Microsoft’s market value exceeds 2 trillion US dollars, cloud computing is a major contributor

On June 22, local time in the United States, Microsoft’s market value exceeded $2 trillion; among them, Microsoft’s stock price touched a maximum of $265.79 during the session, and the closing price of the day closed at $265.51.

In the global market capitalization ranking, the companies behind Apple and Microsoft are Saudi Aramco, Amazon, and Alphabet, the parent company of Google. Their market capitalizations are about $1.9 trillion, $1.8 trillion, and $1.6 trillion, respectively. Among them, Saudi Aramco briefly crossed the threshold of US$2 trillion in December 2019, and its current market value is about US$1.9 trillion. Saudi Aramco has become one of the world’s leaders in oil production and reserves.

In 2019, Microsoft just exceeded 1 trillion US dollars. In just two years, Microsoft became the second company with a market value of more than 2 trillion US dollars after Apple. Affected by the epidemic, people’s demand for remote work has promoted the development of cloud computing platforms. As the world’s largest software company, Microsoft has brought a lot of revenue to Microsoft in addition to its best-selling operating system and Microsoft Office series software. The layout in cloud computing and AI has also brought new vitality to Microsoft.


New business success helps Microsoft break through 2 trillion

Microsoft’s rapid growth is inseparable from the success of its latest business.

With the advent of the internet and mobile internet era, Microsoft once fell behind newer rivals like Google and more nimble rivals like Apple when it comes to social media and internet search.

Things have changed at Microsoft since Satya Nadella took the helm.

In 2014, Satya Nadella became the third CEO of Microsoft, making technology giants like Microsoft vigorous again and quickly growing into the world’s most growing technology company, Satya Nadella Pull successfully reshaped Microsoft into one of the largest resellers of cloud computing software in the world.

Before Satya Nadella took office, Microsoft was in a period of declining performance, dubbed by the media as a “fading empire.” After he took office, Satya Nadella was ordered to focus on the frontier fields such as cloud computing, mobile software and artificial intelligence. In addition, the new algorithm, the launch of Microsoft Azure cloud services, etc., have brought Microsoft back to life.

In 2020, the intelligent cloud business accounted for 33.8% of Microsoft’s 2020 revenue, becoming the largest of the three major business segments for the first time, up from 31% in 2019.

On June 16 this year, Microsoft’s board of directors unanimously approved the current CEO Satya Nadella as the new chairman, taking charge of Microsoft, and holding two positions like this. Satya Nadella is the first after Bill Gates. two people.


Traditional software and hardware are still strong

Microsoft is an attractive name in tech, especially when it comes to software and hardware that consumers reach.

The Microsoft Office series software is still one of the most popular office suites in the world, and the Windows system still firmly occupies the first place in the global system market share. According to the latest media news, Microsoft will hold a new generation of operating system on the 25th, Beijing time. At the Windows 11 conference, Windows 11 will also usher in a new “look”.

In addition, in addition to the traditional Windows series of software and hardware, Microsoft has also invested heavily in the game industry and successfully built the Xbox platform.

Since Microsoft released the Xbox in 2001, in the field of game hardware, Microsoft’s Xbox has formed a tripartite situation with Sony PS and Nintendo NS.

Xbox is a home video game console developed by Microsoft. The first one was released in 2001. The second-generation Xbox 360, the third-generation Xbox One, and the fourth-generation Xbox Series X (the new Xbox) were released in 2005. , 2013, 2019 releases.

With Microsoft’s blessing in hardware and software, the game consoles released by Microsoft have a number of technological advancements. Take the fourth-generation Xbox Series X as an example, it won the 2020 Innovation Design Award. The official reason for the award is that it is equipped with AMD’s latest Zen 2 architecture CPU and RDNA 2 architecture GPU, and the floating point number reaches 12T. In addition, it is equipped with a 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD, which can expand the capacity through a dedicated external memory card.

At the E3 exhibition that just passed this year, Microsoft’s performance was also very good.

The “Halo: Infinite” launched by Microsoft and B agency is considered by the audience to be the most anticipated game, and there are new racing games such as “Forza Motorsport: Horizon 5”. expectations.

According to information released by Microsoft, in the second fiscal quarter ended December 31, 2020, compared with the same period of the previous fiscal year, Microsoft’s revenue was $43.1 billion, an increase of 17%. In the second quarter, Xbox hardware revenue grew 86%, driven by the launch of the Xbox Series X/S, and gaming revenue grew 51%.


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