How to insert a buffer event for customized post-processing based on Post Configurator

Post Configurator is another post-processing tool launched by SIEMENS after Post Builder. It contains many powerful functions.

Different from the design concept and usage method of Post Builder, how does Post Configurator realize the customization of inserting buffer at a certain stage for post-processing?

Here is a tool called Inspect Tool.

Its location is under the Miscellaneous -> Debugging option in each post processor built on Post Configurator. Change Show Inspect Tool to On. Save the post processor.

Select an Operation to post-process it inside the Post Configurator.

During the post-processing operation, the Inspect Tool will be started.

Here, you can view the output of the NC code, the corresponding MOM evnet and the corresponding Buffer Event.

So how to insert a buffer event into Post Configurator to realize the post-processor customization like Post Builder?

For a simple chestnut, I want to output the diameter of the tool (mom_tool_diameter) before the tool change code.

Find the tool change line in NC output: N2 T02 M6. Switch to Buffer Event.

In Buffer Event, select the MOM to which the tool change line belongs.

In the Command Buffer, first select “Insert”, then select Before, and finally click the Copy to Clipboard button.

At this point in the background of the software, you have actually copied a piece of code.

Close the Inspect Tool dialog box. Open the Edit Post Configurator File dialog box. This is the place where Post Configurator is used to write TCL custom commands.

After opening, drag it to the bottom and paste the code you just copied to:

LIB_GE_command_buffer_edit_insert MOM_tool_change_LIB TOOL_CHANGE_AUTO <code> <tag> before @TOOL_CHANGE_AUTO

The function of this code actually replaces the action of dragging a custom command box in Post Builder to insert each post-processing stage.

Then start writing custom commands.


LIB_GE_command_buffer_edit_insert MOM_tool_change_LIB TOOL_CHANGE_AUTO PB_CMD_tool_diameter TOOL_DIA before @TOOL_CHANGE_AUTO


proc PB_CMD_tool_diameter {} {


global mom_tool_diameter

MOM_output_literal “[[format “%.3f” $mom_tool_diameter]]”


save. Run post-processing.

Before customization:

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