Rapid Mold Heating/Cooling And Temperature Control

A new unit combines rapid heating and cooling and mold-temperature control in one unit as a means to trim cycle times by up to 20% and reduce energy cost. It is the result of a collaboration between Wieder GmbH International of Germany, a supplier of pulsed mold heating/cooling systems, and Regloplas of Switzerland, a maker of fluid temperature-control units. Regloplas is represented here by Regloplas Corp., St. Joseph, Mich. The new RegloplasHetco Pulse90MVT multi-circuit temperature controller uses pulsed heating/cooling with Wieder’s Hetco valve control and a standard Regloplas TCU. It supplies water at up to 194 F (90 C). Multi-valve technology suits the unit to molds with up to eight temperature-control zones. The initial model is for presses from 100 to 200 tons but can be designed for larger machines.
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