How much pressure can the silicone rubber gasket withstand

It is well known that silicone rubber gasket in the use of the process will inevitably encounter pressure and long-term shock absorption cushioning, then the product in use will often be deformed by force or loss of resilience, long-term service life is not guaranteed, so the performance of silicone rubber products or have certain indicators and the use of limits for silicone rubber gasket what are the biggest limitations?

Fatigue affects the deformation of silicone products, the structure and performance of silicone material changes caused by product fatigue problems, with the use of long-term product fatigue become greater, destroying the product, the impact of fatigue depends mainly on the raw materials of the product filler and crosslinking agent role, poor fatigue silicone atoms in the use of the process through the impact of the force lead to reduce the life of the loss of performance.

Abrasion resistance is naturally very important, and the abrasion resistance is the ability of the vulcanized rubber to resist material loss due to surface damage under the action of friction force. The It is closely related to the mechanical properties of silica gel products life in the process of breaking the difference, such as the melting point of the product should be lower than the wear-resistant effect will be The worse it is, such as a silicone product that is subjected to a certain amount of force and friction, then it could be The service life is affected by the force.

The elasticity of the silicone rubber gasket is due to the rebounding activity of silicone molecules, which can be recovered after being affected by an external force.

As long as the silicone rubber gasket has strong tensile strength and rebound strength, and can guarantee that it will not be damaged by the external force under normal condition, the product can achieve the normal use effect, so the tensile strength of the product is different due to the different rubber content of each silicone rubber products manufacturer, the rubber content of the fumed rubber is over 70%, and the elongation rate of the gasket with lower softness can be over 300%, so the deformation and fracture will not appear under normal force, but it may lead to the problem when it is used under normal condition.


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