NXP Unlocks Full Potential of Vehicle Data with S32G Vehicle Network Processor

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Supports the latest service-oriented gateways and enables rapid over-the-air deployment (OTA) of new capabilities and advanced edge-to-cloud analytics

Committed to providing 10 times the computing power and network performance, with ASIL D functional safety, supporting autonomous driving applications

Accelerates the transition to a simplified domain controller-based vehicle architecture to provide customers with reference system solutions

Las Vegas, USA – January 9, 2020 – NXP Semiconductors NV (Nasdaq: NXPI) announces the new S32G vehicle network processor. This processor marks an important turning point in the design and implementation of the vehicle architecture. The latest in NXP’s S32 processor family, the S32G processor helps the automotive industry move to high-performance, domain-based vehicle architectures with reduced software complexity and improved cryptographic and functional safety. Currently this S32G has been adopted by major OEMs around the world and plays an important role in service-oriented gateways, helping OEMs transform from car manufacturers to vehicle data-driven service providers, thereby expanding business opportunities.

In the new business of data-driven vehicles in the future, connected cars will need to significantly improve computing performance and communication security. The S32G processor takes automotive cybersecurity to a whole new level by securely managing the transmission of vehicle data and protecting critical applications from malicious exploitation. S32G is the first time in the world that a traditional MCU and a high-performance MPU with ASIL D functional safety are integrated on one chip, and a network communication accelerator is integrated at the same time. Compared with the previous single-function chip, the performance has been significantly improved.

As vehicles continue to evolve towards connectivity, automation and electrification, a multitude of data-based services will emerge. Backed by NXP’s robust and secure processing technology, OEMs have begun researching new business models such as vehicle usage-based insurance, vehicle health monitoring and fleet management services.

Also, the S32G isn’t just a network processor. The unique feature set enables it to support the latest ADAS applications and provide secure and reliable communication capabilities that significantly improve the overall integration of the vehicle network. “We believe that the unique combination of network communication, computing performance and functional safety provided by the S32G processor is a perfect fit for our next-generation ADAS domain controller,” said Bernhard Augustin, Audi’s Director of Autonomous Driving ECU Development.

About the NXP S32 processor family

NXP’s S32 architecture addresses the challenges of future automotive development through a series of architectural innovations designed to enable automakers to bring rich in-vehicle experiences and autonomous driving capabilities to market faster.

The NXP S32 processor family provides a unified architecture that includes high-performance MCUs and MPUs, as well as application-specific accelerators and interfaces, and provides the same software environment across application platforms. In this software development environment, developers can share expensive R&D efforts to respond more quickly to changing vehicle architectures and demanding time-to-market requirements. The application platform can provide automotive-grade quality and reliability, as well as ASIL D functional safety performance in multiple application areas of the vehicle.

Key Features of the S32G Processor

Computational performance – The S32G processor provides both ASIL D-rated MCUs and MPUs, as well as hardware accelerators for network communications, which can offload the processor and provide determinism for the complex real-time environments of OEMs’ next-generation vehicles network performance, thereby providing value-added services.

· Cryptographic Security – Like all other S32 platform processors, the S32G embeds high-performance hardware security accelerators and a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) supported by a Hardware Security Engine (HSE). The Firewall HSE is the root of trust that supports secure boot, provides system security services, and protects against side-channel attacks.

Functional Safety – The NXP S32G processor provides full ASIL D functionality, including a lockstep Arm® Cortex®-M7 microcontroller core, and a lockstep Arm Cortex-A53 high-performance core group, enabling automotive safety processors to achieve Higher levels of computing power and support for high-end operating systems and larger memory.

S32G system solution

NXP has introduced the SJA1110 multi-gigabit secure automotive Ethernet switch optimized for integration with S32G processors. The new Ethernet switches are compliant with the latest TSN standards and offer integrated 100BASE-T1 PHYs, hardware-level security features, and multi-gigabit-class interfaces. NXP combines the S32G processor, SJA1110 switch and VR5510 power management unit to address the biggest challenges facing today’s vehicle networks, including scalability, security and high-speed traffic engineering.

S32G launch and support

The S32G family includes four devices, with the S32G274A being the first to be introduced and sampling to key customers starting today. NXP’s support and strong partner ecosystem provide comprehensive board, software, tools and system support to accelerate customers’ design process. For more information, please visit the website content.

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