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 China HOLDING GROUP has rich experience in making plastic beer crate mold. We are a professional mold maker with almost 20 years. We can provide various kinds of mold or customize according to clients requirements. We can quote the price based on drawing or samples with you provide.

We offer the beer crate mold bottle crate design and various beer crate speed injection molding solutions and with competitive price. The cavity number is according to customer’s requirement, and we will use hot runner in ANOLE brand. The mold material is P20.

We use design software are UG, CAD, CAM, ect. Because plastic crate mold design also is very important, it is better to use a mechanical system into the milk crate mold ejection, in this way, you can make the ejection action when the mold opening. Of course, maybe your machine can work with the 2 hydraulic acting in the same time, then you can do the ejection when the mold opening. For all kinds of mold , the high speed running is based on the mold is machining, the movements parts with accurate guided… otherwise, there is non possibility for a mold high speed performance.


If you have the demand in our plastic beer crate mold, pls feel free to contact me.

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