Master your own health code to protect the health of yourself and your family

Master your own health code to protect the health of yourself and your family

1. Body fat rate: When the body fat rate standard is balanced, it can provide energy for the body to keep warm; but when the body fat rate exceeds the standard and unbalanced, it will cause obesity, and if the body fat rate is too low, it may be malnourished and cause poor physical fitness. In particular, the lack of breast milk nutrition for postpartum mothers directly leads to insufficient nutrition of the baby, which is very harmful to the healthy growth of the baby. A low body fat rate may also cause hair loss, gallstones, uterine prolapse, anemia, memory loss, gastroptosis, hematuria, osteoporosis, and memory loss. Women are more likely to cause irregular menstruation, or even early or early amenorrhea. Menopause, and eventually life-threatening

2. Visceral fat: When the visceral fat standard is balanced, it can protect the internal organs; but when the visceral fat exceeds the standard, it is easy to cause “three highs” hyperlipidemia, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, fatty liver, coronary heart disease, etc., while too low may cause organs Sagging.

3. Basal metabolism: refers to the energy that maintains basic life activities (breathing, heart beating, maintaining body temperature, etc.) at room temperature and in a static state. In the case of the same calorie intake, people with low basal metabolism are more likely to cause fat accumulation and lead to obesity than people with high basal metabolism. Therefore, the level of basal metabolism directly determines the difficulty of a person’s weight loss, and has a direct guiding significance for weight loss. If the basal metabolism is too low, there will be fear of cold, general weakness, dizziness, etc.; too high will cause fear of heat, hyperhidrosis, increased eating, and palpitation.

4. Body moisture rate: When the body moisture rate standard is balanced, it can help the body detox and beautify the skin; but when the moisture is too much, it will make the body swelling and even water poisoning; and when the body moisture is insufficient, the skin will be dry and wrinkled, affecting health and even Life threatening. Similarly, for postpartum mothers, lack of body fluid may also result in insufficient breast milk nutrition.

5. Skeletal muscle rate: When the skeletal muscle rate standard is balanced, it can improve metabolism and enhance physical fitness, and a proper high is also beneficial to health; when the skeletal muscle rate is low and unbalanced, the human immunity will decrease.

6. Bone mineral: When the standard of bone mineral content is balanced, it can improve the quality of bones. A moderately higher content can effectively prevent middle-aged and elderly osteoporosis. If it is too high, it may be caused by stones or bone hyperplasia in the body. It will increase the risk of fractures.

7. Body Index (BMI): BMI = weight (kg) ÷ height (m) ÷ height (m), which reflects the matching relationship between body weight and height. Generally speaking, the most ideal BMI is 22, because in this state, the body weight and height are the best match.

8. Weight. Generally speaking, people who are overweight may be obese.

9. Comprehensive score: Comprehensive physical indicators and score the detected results (full score is 100 points).

Therefore, comprehensively integrating the various indicators of the body, weight loss is not only about losing excess fat, but also maintaining the balance of other body indicators while losing excess fat. This is the most important thing. And crucially, only this kind of weight loss is the real health science. The body tester can monitor the changes of your body for you at all times, and be a good assistant for your healthy and scientific weight loss.

1. Five-segment measurement, more accurate and scientific

Under normal circumstances, most people are obese due to a large amount of fat accumulation, especially in the abdomen and thighs and other morphological changes are the most significant, the upper abdomen and lower abdomen fat accumulation, making the middle of the trunk protrude. Therefore, the fat to be lost is mainly concentrated in these parts. For this reason, how to accurately measure the fat content and visceral fat in these parts of the abdomen and the middle of the trunk is very important.

2. User database function

With a powerful database function, it can store up to 180 days of data for eight users at the same time. For each user barcode, a valid storage record is saved every day, and the last data stored on the day shall prevail. You can view the staged historical data, which are 1, 3, 15, 30, 90, and 180 days of data. In this way, for users, not only can they save a lot of time and trouble in copying data, but it can also help users store the data, which is convenient and safe, and they are not afraid of loss.

3. Historical comparison calculation

The historical data of the eight users can be read at any time, and the difference will be automatically calculated (for example: the body fat rate of a user measured on October 1 is 14.5%, and his body fat rate measured on September 30 is 14%, so when flipping through the data one day ago, the result of body fat percentage will be automatically displayed as: 1 day ago 14%, today ↑ 0.5%), such automatic calculation of the difference result display, so that users can completely get rid of the messy recording results In the dilemma, it provides users with a loyal health assistant forever.

4. One-click reading

After measuring the data results, the user can read the display results of various indicators with one-click, and independently control the reading, that is, the user can directly press the indicator key for which indicator the result wants to see, and the result will be displayed on the screen without waiting . (Example: If you want to see the body fat rate, you can directly click the button that says body fat rate to display the data result of body fat rate, and you can see the data display of other indicators in the same way)

5. Intelligent judgment of results

There is a judgment indicating the result on the display screen, namely: low/low/standard/high/high. When the measured data result comes out, the user only needs to press the index key to read, and the intelligent judgment will display the user’s result Which range it belongs to. (Example: For a woman, age 32, the measured body fat percentage is 31%, and the intelligent judgment of the result will be displayed in the high range. Because the female is 32 years old, the normal range of body fat percentage is 17%-29 %)

6. The design shows human care

The wide pedal body is stable and comfortable, without the risk of rollover; the thin and beautiful appearance design does not lose the fashionable curve; the switch design that can be stretched out, small details reflect great care. The weight of the whole machine is less than 2.5kg, which is easy to carry and store at will.

7. Clear the database

When the user data in the database needs to be deleted or cleared, the user only needs to select the user group to be deleted and cleared, then press the delete button, and then press the OK button for about 5 seconds, the data will be completely deleted automatically . After the deletion is complete, the user group can be reset to use storage.

8. Guest mode

The guest mode is temporarily used as a user, and the result cannot be saved. As long as it is within the normal measuring range, anyone can use it for unlimited times and time.

9. Power-saving automatic shutdown

The user can manually shut down, if not manually shut down, when the instrument detects that the controller has no operation within 3 minutes, it will automatically shut down and save the data to save power. When the battery power of the instrument is low, the battery icon on the display will show X, which is a power warning, which means that the battery is about to run out.

10. Product quality

In terms of performance, it adopts the production standards of professional human body composition analyzers. In terms of manufacturing process and material design, it is pursuing high-end positioning to ensure solid quality and outstanding measurement performance.

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