Is the body fat meter measuring fat in the end?

Is the body fat meter measuring fat in the end

As more and more people join the fitness army, the term “body fat percentage” has become popular. Body fat percentage refers to the proportion of body fat weight in the total body weight, also known as body fat percentage, which reflects the amount of body fat in the body. In the market, various body fat scales and body fat meters are selling well, and even related apps have been developed, all claiming that they can accurately measure the fat content of the human body. But are these instruments for detecting body fat accurate? The life laboratory investigated this.


Is the body fat meter accurate in measuring fat?

The reader Mr. Li was originally a thin man, but he has also become obsessed with fitness recently. It turns out that he wants to increase his muscle mass through exercise. When he came to the gym, the coach first asked him to hold a small instrument, saying that he was going to measure the body fat content. The body fat meter used by Mr. Wang is similar to a stopwatch. When using it, you can measure the specific value by just holding it with your hand. In this regard, he was a little confused: “Such a thing can be accurately measured
? “

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