic lubricant companies can have vigorous vitality and remain invincible in market competition.

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