High End and Top Grade Carbon Fiber Bag

Carbon fiber can be used in aerospace, sporting goods, automobile manufacturing and other industries to make automobiles, airplanes, and sports equipment. But have you never heard of carbon fiber bags? As a fiber material, carbon fiber can be woven into carbon fiber cloth for use, and naturally it can also be made into a bag. The carbon fiber bag has the excellent performance of carbon fiber, not only the flexibility of the fiber, but also the strength of the composite material. I will explain it in detail below.When mentioning Louis Vuitton, everyone’s response must be luxury goods and big brands. As the leading luxury brand in the fashion industry, it launched a carbon fiber luggage. It is said that this bag is tailor-made for the BMW i8. It includes two travel bags of different sizes, a briefcase and a suit bag. Black shows noble quality, elegant and dignified and there will be no frivolous feeling. Luggage is used for long-distance travel. The carbon fiber material has high strength, good toughness, stable chemical performance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, easy to clean, not easy to damage, and long service life. The world-renowned automobile manufacturing company, Lamborghini attaches great importance to carbon fiber, not only used in the car, but also used to make carbon fiber bags. This carbon fiber bag is also of the nature of a travel bag, made by hand, and the price is about $2,000.If you are used to canvas bags and leather bags, using fiber bags is definitely another feeling. But so far, only these big-name manufacturers produce carbon fiber bags. These bags are not available on the market and need to be ordered. The price of carbon fiber is more expensive, and the cost of making carbon fiber bags is high, and most people will not buy it, so the market is small. But this does not hinder its development, maybe in the future, carbon fiber bags will also become popular.

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