Positive Impact of Container Housing on Society.

With the continuous improvement of China’s scientific and technological level and people’s quality of life, people’s living environment is also constantly improving, and some infrastructure construction and life service industries are developing continuously. In our country, the container house belongs to the emerging thing, the general public mostly holds a wait-and-see attitude to the container house. The utilization rate of civil housing in foreign countries has reached more than 80%, while the utilization rate of China is less than 3%. However, with the development in recent years, the utilization rate of China’s container housing is increasing year by year. So, what impact did the emergence of container houses have on society?

1. The emergence of container houses provides new options for the public

Container house can meet People’s Daily life or commercial functional requirements, after design, transformation of the container is almost no different from ordinary houses, people can live a comfortable life in the container house. In China, the container house is undoubtedly a low-cost alternative to the rising human cost.

2. Container houses can relieve the housing shortage

With the progress of The Times, container houses are becoming more and more common in people’s living, infrastructure construction and life service industry. Compared with traditional houses, container houses are portable, easy to build and can be reused for many times, which makes mobile houses, temporary houses and other housing types widely appear. In labor-intensive areas, the pressure of housing can be effectively alleviated, and container housing communities can be built according to the actual situation. And when it comes to settling down victims or migrants, container houses are cost-effective.

3. Container houses become an urban landscape

In our daily life, more and more container cafes, hotels, homeroom and shops appear in our sight, which often highlight their own personality. Fashionable and cool appearance can well attract the public’s eye. The designer will combine the surrounding landscape and architecture of the container house, and make the container house and the nearby landscape architecture coexist harmoniously on the premise of meeting the functional requirements of customers. Therefore, the container house is like a kind of art, not abrupt but eye-catching.

The biggest advantage of this kind of container house is convenient construction. The first is to use reinforced concrete will be around and partition foundation leveling; Then, columns are set up and transverse beams are used to connect the framework. Upper partition, outer wall panel and door and window frame can also be finished directly in the factory, saving time for on-site installation. Finally, the interior decoration, laying floors, installing doors and Windows, and installing sanitary ware and other interior decoration. This kind of living container is more flexible than our common mobile board house, which is not only cheap to build, but also ornamental.

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