Kitchen Utensils Rest Holder, A Helpful Tool In Kitchen

Kitchen Utensils Rest Holder supplied by Weishun, is this product great?Some features of silicone Kitchen Utensils Rest Holder as below:* Large design notchesLarge design notches holds different sizes utensil. fun and functional rest mat can used to hold  soup spoons, cooking spoons, tunner spatula etc.  Actually, it's size can even accommodate your largest cooking and serving tools. * Reduce mess. When you are cooking, utensils is used to stir or to hold foods. Juices, oil or sauces will make your cooking tool looks dirty. When you must to put down the dirty cooking tool, place your dirty kitchen tools in the kitchen utensils rest holder to prevent them from leaking on your countertop.* Dishwasher safeThis utensils rest holder is made of food grade silicone rubber. As it is known to most people, silicone is inert. The safe temperature range is between -40 Celsius to 230 Celsius.After  finished food prep you just need to toss this silicone kitchen utensils rest holder in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

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