Plastic rattan mould supplier

Nowadays, Plastic rattan products leads the fashion! it combines nature, it totally changed peoples mind to plastic! Sino Mould has rich experience making plastic rattan mould. we have made a lot of moulds for plastic rattan furniture, such as plastics rattan chair mould, plastic rattan table mould. we also made a lot of plastic rattan house ware products, such as plastic rattan basket mould, plastic rattan drawer mould, plastic rattan cabinets mould.

Usually plastic rattan mould delivery time is 7 days longer than normal mould. because we spend longer time in precise machining. A good equipment for machining is very important. Sino Mould has invested a lot of European made equipments, we can guarantee precision machining for each step.

If you want to order plastic rattan moulds, please feel free to contact us!

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