Official announcement: ARM core will no longer support 32-bit applications

Industry news, ARM announced at the developer summit held this week that starting in 2022, its Cortex large-core CPU will cancel support for 32-bit applications.

However, ARM has not completely abandoned 32-bit applications either. It is reported that ARM’s official statement said that it will only stop the big core from supporting 32-bit. At present, big.LITTLE large and small core designs are widely used in chips based on ARM architecture, and 32-bit applications may continue to be supported by small cores.

As early as 2015, Apple began to urge developers to switch to 64-bit applications for reasons such as improving operating efficiency and security. By 2017, the iOS platform completely abandoned 32-bit applications and fully realized 64-bit.

Google is also promoting the 64-bit Android platform. The Android system itself is 64-bit, and it will no longer provide follow-up updates for 32-bit programs after August next year.

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