How to avoid wire scratches in the production of steel core aluminum stranded wire

Continuous scratches on wires are the most common cause of corona, and corona is one of the most important causes of electrical energy loss in the power system. In order to avoid the occurrence of wire scratches, the following aspects should be controlled in production:

First consider from the conductor itself:

First, ensure that the aluminum rod is not damp. Moisture of the aluminum rod will cause the aluminum chips to stay in the working area of ​​the drawing die hole, and the lubricating oil cannot enter the working area, which will cause the drawn aluminum wire to be uneven and not smooth.

Secondly, ensure that the drawing oil is clean and free of moisture. In the process of drawing, the drawing oil is in a high temperature state when it enters the work area from the lubricating area. If it contains a certain amount of moisture, the lubricating oil will be diluted and the lubricating effect will be greatly reduced, resulting in wire scratches and aluminum wire breakage.

Secondly, from the perspective of production, the following issues should be paid attention to:

In the drawing process:

  • (1) Check whether the drawing machine mold is placed accurately.
  • (2) Check whether the drawing drum has a groove after friction, and whether there is a crimping phenomenon;
  • (3) Check whether the surface finish of the lubrication area of ​​the drawing die meets the requirements, and whether there is blockage by aluminum chips.

Stranding process:

  • (1) Check that the top tip of the wire reel rotates sensitively;
  • (2) Check whether the tension of the spool is uniform;
  • (3) Check whether the single wire is slightly crimped or the wire is uneven;
  • (4) Check whether the single wire is in the groove of the guide wheel during twisting.

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