People who are born easy to get fat should develop healthy eating habits

People who are born easy to get fat should develop healthy eating habits

People who are born to get fat can defeat the genetic curse as long as they develop healthy eating habits and exercise regularly. If there are three gene mutations, the risk of morbid obesity is more than 5 times. However, children with obesity genes develop healthy eating and regular exercise habits under the intention of their parents, and the result is thin and healthy.

There are two sisters with obesity genes, and the two sisters married separately. The family is getting bigger and bigger. There are about 26 members in the two families. About three-quarters of them are obese. A mother in the family pays special attention to health preservation and patiently teaches the children to be healthy. The concept of diet, although her child had obesity genes, he still maintained a healthy body shape and did not gain weight despite the efforts of the day after tomorrow.

In human genes, there are 3 sites that can help predict morbid obesity. The location of gene mutation may affect drug metabolism, fat metabolism, obesity, etc. In addition to affecting the body’s metabolic capacity, the obesity gene locus also affects the success rate of bariatric surgery and the effectiveness of diabetes medication.

People with obesity genes tend to accumulate body fat quickly once their diet and lifestyle habits are slightly indulgent. But it does not necessarily mean that if you have an obesity gene, you will get fat. Even though 1 to 20% of people have an obesity gene, they are slim. Among morbidly obese people, about 60% have obesity genes. Obesity genetic markers can help a person or a family assess the risk of obesity. In the future, it may be possible to develop personalized obesity treatment strategies for those with risk genes. The editor of the body composition analyzer reminds: If you have an obesity gene, you must pay more attention to your diet and living habits.
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