Methods to reduce the processing noise of precision metal stamping parts

Excessive noise sometimes occurs during the processing of fine metal stamping parts, which may not only affect product quality problems, but also affect the working conditions of technicians. Therefore, how to reduce the processing noise of fine metal stamping parts is an important issue. Below PTJHardware will tidy up and introduce for us the methods to reduce the processing noise of fine metal stamping parts.

1. The precision of the control gear:

Basic requirements for gear accuracy: verified by practice, gear accuracy must be controlled at GB10995-887~8, linear speed higher than 20m/s gear, pitch limit error, ring gear radial runout, and tooth direction must be constant It is necessary to reach level 7 accuracy safely.

2. Control the quality of the original data:

The original materials for metal stamping parts processing are the prerequisite for producing high-quality products. The most used materials are 40Cr and 45 steel for gears.

3. Ensure the accuracy of the tooth blank:

The accuracy of the size of the gear hole is required to be distributed around the center difference of the hole error value, set at ±0.003~±0.005mm; if it is out of tolerance and within the range of the hole planning requirements, it is necessary to classify and transfer to the gear cutting process.

4. Civilized production:

More than 30% of gear transmission noise is caused by burrs and bumps. Some fine hardware processing plants remove burrs and bumps before the gearbox is installed, which is a forced practice.
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